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"THE SEASHORE" is action game with RPG and metroidvania elements where you HAVE to play together!
"THE SEASHORE" is action game with RPG and metroidvania elements where you HAVE to play together!
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      Yanick Carli on

      Pretty sure 16+ would do the trick. Ultimately, a poll for all backera would lead you in the good direction for where to focus. As we can see from previous comments here, the majority seems to already be mature.

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      Jennifer Brewster

      27 here, hubs is 28, but we play all kinds of rated games. I feel like Teen would probably be best so you still had a lot of freedoms and open up the playing field for even more people. Can't wait!

    3. Souldin on

      Well I'm 25, but as far as the age rating goes I'll reiterate what everyone else has said and suggest a T rating (for PEGI, I guess that would either be a 12 rating or 16 rating). I feel the pixelated nature, particularly nowadays, defuses a lot of the problems that come with blood and such.

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      Martin Blanchard

      I am 22 :D

    5. Boomerang games 2-time creator on

      By "Adult themes" we actually meant something like existential crisis, human violence and ignorance, xenophobia. They could be kind of universal themes, so there's no problem revealing them at least in teen rairing.
      Don't censor yourself to not destroy creative potential is understandable opinion.
      But M raiting is not for us this time. We'll play on the edge of TEEN then :)

    6. Missing avatar


      Teen sounds good to me. Don't censor it below what we've seen so far and if you want to tackle themes you think might bump up the rating see if you can be subtle about it. Nintendo titles have gotten away with a spectacular amount of heavy and dark themes without going over the Teen or even kids rating (going to be honest I'm from Australia so my understanding of over seas ratings is a little shaky).

    7. Chris Z.

      TEEN rating as everyone says. Don't sensor yourself! Actually i suppose if you really are concerned maybe there is an option you can have people select to censor... like a long time ago when mortal kombat had gray blood or what looked like sweat when you got hit unless you turned off the censor in which case you saw it was blood =P

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Trone on

      I have no problem with an adult rating as long as the content you put into the story was worth it. You should never put in adult theams at the expense of the plot. But you should not let the rating hold back your creativity. Deadpool and Logan would have been trash movies with the adult bits cut out so make an adult game if that's what you need for it to be good since nintendo is allowing adult games.

    9. Carmine Red

      Came here to also say a "Teen" rating from ESRB sounds like the highest you should consider going. I'm way older than that though, haha, 34 in the US.

      Honestly though if it was E10+ I wouldn't have a problem.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh E Hoem on

      If you want to implement darker elements into the game to add to the atmosphere, go for it! Since you don't want to cut out kids, just be tasteful with how much you add and be sure the things you use to make the game darker are not overdoing it. I'd agree that a teen rating is your best goal ( age: 25)

    11. Missing avatar

      Tommy Aguirre on

      19, seems like most of your audience are of age based on comments, teen seems appropriate

    12. Evan Jordan

      I’m 24 and totally okay with any content you may put into The Seashore. I love dark, atmospheric themes and this could more easily be accomplished with a few bodies and little bit of pixelated bloodshed, so I’m okay with it, and would still allow my 10 year old son to play with me as well. Most kids these days are playing Call of Duty among other shooters and that’s far more realistic and shocking than some pixel art violence would be. Go for it!

    13. Missing avatar

      Randall Howard on

      I agree with the Teen rating. Honestly, when it comes to a M rating, it sets a certain expectation, but its usually more visual rather than story and theme.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Atkins

      50+, Anything is good for me.

    15. John Woertman on

      40+ here, so no problems with gore, faul language, full nudity, blood and all that good stuff 😎😈

    16. Andy Lockett

      I'd be happy with a teen rating as suggested below, I don't see any issues with the themes you mentioned and most would be covered under the above rating any way, and I'm sure that there's a lot that you can do in a teen rating nowadays, and mostly it's the parents that buy the games for there children and never check a games age rating and the amount of kids that play online shooters nowadays they will be used to far worse graphical themes and story lines .

      ps I'm 44

    17. Missing avatar

      Victor on

      Mid thirty, pushing 40. I do enjoy the more "darker" games and settings, Bloodborne comes to mind here. Nudity and the like I do not mind as long as it's thematiclly apropriate and not just "Fan service". Blood and gore and dismembered limbs are not cencored in Sweden, atleast not to my knowledge.

    18. Martin on

      Given the setting and theme, a young audience isn't really your target, I agree that the sweet spot would be aiming for what would be acceptable for a teenage audience. As far as what kind of content you can get away with, replay some of the older Castlevania games to see what they included and lean into that. They generally had a teenage audience despite having blood, skeletons, and corpses.

    19. Dawn

      Why not the happy medium of a T rating? I'm in my early twenties and I can enjoy both "kids" games that are goofy and light-hearted while also loving the dark themes and outright gore of M-rated titles. It's all about the execution, really.