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"THE SEASHORE" is action game with RPG and metroidvania elements where you HAVE to play together!
"THE SEASHORE" is action game with RPG and metroidvania elements where you HAVE to play together!
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      Randall Howard on

      What about not having a difficulty option at all, but taking a note from Souls series, and adding NG+ and ++ that would scale damage received and nerf damage output, as you go through each "+".

    2. Ryan Kent

      Personally I side with option 1 though option 3 is interesting. There are some players that simply like to enjoy the story and don't like to be locked out of things due to difficulty. There are others that love the challenge. I think it's the better path to make sure everyone can play the game in the manner that best fits their style.

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      Victor on

      For difficulty it's kinda hard to judge without knowing a few things. Is the difficulty only affected by combat or puzzles? How much damage does an attack on an enemy. How much damage does an enemy do to the player character? Why is the encounter tough? Can the player utilize "invincibility frames" like a dodge roll or a phase out? There are many games out there that does well with the inviz frames like: Dead Cells, Salt and Sanctuary.
      For puzzles, is there an indication of the puzzle somewhere? Some kind of indication in the background a few frames back for instance or time based puzzles where both players have to stand or hit objects in order to open a door in a set amount of time for instance?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ana Morais on

      Option #1 seems reasonable, but #2 sounds challenging. Honestly I always go for Normal difficulty unless I'm trying to unblock a trophy so I'd go with #1 because it seems more balanced for all ages/audiences.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Atkins

      @boomerang games, thanks.

    6. Andrew on

      I was completely ok with a simple easy, moderate, hard (option #1), but I am somewhat intrigued by option #2 as well.

    7. Boomerang games 2-time creator on

      Don't know about an adaptive gameplay now, seems like a too complicated thing for this game. But the idea of not calling game regimes "normal mode" and "easy mode" is good, we can come up with something like "classic mode" and "story mode" etc.

      "I would love a slider of some kind where I could tweak enemy health, my strength or pick up items." - That's called "debug mode". They are open in many games :-)

      I think you can just go straight with the story and ignore most of the difficult challenges anyway, since it's metroidvania'ish game.

      We will revisit this topic at beta tests anyway. We're considering your opinions, so you can suggest what you want while this discussion is active.

    8. O.F. on

      I like option 2 the best.

      What about a "hyper guide" type thing where if you fail enough times the game plays it right for you or just lets you skip a part, if you want to (of course you get some kind of penality) ?

      I'm not a big fan of adaptive gameplay too, I like the idea of learning patterns and such to overcome difficulties even if it means dying a lot, and that ruins it unless you can turn it off.

    9. Dustin Reese on

      I love the idea of an adaptive gameplay experience. If a player is struggling, make a boss slightly easier with each failed attempt? Have more/less health items spawn based on the players progress.

      I'd also add that you don't call it "easy", "normal", or "hard" mode as those can make a player feel insecure. I personally don't mind playing a game on "story mode" but I feel slightly offended by "easy mode".

      Oh! A must would be the ability to switch difficulties during the game. If I start on "normal" and find it too easy/hard, let me change that without having to start over.

      And while I'm just throwing out ideas, why not just default everyone to "normal" and give them an opening level that is a rough estimate of how the game will play. Afterwards, you could ask the player if they want to continue at that difficulty level or if they want to adjust it. I would love a slider of some kind where I could tweak enemy health, my strength or pick up items. That way I could customize the game to how I want to play it. I know this last one is pie in the sky, but if I'm throwing out ideas, might as well give all of them.

    10. Boomerang games 2-time creator on

      Keep in mind that normal mode is still easier than any of the hardcore platformers (For obvious reasons).
      In that case. easy mode is for those who just want to have fun playthrough and observe the story.

      Actually, we want to make a big emphasis on tactics in battle and puzzles. So the brain power is still there :0

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Atkins

      Hi All, I'm a 55 year old gamer and my reflexes are not what they were like when I was 20. An easy mode would be great for me. I can't tell you how many games I own that I can only play for an hour or so and have to stop because I can't pass a certain level. I like best rpg's because brain power is more important that reflexes. I know that doesn't tie to this game but since you asked

    12. Missing avatar

      Wib081 on

      I like the idea of both option 2 and 3, but if I had to pick just one I would say option 2. That way there’s something for everyone and the player would have the satisfaction of unlocking Hardcore once normal was accomplished. I also like the different endings available idea as it’s a great way to encourage the player to challenge themselves