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A sidescrolling action / puzzle video game, reminiscent of console and arcade classics

**UPDATE 04/29/2012**

The artist that designed the T-Shirt has provided an updated version designed for print. The new $25 backer reward will include an 11" x 14" print of the design seen below. All backers who have pledged over $25 will have the opportunity to receive this reward as well!

**UPDATE 04/28/12**

The T-Shirt Reward:

**UPDATE 04/03/12**

The Poster Reward:

About the Game

The Road to REVOLution is a sidescrolling platformer action/adventure game, reminiscent of console classics like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog.

You play the role of Ron Paul and make your way across all 50 states collecting Gold (sound money) and Delegates. 

The game is full of original artwork and gameplay mechanics. Indie Game Development at its finest, the game is designed, programmed, conceived, and produced by me, D.S. Williams.

The game is built in HTML5, and will hopefully be converted into apps for i* and android platforms.

Collect Delegates to ensure your seat as the President, collect Gold Coins to unlock branches of the Federal Reserve where you defeat bosses and progress your quest to end the Federal Reserve.


  • 50+ Levels designed around each of the United States
  • 13 Boss Fights representing each branch of the Federal Reserve and a Final Boss
  • Challenging puzzle-platformer element. There's no 'beating up monsters until they're dead' aspect. You must guide the baddies through each level.
  • original soundtrack (music in video by between cathedrals)
  • bonus unlockable characters
  • Platform-independent game. The game will run on any device that supports Javascript - Tested on Linux, Mac, and Windows Browsers

The game will be free to play in your browser. I hope to develop mobile versions of the game as well.

Some screenshots from the Texas level (alpha, may not represent final product):


I hope to have the game finished and ready by July 2012. The beta version will be ready by mid-June, but I'm a perfectionist.

This project started as a proof of concept but quickly became a passion project. Almost immediately after the idea popped into my head I was busy coding. My motivation comes from many places, but I'm primarily driven to make this game my gift to the liberty-loving community, as well as fans of classic gaming.

The Mission

Through this game, and others, my sincere hope is to perpetuate the spirit of Indie Games, which I feel is sort of the last bastion of 'Free' gaming. There is so much red tape that game developers face in the world of gaming today that destroys what may have been some of our favorite games. 

Indie Gaming, I hope, will thrive in the face of dull, spiritless, cloned, big-budget games. Not every game created has to be the 'best game', but they could at least be fun. But what makes a game fun? To that I'd have to say that it's both a science and an art, and that it's purely subjective. Fun *should* be subjective, and that's what makes Indie Gaming so great: the games cost virtually nothing to produce, they can take greater risks, and they don't have to go through the 'creative' oversight of a publisher. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, but I hope to at least share why I'm so passionate about the games I make.

Thanks for reading,

Follow updates and feel free to drop me a line on the new facebook page:


  • Nope. The project's April 2nd launch date is coincidence. The game is for real.

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  • It totally surprised me too... I have to thank in particular, for putting my post on the home page! Also, I received some very generous pledges... Completely took me off guard, and I am eternally grateful.

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  • The game play footage you see in the video is very alpha stage - levels I built for testing physics and other game mechanics. The art is getting an overhaul and I will update the project with new gameplay footage when it's ready.

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  • Of course.. and I have been getting a lot of them, and all of them are great.

    I mapped out the game before I started coding it, and I have a lot of fun stuff planned, but I am reading every suggestion I see and have been carefully considering them.

    I feel like it's a big responsibility to represent Ron in a video game, and I definitely don't want to misrepresent or trivialize the liberty movement.

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  • I'm not legally allowed to donate any of the pledge money to the campaign, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I've reached my household limit for donations via my company We maxed out in May 2011, when we first heard that Ron Paul was running again.

    The other reason is because of straw donations. I hear a lot of mixed messages, and I kind of have no way of knowing how legal it is. Like most things that the government controls, they add so many rules, regulations, and stipulations that it becomes completely ambiguous and you never know how many laws you're breaking when it comes to donating money on someone else's behalf, or through your company.

    Also, I think in some way it's kind of wrong to take the money that people pledge toward the development of the game and use it for things other than making the game better and farther reaching. The people who pledge to this project do so because they want to support the development of the game. You guys don't need me to tell you to donate to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. I highly recommend that you donate to the campaign before you donate to this project.

    I feel like creating this game, and making it as good as I can, with as much liberty-themed content as I can pack into it, and then spreading it far and wide to introduce those ideas to people in a fun way, is probably the best donation that I could personally give to the campaign or the liberty movement in general.

    Again, I highly suggest that those of you who want to donate money to the campaign do so, rather than pledging to this project.


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