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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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July Update!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)

Hi'ya folks! Hope everyone's summer has been nice so far, in light of it being hot enough to evaporate lead.

Been pretty busy writing/programming more events and dialog and stuff into Sealark. Also been animating of course, workin' through a pretty stubborn art block. I'm startin' to break through it though, little by little!

Also, over the past month, I learned how to do 3D kinda! I'm really happy with how well things have been turning out with it so far, and the work flow suits someone boring like me, aha.  It almost feels like I can model better than I can sprite now.   

Here's some of the models I made as practice while I learned everything.  I have the entire cast modeled, but only these two are textured and rigged up so far:

I was thinking about how I'd like to incorporate 3D into sealark, if at all. I sort've might've somehow accidentally wrote an OpenGL engine from scratch last week (it can do armature animation even!), so that's not an issue at least!

But what do you folks think?

I'm all sorts of plucky to do some 3D!  But I don't wanna turn you guys off with it... If there's no strong objections, I'll let myself go wild!   It might be something relatively small, or it might be... a lot bigger than small.  I got a LOT of ideas I'm excited to try, but it'll depend on what works, what feels right, and what doesn't take too long to do. 

Thank you for reading! Have a nice Summer! 

Swim some! Swim lots! Swim Forever

 EDIT:  The people have spoken, no worries, gonna be keepin' these fish nice and flat!  Thank you for the input!


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    1. Erika Bryan on

      is the game coming out next month? any news?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      FYI, there's a post related to the game on Tumblr: "... I’m at the top of my animating game right now, and I’m pretty happy with how my sprites are coming along for a change...". I hope personal things clear up/have cleared up for clairvoire.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gregory on

      Time for an October update, I think.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      August update? September even? The lack of screenshots and communication with this project really has me worried for the December 2014 release date!

    5. Xpgamer7 on

      I like the 2D as standard, and I think your 2D looks far better than your 3D. That said, I think if you want to incorporate it as a part, go ahead. Also love to hear from you, even if it doesn't detail much.

    6. Steven Scibetta on

      Any chance for an update?

    7. Erika Bryan on

      Me too! We're about 3 months out from your projected release date and we still haven't even seen any screenshots :) Hope all is going well!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      I would also like to hear an update, even if it's just a little.

    9. Keenan on

      September Update ?

    10. Taylor Swann on

      Sealark, an Oceanic Adventure Game: slotted for 2017!

      C'mon Clair, don't let feature creep kill this project. Stick to your guns, write down your extra ideas for use in future projects.

      I'm very happy to hear that spriting is basically the only thing left. That news has me happier than anything else you've put out in months.

    11. Treehugga on

      I'm dying to get my hands on this! I love the 3D stuff you did, but that looks perfect for a sequel! A few months from the 2 year anniversary of the kickstarter! <3

    12. Missing avatar

      elyetis on

      August update, I need some more Sealark in my blood. ^ ^
      And when are you going to announce that the game is delayed to next year ? ^ ^

    13. Missing avatar

      Schir on

      While I like the 3D and think it looks rather nice, I think it's just a bit too late in development to radically alter the graphical style like that. Don't get overwhelmed by feature creep!
      From what I hear, crunching to finish a game sucks, so please don't get burned out. Take a break every once in a while, I hear it works wonders.

    14. Joel on

      I like the 3D, but I would recommend sticking with what you're familiar with in the interest of getting the project out the door. Introducing a new technology into the design at this point seems a bit reckless

    15. Petra on

      In all honesty, I was drawn to the game for the cute 2D pixel style. 3D may be fine for another game, but please don't add it to this one for the general game play. The 3D is pretty cute, and maybe can be used for cut scenes?

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rae on

      2D please. Your pixel art is lovely and made me back the game. 3D is nice though.

    17. Midian on

      your 3D art is pretty cool, but it always depends with 3D. Ive seen tons of lifeless 3D games that i didnt care for too much, where mechanics become simplistic & worlds a bit stale. i always prefer 2D over 3D. your sprites are gorgeous & what youve showed us looks pretty amazing to me. your 3D art is also very attractive but it doesnt draw my attention as much as your 2D art does. if you did something like Phil Fish did with FEZ, where he incorporated a 3D world into a 2D game, that would be rad. id be all for something along the lines of that. where 3D did not change the sprites but only the mechanics surrounding it & how you visually see the 2D world. im not asking you to make a game exactly like FEZ but the idea or using ideas from that, would be pretty rad.

    18. Hunty on

      Those look awesome! Can't wait for Sealark 64! :)

    19. J.G. on

      The 3D is pretty adorable.

    20. Jelly Paladin on

      "2D some! 2D lots! 2D Forever"

      I see you already decided on 2D in the comments, but someone had to paraphrase your own update against you. :P

    21. Frank Talbot on

      I've read all the comments and while I agree going with 2D is probably the best move, I like your 3D a lot.

      Had this been day 1 of the campaign, I would've voted for the 3D option (even if I usually prefer 2D, but your 3D models really click with me for some reason).

      So anyway, keep up the good work, finish this awesome 2D game you've been working on and hopefully you'll come back with a cool 3D game/concept soon that I'll be able to pledge for :)

    22. TacoWaffle on

      First of all, I want to say thanks for the update. I know it can be rough to take time away from everything else you have going on to tell us all the things you need to get back to. So thanks.
      Second: Your 3D looks great, and I'm jealous that you seem to have taken to it so easily. While I'm definitely in love with your very excellent 2D pixel art for this game, I'd be happy to throw more money at you in the future for a 3D sequel or other game of your design.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lukas Koch on

      I'd rather have you concentrate on the sprites than add 3D. I don't think 3D fits into the style of the game as you presented it so far.

    24. Clovis L. Dye, Jr. on

      The 3D character models you made are very nice, but - like many others - I backed this project expecting a game driven forward by smoothly animated sprites and amazing music. I would rather you not redo all off the game's artwork at this point, although I could easily see the 3D being used for a giant boss battle or something (many games have managed to successfully use 3D and 2D at the same time).

    25. Shane Hager on

      3D is much, much easier to do than 2D, I know. Because of that, games with 3D artstyles are a dime a dozen compared to games with sprites or what-have-you, and the fact that this game was pitched to be entirely sprite-based was what made it stand out for me. I thought, "here's a developer who's got the skills to do great work in 2D AND is willing to to go the extra mile to make their entire game in sprites. That's enough to earn my support." I figured from the start that the project would end up ungodly late, but I believed we'd get the game we were promised *eventually*. Please don't betray my expectations now.

      I get it, dude. You're in crunch time. Crunch time ***sucks***. You want to go back to the time when you were coming up with new ideas and having fun being creative. But you can't, dude. I don't want to be a downer, but that's how it is. It's crunch-time time. You gotta stick your nose into it and never take it out until the game is done. After that, go wild! Once the game is done, you can 3D all you want. Hell, you could totally revolutionize 3D game development and become the bad guy from Sword Art Online for all I care. But until then, it's back to the sprite-pits with you. Get crackin'.

    26. Zeph Grey on

      That 3D looks amazing actually. If you weren't so far in, I'd Say go for a 2.5D kinda thing. Realistically though, it's more important to get the game delivered at this point.

      You may have stumbled into work on a sequel however! I really LOVE that 3D!

    27. David Tucker on

      What is most important to me is that the art style remains the same and it seems to me that you did that. However I'd say most people would probably want the game to stay 2d and you should probably limit 3d to cut scenes or special events (mini games, boss fights, etc).

    28. Erika Bryan on

      Very nice! But I prefer the 2d sprite stuff for Sealark. I'd love to see more of your 3d work in the future tho!

    29. ThomasN on

      Since we're all of a sudden all say what we want now, and some of us know what all of us want by saying "Everyone that pledged did so expecting a spite-based game" and stuff like that, I gotta say I backed because of the music and like all 3d games more than the 2d ones.

    30. Missing avatar

      J on

      Yeah, for the main game itself, it might be better to leave it 2D. 'Course, you could always try rendering a few things in voxels, or... make cutscenes!?

    31. Andreas Teufel on

      ....and the pixelated 2d style is actually one important reason why i backed this project. keep the 3d stuff in the pocket for a future game.

    32. Frederik Vezina

      Your sprites are gorgeous, and the 3d is just okay, and frankly a little lifeless. There are tons of games in that "simple 3d style", but all your 2d stuff I'd immediately recognizable. It's your game, but I'd rather nog see the 3d stuff if I can see your beautiful, expressive sprites instead.

    33. Andreas Teufel on

      pixelated 2d style > 3d style. please keep the pixelated 2d style, it´s amazing!

    34. DabsforDaze on

      Please please please add the 3d as an extra game mechanic somehow. I am currently at work on my phone so later I'd like to get more detailed, but here goes my idea: Some sort of cookie or drink or something ala Alice in Wonderland that when she eats it she goes 3d. Or maybe some 3d boss battles. Super excited for the possibility of 3d.

    35. Princess Erimemushinteperem on

      I'm just gonna reiterate what other people said lol. I really prefer the 2d here, but I'd love to see you do a 3d project in the future!

    36. KezzieZ

      I know there's already been enough input so far, but I think I'll just toss in my 2 cents anyway:

      I like the game style the way it is, but I don't mind there being 3D models for some things. You did a good job replicating your style, but the models would still clash against the pixelated style if you have both in the same parts of the game. Maybe they could've been good for cutscenes or something?

      The only big concern I have about ideas like that is that they could possibly divert from progress on the game, though I know that's not an intentional move.

      It would be really cool if you made a 3D game in the future, so maybe that's something to keep in mind. It probably does make some of the animating process a bit easier, to a point.

    37. clairvoire Creator on

      @Bunker Beaker And Co. - Eheheh... I'm bad at sequels, but it'd be fun to make a whole 'nother game in 3D, after sealark. I'll keep the engine I wrote around when that day comes down the road.
      @Greg - I actually do have a slave driver of sorts helping me in that regard! My significant other insisted it was a horrible terrible idea to go 3D and predicted exactly 0 folks would like it, but I didn't believe her. Was just too excited with my new tools. That'll teach me next time she says I should cool it, aha...

    38. Greg Graham on

      Hey Claire,

      This project really caught my attention based on what was shown and how enthusiastic you were about your desire to do it all yourself. I think it's great that you still want to better the project and deliver above and beyond the initial vision that was proposed. That being said, you seem to have ruffled some feathers with the 3D concepts, and to be honest it might not just be the 3D. You are a very talented artist and programmer, and I really want to see the end product someday.

      Please consider getting some assistance from a Producer to help you finish. They are wonderful (okay, not all the time) and keep things from derailing. It's okay to let someone help direct your vision, its still yours, they simply lay out what is left to complete it in bite size chunks. At this point, I'm afraid you are trying to consume an all you can eat buffet. I'm sure your community has some talent in it that would be willing to donate time to your project. I've delivered a game or two to market in the past, so I'll raise my hand to start the flood. Don't be afraid to ask.

      All the best and great job so far!

    39. clairvoire Creator on

      @Gantz - Whoops, posted early by mistake! But basically, to give as straight an answer as I can, I'm not entirely sure. It all hinges on getting the animation done, which is really hard to predict for me... All I can do is just grind at animating as much as I can and hope the RNG inside my brain rolls higher than it does low, gulp

    40. Missing avatar


      Mid-project feature creep is dangerous but oh-so-tempting. :)

      Sealark 2: 3D Sea?

    41. Missing avatar

      Gantz on

      Is this why you were thinking of making the characters 3D? It might be easier to animate that way if you're having big problems or you think the task is too big. Alternatively you could always create base static sprites and try to find someone else to animate them based on the initial sprite you've created.

      If that is your reason then it's probably better to say that in your update post and I think people would be more understanding.

    42. clairvoire Creator on

      @Gantz - All the coding and writing is done more or less, but there's a ton of spriting to do still, a LOT, and I'd consider animation to be 99% of all the work. 99% because spriting is my weakest skill by far, or at least, it's my most inconsistent skill. Somedays I'm on fire, and other (most) days it's very hard make them look even passable, let alone good

    43. Kenny

      2D for this one, sequel in 3D ;-)

    44. Bunker Beaker on

      I like it looks very interesting and better hair interaction than one usually sees in the kinda thing. So First of all don't get rid of the tech and don't stop developing it say for the next installment of the series after this one. Maybe if you can get the game into Steam Greenlight then plan for the next release in three dee. Also who is to say this won't help you give depth to the pixel world. Just look at Shovel Knight.

    45. James on

      Fez did cool things with 2D pixel art mixed with 3D. Granted that game was actually full 3D with pixel art texturing rather than true 2D sprites, but the idea of adding some 3D touches to a 2D pixel art game could look really cool.

      Ultimately I want you to make the game you want to make. I backed the game to give you that opportunity.

      That said, game projects so often fizzle out due to developer boredom, or the urge to start working on something new and shinier. I feel you're self aware enough to avoid this trap, but it gets the best of us.

    46. Missing avatar

      Gantz on

      Can you give us an estimate of how much of the project is complete right now clairvoire?


    47. clairvoire Creator on

      @Peck1987 - I'm sorry. it was something I took up in some spare time after E3. I was getting burned out working non-stop, but I felt too guilty to play games or anything. So I experimented with 3D to relax every once in a while. I wondered if I could take what I learned in that time and apply it in my work, is all. I get really over-ambitious sometimes (all-the-time). I'm trying to keep myself more grounded though, I swear!

    48. Peck1987 on

      I backed this project expecting 2D pixel art. I'm way more concerned as to why you are experimenting on new things when this game is SO FAR past the expected release date.

    49. Filippo Facchetti

      Your 3D looks great, but I really, really, really love your original pixel art. Please, just use 3D on your next project. ;)

    50. Ágúst Þórir Ammendrup Antonsson on

      I find that you should totally add 3d but i also like the pixel art

      their should probably be like a button you can choose to change from 2d to 3d?