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March Update!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)

Sorry for being late!  Had some internet trouble for a bit is all!  Hope your smarch is going well!  It's been a pretty hectic month!

Not much to report this go around!  I've started working on animating the more complex actions the characters can do!  Dove has a lot of things she does, like fishing and fishing, and some of these got a lot of transition cycles between them, like landing and changing directions while running.  One thing I need to be careful with, animating these, is the precise timing, posing, and hitbox size they use.  I've had to reanimate the running cycle because I misjudged the stride it used, meaning the characters ran too slowly.  I want the animation and physics to be pretty much married and to have kids, so what Dove's hands and feet are doing are really important!  

Besides the obvious stuff like her feet and stride matching how fast she can run (so it looks like her feet are gripping the ground), I want her actions to have a kind of "weight" too.  Which usually means adding delays and stops in the right places.  ... It's hard to explain!  But maybe the best example is landing from a jump.  

(taken from some animation roughs/undersketching, so they don't look all that good yet, aha...)

By having Dove come to a total horizontal stop for a split second when she lands, before continuing to run, it makes it feel like she really stuck a landing.  That's just an example, but getting hit and knocked over, or throwing an attack, I'd want to have the same kind of feeling.  Of course, it's also important to avoid over-animating, having jerk and smearing in the right places is important too.  Gah, this is all probably common knowledge stuff, I'm sorry!  Just saying it out loud though so I don't forget while working on these!  I hope my execution is good enough to actually leverage these kind of things, ahahagulp.

So that's what I'll be doing next month!  Well.  That and taxes.  Taxes.   Taxes... 

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    1. Missing avatar

      elyetis on

      Don't forget about us ! ^ ^

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      Just look at what the pixel hair is doing in the land-run example; this game will look great!

    3. Hunty on

      lookin' great! keep up the good work!

    4. Michael Matzat on

      Another great update! :)

    5. sojourner on

      I really your updates Clairvore! Such interesting reading always and nice to feel part of your journey.

    6. Missing avatar


      That sketch is adorable. Thanks for the update, and I hope we can see some of these animations in action soon.

    7. Disastercake on

      Love your artwork, Clairvoire!

    8. Desorbo on

      This game is just tops!

    9. L. Coues on

      this sketch is so cute :)

      And the update is really good. I'm not used to have landing animation and while the delay might be obvious when you're animating, some people can end up with an animation feeling wrong and not understanding why. Or knowing that this kind of stuff need a delay might save some trouble to fellow game developper reading you.

      I love these updates. Always full of great details.

    10. Missing avatar

      Don Foo on

      Thanks for the interesting update.

      I know what you mean about taxes. Been putting it off as long as I'm allowed to...

    11. Сергей Мазаев on

      Wow! I was just wondering, when there will be an update - and there it is! It's a miracle, I suppose!