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Happy Valentines! (February Update)

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)

Hope you had a good Valentines!

This will probably be a really brief and somewhat incoherent update, since I'm running on 2 hours of sleep, but I'll try my best!   I've finished the left over coding stuff from last update (though it took a bit longer than I thought), and finally got started on spriting! Backgrounds backgrounds backgrounds help me backgrounds. Working on the casino right now. Oh! OH I can post pictures of that! I am going to post pictures of that!

 Just a preliminary layout of Atlantis right now!  This is the area that Dr. Bree presides over, it is a sleazy casino, as you'd expect in a game about fish.  Betty Bree is the host of both the Arena and the Surgical Theatre / Dinery.  (If your surgery isn't a complete success, your next meal is on the house*)

 The theme for the area and all the stuff in it is Red Velvet, Gold Metal, and Diamond.  Only the most expensive looking things! 

Also, finally designed the last eligible older bird lady that Dove can date. 

Her name is Valery Velvetine, she's Vivian Velvetine's (the witch bird gal's) mom.  She invented money, and subsequently became very wealthy.  

Credit goes to Goose for helping me design her look!  (She did everything and I slapped a pair of sunglasses on!)

For the next month, I'm going to be spriting and animating backgrounds and props pretty much full time, or at least, that's the plan!  I'll probably also paint more concept art if I can.  I wanted to finish that wallpaper, but I got really upset at how boring the composition was looking, and set it aside for another time.

And that's pretty much it for now!   Thank you for reading!    Next post will be on March 15th!  

I hope the rest of spring treats you well!


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    1. Frederik Wandall Von Benzon on

      "[Valerie Valvetine], She invented money, and subsequently became very wealthy."
      Haha, excellent xD
      Keep it up, we're rooting for you :3

    2. Disastercake on

      I'm very glad to know Sealark is making progress. =)

    3. Michael Matzat on

      Great News! Fun to read Update! Yay!

    4. poshu on

      Looking good, and it's nice to get updates on a regular basis! Thanks :3

    5. Pickles on

      Looks amazing! Take your time and enjoy the process and I promise we will love the result!

    6. dgwardys on

      Awesome update. Looking forward to the next one.

    7. Cynical Felidae on

      That's uber cute. I love it!