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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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Sealark Progress (and Release Date), January!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)

Hello again! I hope everyone's christmas and new years went well!

Release Date

Straight on to the most important part of this update! I took inventory of everything remaining to be done, with my friends who do this kinda stuff for a livin'.   All the animation left to sprite, the features left to code, the badly written fanfiction left to write. And then added two months just in case. And... After thinking it through as much as possible... All the things I want to add in, with all the stretch goals to meet... Um...

December 2014 Please Don't Hurt Me! That gives me enough time to finish Sealark with ample time to polish everything as well as I'm able.  If I do finish early and there's not much left needing polish, I'll then move it sooner! And I'll try to do just that! But in all likelihood, I think December is the most rational date to release by. I'm sorry that it's such a long time out! I'll do everything in my power make sure the wait is worth it though! Thank you for being so patient with me so far!


Now for all the progress made since the last update a month back!

Been really busy, startin' this year off right! I got a mountain of coding work done for Sealark. Lots of documentation stuff as well. It's passed the 12,500 statements mark! Which is about as impressive as an airplane that weighs a lot, but I'm still proud to have reached it! Also learned how to use OpenGL stencils, which means I won't need to use fragment shaders at all! Which just means it's easier to utilize, and folks with really antique computers should be okay, hopefully! I also did most of the remaining GUI stuff, like health bars, menus, and text. Text was a bit tough, but I wanted to have nice dialog effects, control over timing, all that good stuff. Also added things like Lenses and reflection effects (allowing one to see things off screen in a little bubble, useful for fishing!), though they require more work still.

The plan for the next month is to trim all the excess code out of the project, since there's a lot of deprecated stuff floating around. Then once everything is running together again, get back into animating choirs. Lots of animation to do! Always more animation to do. There will never be a time when more animation can't be done. (So much to animate.)

I also started drawing a wallpaper for Sealark this afternoon, but it. It got away from me. I made it so big. I finished like. A corner of it, aha. But when I finish it, I'll post it in the next update! The next update will be on February 15th! Thank you for stickin' with me so far! I'll see y'all in a month, with lots of progress to boot!  Please take care of yourselves, and have a good 2014!

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    1. Missing avatar

      JohnDoe on

      Have some fun with this! Anyways, you received 10x as much funding as you asked for; so it's reasonable to expect a longer development cycle. Especially when most everything is being handled by you.

    2. Tomi "WHAM" Kähkönen on

      Glad to hear you have a distinct idea when the project will be done, and that you have secured enought time for work. Looking forward to playing the final game (and reading all the fanfic)! :)

    3. Zael on

      @Jabberwok I believe it will be much like Treasure Adventure Game on steroids, so you can go play that in the meanwhile:
      (I'm much more excited about Sealark than I am about Treasure Adventure World...)

      In terms of encouragement, there's another awesome one-person-project in the making by the name of Stardew Valley:
      (Took him several years as well, but it is possible!)

    4. Zael on

      Haha, don't worry about it, we'll gladly wait. This project (and you!) is one those amazing ones, where I'd throw more money at it if I could. =)
      Will probably be buying copies for my friends once it's out.

    5. KezzieZ

      Well, all of us backers have waited this long, so what's a year longer in the grand scheme? Like everyone's said, a delayed but complete game is better than some unfinished crap pretending to be a genuine game release. I hope your progress goes smoothly and that there will be great, informative updates in the near future! c:

    6. ThomasN on

      Don't worry, you are in good company. Of my 80 or so backed projects, actually only 2 did release on the estimated time.

    7. Radomir Dopieralski on

      We (well, me at least) don't care if you finish it a week late or several months late. But we do care a lot if you keep on doing cool stuff afterwards. So please, please, please, don't run yourself into the ground with it. I know that I'm a stranger and I shouldn't care, but I've seen a lot of really awesome people hurt themselves this way. I think that the estimation you gave is still ridiculously short, and I really can't imagine a single person doing all that in such a short time. Making good things takes time and a lot of effort. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with, and please be careful not to hurt your health or end up hating making games forever!

    8. Erika Bryan on

      Nice update! But where's that gameplay? We wanna see! No alpha is too rough!

    9. BerryzZz on

      Thanks for the update! As the others said, take your time, this game looks really promising!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Any chance of a new video sometime, maybe showing off the current state of the game or something? I'm sure you're busy already, but I'd love to see a little more of the game in action, or even just a video of your work on the game.

      Personally, I don't feel like I have a very good sense of what I will actually be doing in this game when it comes out (fishing, I think?). Also, one of my favorite things about following a project is seeing it as it develops. Seems like you have a lot to do already, but just a thought...

    11. Frederik Vezina

      Kickstarter projects are only really considered late from about a year after planned delivery anyway. So you'll only be about 5 months late, really. Don't worry so much, just keep us updated.

    12. Kenny

      Take your time and keep up the good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rae on

      As Miyamoto said, "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Can't wait for December 2014!

      If you're short on money come half-way through the year, a thing you could do is get on steam early access.

    14. WingedRobot on

      Two years sounds like a normal development cycle to me! No one can expect you to get a game of this scale done in a year by yourself. Keep chugging along, and it'll be great when you're done!

    15. Michael Matzat on

      You know, the only bad thing about this project is seeing how hard you are on yourself in every update in terms of "i failed you". Just stop that, if you repeat something like that often enough to yourself it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and actually make you do „bad“ because your trying to avoid things and so on (trust me, i know first hand how this works out…)
      Just do your thing, give us regular updates on the cool stuff you have don even if it´s only a sprite here or explaining a few lines of code and how awsome the things they do are there and everyone will be happy.
      You started this solo, you needed the cash to be able to feed yourself while doing it solo, you got a lot more to feed yourself for a longer time flying solo and so it has to be absolutly ok with everyone if you take longer to get it don solo.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen Keating on

      Don't worry Clair, it'll be fine! Keep doing your great work!

    17. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Don't freak out! It's Kickstarter, it comes with an in-built expectation of "when it's done".

      I don't know about others, but I backed this project not so much as a game I impatiently want to play, but more as an interactive art project. Your creative vision definitely qualifies for that, I liked it, and I just want it to see the day, want *you* to be happy to have brought it to life.

      Take your time, make the game you want to make, take your very best shot. And we'll wait patiently, cheering you along the way.

      That's it in a nutshell. Just he sure to fulfill another Kickstarter expectation - transparency. Don't disappear and share your progress, we'll be delighted to hear and see it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      Development takes time mate, its better to have a well made finished product then a rushed one with issues, keep up the good work, just make sure to send us some vids or screens every now and then to sate our sealark thirst :P

    19. Scott Douglas on

      Still think you're crazy for doing everything yourself. Keep going, we all believe in you.

    20. TacoWaffle on

      Thanks for the update! Keep on pluggin' away, I'm sure it will be amaze-o-vision!

    21. clairvoire Creator on

      Thank you all for bein' so kind with me! I am like. Getting weepy eyed with y'all over here, ahaha, aaaaa!

      @J - To answer your questions, I think it will be roughly... I'm bad with time, but maybe cavestory length-ish? That's about where I'm aiming anyway. As for funds, I've been very frugal! But they will run out about half-way through this year I think. (I set aside the money needed to ship/make rewards, so that is safe). I'll be eating thin soup for a while, but that's okay! I'll find a way when that time comes!

    22. Robert Dietrich on

      Like the others I say: take all the time you need for the project. Everything is handmade, you are a single person who is working on this, codes can be annoying andeven you need to sleep sometimes.
      So take you time and keep going, it is always good to hear from you some updates and Christmas is only 11 month away. :)

    23. Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan on

      I'm so looking forward to this ^_^ I'd rather get it done right than get it done sooner though. Happy to wait, just so long as someday, we can go on an oceanic adventure.

    24. Missing avatar

      J on

      I'm not too concerned with the release date time, I expected things to take far longer than what you'd originally planned, considering all you wanted to do. Few questions, though.

      - About how long do you think the game itself will be (With/without side content)?

      - How's the status with the funds you got? Do you still have enough to get by until release, and enough for the expansion as well?

    25. Katherine Mercedes Fanning on

      Clairevoire, you have been so great with updates, thank you for that! Like everyone else has said, this project got SERIOUSLY overfunded and you are only one person -- December is a perfectly reasonable goal :)

      Side note, if possible, you could always release a "complete" version of the game and add the stretch goal content later as DLC as they are completed! That way the game comes out sooner, but we're still getting content. Just a thought! Either way, I am still super excited for Sealark *w*

    26. Missing avatar


      As far as I'm concerned, you can take all the time you need, so long as you let us follow along on your journey of making this awesome game. Take your time, make Sealark shine. :)

    27. Matt Payte on

      Please, take your time!

    28. VeryFanciful on

      I wouldn't expect any sooner from a 1000% overfunded project.

    29. Lignum on

      Man I just looked when this kickstarter ended. I can't believe it's been so long already. No rush though! Can't wait. :P but I'll have to.
      Looking back at the details of the game I'm glad I'm a backer ^_^ Even if I was only the $10 level :D

    30. Missing avatar

      DavidLaing on

      Good to hear an update. I'm not bothered by the delay, as much better to get a good game, as others have said. It would be good to hear from you more often, perhaps a monthly update - doesn't have to be very long, just a paragraph or two to remind us that you are there, and what you've been up to. Other than that, carry on!

    31. Ryan


      this is where editing comments could come in handy BUT NOOOO!

    32. Ryan

      I waited 2 years for broken age I can wait 2 years for this. I am a bit sad it's been pushed back but at least you feel confident that it will be done eventually so that makes me more relaxed about the situation.

      Now, I don't wanna be "that guy" but a picture every now and again would hurt. Maybe some pixel art, a small video clip. No update is too small my friend.

      Anyway still looking forward to the game, I know it'll be worth the wait :)

    33. Rightstick Studios, LLC on

      It's good enough to hear an estimated release date.

    34. Missing avatar

      Homer Turgeon on

      Hey, if you feel that your budget can work, and you're not gonna get fucked over obviously by expected expenses, I'm entirely behind this.

      I want you to make an excellent game, and I'm willing to wait a year for it!

    35. Paul Du Bois on

      Woo! Looking forward to Christmas!

    36. Missing avatar

      Robin Light-Williams on

      While the Shigeru Miyamoto quote is of dubious truthfulness (a delayed game can often end up a mess of design and re-design such that it will never be good- Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever, etc), the fact is; December 2014 is a much, *much* more reasonable date for a single person with the necessary skills but no actual project experience (I assume, perhaps wrongly?), given the scale of the game you've described. I'm reassured to hear this, because it means you're committed to delivering the game you sold us on, you're clear headed enough to be able to assess that you're nowhere near where you need to be, and you're honest enough to admit when things have gotten away from your expectations.

      Take your time; as long as you have those three, you have my trust that this will be a game well worth the wait.

    37. Missing avatar

      Don Foo on

      Thanks for the update. If that's the time you need, then so be it. I'm content to wait.

    38. Chris Bla Keks on

      Take your time!
      I prefer a finished, more or less bug-free game to an unfinished, rushed game.

    39. Pasquale Barilla on

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” - Shigeru Miyamoto