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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
3,152 backers pledged $59,039 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jason Stillion on

      The only time I worry or get anxiety about a project is when there's no communication.
      I'm never in a rush for a kickstarter to complete.
      Take the time you need. I appreciate the work you're putting into your game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Ben Anderson on

      Totally agree with everyone here, take your time! :D make it awesome :D and learn while having fun :D keep up the awesomness!!

    3. J.G. on

      Take your time to make the best game you can!

    4. Missing avatar

      Rémy on

      YEAH take all your time we support you !

    5. poetfox on

      I will always a support a developer taking more time to make the game better, especially if they can afford to do so. You are no exception whatsoever! I could care less about when the game comes out as long as it's neato torpedo when it does. Make it happen!

    6. Frederik Wandall Von Benzon on

      Take all the time you need, no need to rush at all.
      It would be nice to follow the progress, even if it's very incremental and not very exciting, we are backing you 100% ^_^

    7. Avrett on

      Take as long as you need! I'm sure the extra time will really show in the game!

    8. Erika Bryan on

      How bout some screenshots or some alpha footage to tide us over?

    9. Ravenlight on

      While it would be nice if every Kickstarter project released on-schedule, I'd rather have the best game the creator can make, within reason.

    10. Missing avatar

      phurl on

      It's cool, take as much time as you need (or, can afford).

      As a software developer myself, I knew all along this wasn't going to be finished by July so it's not really surprising news.

    11. Missing avatar

      indyit on

      No worries, take your time! Don't overstress yourself, we can wait.

    12. Missing avatar

      Louis de Beaumont on

      Totally understandable! Hope all is well (not just in terms of the game, development can get stressful). All the best :D

    13. David Tucker on

      I backed this project for two reasons. 1. It looked like a very fun and original game 2. To give you the chance to learn how to do new things with your creativity because you seemed like a good person. Take all the time you need with your project and I'm sure none of us will be disappointed :)

    14. Missing avatar

      EMarcotte on

      I have to agree with everyone else: it is fine if your project is running late (that's par for the course for Kickstarter projects anyway), but you should keep us informed about your progress, even if it is not as quick or complete as you would have wished.

      Also, you shouldn't be too shy to post about specific difficulties you are having with the coding. I am sure that there are many backers that could provide help if needed. Although getting 3152 people all giving you inconsistent suggestions may not be helpful...

    15. TacoWaffle on

      Longer wait = even bigger party. Hint to keep yourself amused: Get some of Meijer's Diet Grape Soda. It has an unnatural blue fizz that should not be. Also, it's tasty if you like grapey sodas.

    16. Timothy Roller

      This is probably the cutest Kickstart I've ever backed.

    17. SteelEye on

      Please take your time making the game! I don't mind waiting for a polished product.

    18. Jim Salter on

      Take the time you need to make the game, and make the game right. A crappy broken game is of no use to anyone. =)

    19. Mijichu on

      Thank you for posting the update. :) It's fine for you to take your time with this. It's a quality game you want to make, right? Of course that's worth the wait!

      I would like to say though that maybe a little more noise from you would be neat. I'm not asking for daily updates (or even a schedule for that, that'd be stressful, no?), just a little hello now and then to let us know you haven't collapsed. Essentially what everyone below has been saying, haha. Keep up the good work! <3

    20. Applejack Daniels on

      Thanks for putting together this update, Clair! I don't really mind the delay, since it means the game will be bigger than it would've been, was it released by now. The most important thing for me - and probably most of the other backers - was to see some sign of life here, to know how far you've come, what you've been doing and so on.
      Keep up the good work and hopefully in winter, this bomb of a game will hit us hard! ;)

    21. Matthew Mather on

      As a backer of several dozen videogame projects, I've discovered that delays should always be expected and instantly forgiven. As long as the developer can keep going, and update semi-regularly, there's no problem. Quality always takes time, so take the time to make the quality.

    22. Missing avatar

      Hap Perry on

      I'm willing to wait as long as you're willing to work. ^^

    23. Lachlan Snell on

      You got like 12 times your funding goal! Of course this was going to be delayed, I think everyone expected that. You had some really cool ideas for stretch goals, and we all paid money so you could spend more time working on the game!

      Don't stress about it, just stay on track, set yourself some milestones and you'll be fine :)

    24. clairvoire Creator on

      I'm totally blown away by how patient you all are, thank you so much! ; ~;
      I will make sure to keep everyone updated as much as possible, I'm starting to see there's no reason to be so nervous over posting stuff now!

      It means a lot to me that you would all take time outta your day to say such kind things! Gaaah! Back to work with me, I'm feelin' all sorts of fired up now!

    25. evan_online on

      I'm not too surprised, but I wish you had said something about the delay a bit earlier than the same month it was originally slated for. :C Even if it was kind of expected at this point, and I truly want the game to be the best product it can be regardless of how long it will take, it just feels a little...sudden, all the same.

      Still very excited, though! I look forward to seeing more progress updates! I don't mean to be a bummer or anything.

    26. Missing avatar

      Abby Hipolito on

      "The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time."
      -Tom Cargill

      It's all well and good, time isn't an issue, we're patient(probably? ;o;). But we would like that regular monthly update. It's how kickstarter is like, people investing money in a project that we feel deserves a chance. As great as it is, it's still a uneasy, scary thought that what we invested in isn't going anywhere. I definitely believe in Sealark; it's unique, amazing and just adorable!

      That being said, said updates definitely ease our minds somewhat.

      Good luck!

    27. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Yeah just post indeed :) And don't worry, it's fine. Good luck with everything along the way.
      Thanks for the nice comic as well :)

    28. Atarun

      Thanks for the update!
      As for the delay... Honestly, given the scope of your game, I never expected you to meet your deadline. It's fine. Take your time.
      And please tell us about the maths issues that hold you back. Not only could some backers could potentially help you, but I'd be very interested in getting a glimpse of how you're doing, what kind of hurdles you face and how you overcome them. ^^

    29. poshu on

      I'm infuriated that a one-person team can't do a complete game in such a short time!! è_é
      wait, I'm not a 6 years old anymore, take your time :3

    30. Jelly Paladin on

      I've backed 61 Kickstarter projects and the *only* ones that have come out on time so far were ones that the creator had 90-99% finished before even coming to KS. So no worries. =) Just keep us posted on progress, that's all!

    31. Bryan Rutherford on

      Hey, with all the extra content that got added through stretch goals, it was never gonna come out on the original schedule. Take your time, and do yourself proud.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pauchard Fabien on

      You have to be patient for fishing no ? :) Take your time and keep up the good work.

    33. Matt Payte on

      You raised twelve times the funds that you asked for, the delay is extremely understandable! Take your time!

    34. Missing avatar

      James on

      Lol do I see some reference from Shingeki no Kyojin there?

    35. Ryan Brown on

      Perfectly fine with the delay, Would love to get maybe a WiP video of what you have so far, maybe a demonstration of the game mechanics that are in place so far.

    36. Sant Arellano on

      Take your time, I'm sure it will be well worth the effort!

    37. Nathan Mead on

      Take your time to get it right, I can wait!

    38. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Not worried about the time frame, though I wouldn't mind more updates. It's cool to hear about the development, or see video of the work in progress.

    39. Soulwynd on

      Take your time and don't worry.

    40. gadam07 on

      I think Kenny said it best below. I'm glad to hear we'll be getting something quite substantial, too. Keep up the good work!

    41. Kenny

      A delayed game is good eventually, a rushed game is bad forever. Take your time! :)

    42. Kuhaa on

      I wouldn't mind having to wait until July 2014 if it comes to that. I'm glad you made this post, it's nice to know you're still around and working on the game. :) And post updates whenever you feel like it. It's true people, me included, want to know what aspects of the game you've been working on, but of course actually creating content for the game rather than writing about it should be your first priority.

    43. Missing avatar

      Henrique Vignon on

      Dude that is totally understandable, even huge companies that have been doing this for a long time have to delay sometimes, game development in no joke, Specially considering you're doing everything by yourself.

      It's way better to take your time and launch a quality game than to try and rush things.

      I suggest you start doing some more frequent updates, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, take Josh Parnell for example, maker of Limit Theory, another KS project, he does daily posts on his forums on what he has done on that day, pretty simple stuff… he only does big updates with videos and whatnot once a month or so.

      But I'm not saying that you HAVE to do daily updates, actually I consider that a bit excessive to be honest, but like once a week or so, just simple stuff, what you have done on that week, obstacles you have faced, moments of triumph :) anything really.

      Because that's actually good for yourself, you won't feel bad about not updating, people will feel good because they have some constant news on the game development and everyone is happy.

      I actually not even suggesting this for my own sake, I learned the hard way not to obsessively follow the progress of a game I really want to play anymore, when half life 2 was under development they hyped that thing pretty hard, and I of course fell for it, reading every scrap of information I could find, when it finally came out, while still a great game, my experience was subpar, because I already knew like 90% of what there was to find out in the game...

    44. Nathan Sanzone-Mcdowell on

      I thought that your expected completion date was ridiculously optimistic. So I'd only be surprised if I WASN'T reading this post.

    45. Devon Mullane on

      I think the artwork will tide us over. The whole thing bleeds character and I'm pretty sure we're all willing to hold for it. After all, if I got mad for each Kickstarter that missed it's date I'd have a lot more projects to play right now. As long as you don't pull a Duke Nukem Forever, a few months or a year is probably fine.

    46. Robert Dietrich on

      The good thing to know is, that you are alive - or in your bed.
      Delaying a game is not such a bad thing as you might think. You alone do the work and with the stretch goals and new unlockes it was nearly impossible to release the game on time with good quality.
      Try to think: The game is done, when it's done! :)

    47. Michael Matzat on

      No one expects any Kickstarter Project on time. There is no reason to be ashamed, good things take time. And if you look at something like Prison Architect (which is also only developed by one person who has a ton of experience) there is very little progress each month.

    48. Scott Douglas on

      Yeah, with all that extra stuff from the stretch goals, I knew the original release date wouldn't jive. Keep at it, we all know you can do something amazing.

    49. ThomasN on

      That cat looks fairly intelligent. Glad it helps you :-)

    50. Missing avatar

      Kira Boom on

      Take the time you need :)

      I'd love to see more updates, even if they're small or don't seem that important to you :D