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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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Long Overdue Update!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)
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Hello Folks! 

I want to start by saying that I am really sorry for not posting any updates for so long a time.  I have been posting updates on my personal blog, but I've neglected posting here, mostly out of stage fright.  The idea that this message will pop into the inboxes of over 3000 folks, is pretty nerve-wracking.  But I promise I'll work to get over that, and try to issue an update at least twice a month here with progress, from now on.  I hope that will be alright.  Thank you for your patience so far! 

Now, for progress!  I'm unsure how to quantify it, but I have spent most of the time, since launch, programming the game in C++.  And of course, finalizing the specifics with gameplay, character designs, fish, enemies, levels.  And I'm now at the stage were I can start animation work. 

The drawing and event handling systems are done.  Drawing is done using OpenGL, and events are processed by SFML's windowing library, which also gives me my window context.  Key binding stuff is finished as well.  Any key on any keyboard (or mouse) can be made an input, and it's possible to assign multiple keys to a single action.

The physics system was initially going to use Box2D, since I'm a fan of the library, but in the end, I decided to roll my own physics engine instead.  This will let me write game logic more easily and consistantly, without having to worry about Skyrim style bugs, like fish rocketing into space or boats turning into horses or something (as cool as that would be.)  I'm on the verge of fully debugging my engine, and I'm really proud of how it's turning out!  I'll explain how it works in a later update, and maybe even get into the boring specifics of how I'm structuring my code.  Yeehaw!

Right now, the bulk of the work is now sprite animation and background spriting.  I've already got much of the ingame animations thumbnailed.  The challenge will be spriting over these, with every class of every character.  I'm not gonna lie though.  Is a very daunting task.  Like.  Over 5000 frames of animation.  *muffled weeping*

Oh!  Before I forget too!  One feature I wanted to add, since after the kickstarter finished, was Prestige classes!  I already posted them on my tumblr, but I'd like to post them here too! 

Prestige classes are available to NPCs as well as Dove.  They change how the character looks, their stats, attacks, and will change certain bits of dialog too.  How a Promotion is triggered is a secret for now, aha.  But I'll reveal more as we go along!

Thank you for reading, hope your day is a good one! 

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    1. Mijichu on

      Thankyou for updating! It's very nice to know a little of what's going on behind the scenes. :)

    2. Rick Sheahan on

      Would love to see stuff about coding the game, as I am also just starting to apply my meager C++ skills to game development.

    3. Avrett on

      This is looking great! Thanks for the update!

    4. When I do, you won't know. on

      Awesome. Glad to see something!

    5. When I do, you won't know. on

      Awesome! Glad to see something!

    6. Chris Furniss on

      Hooray! I backed at the highest level - any idea when you'll need info for us for the likeness into a fish thing? I'd like to have my son's name and likeness in the game as a gift to him in the future. :)

    7. Dirk Schlobinski on

      Hooray, an update!
      Glad to hear about Sealark again. Updates once or twice a month here would be very much appreciated.
      Keep up the good work, clairvoire!

    8. Midian on

      glad to see that you will be updating twice a month...
      i was worried for a bit...
      i thought that this project was scraped, wasnt sure what happened...
      the best way to deal with your fears is to handle them head on...
      im glad to see you will be doing that now...

      as far as time for when the project is suppose to be finished..
      i wasnt expecting it till 2014...
      i only wanted to see updates on what was going on...
      take your time & dont feel pressured or pushed into finishing the project too early...
      id rather have a polished & perfected project that you can feel good about releasing than one that is buggy & that you feel is not the work that you wanted to release..
      i can sympathize with this, in being an artist...
      dont let others release expectations interfere with your game...
      you want to make something that you can be proud of & that you feel good about in the end result...
      make sure that you are able to do that...
      afterall, delays are expected in Kickstarter campaigns...

    9. Alan Simpraphone on

      Ok thank for posting this. You're still alive !

    10. Jonathan Bereza on

      Not been following your tumblr. I will be now though.
      Beautiful work.

      Would like to see some background though. If only because I need a new desktop wallpaper.

    11. Kenny

      I'm fine either way.

    12. ShawnMcCool on

      I'd like to see more updates here. This project is awesome and I'm glad to be a backer. I can live with knowing nothing until release. But, it'd be fun to see things as they come together.

    13. Missing avatar

      JohnDoe on

      Ooh, the prestige classes look rather nice and congratulations are certainly in order for getting all that coding done. I'll chime in with the others and say that most of us are in no hurry, so no worries about the frequency of updates.

    14. Missing avatar

      Will on

      +1 more vote for taking your time as far as a release date goes. I would say it's a good estimate that 99% of the backers here would much rather you make the game as well as you are able at a steady pace and only release it when you are satisfied, rather than trying to crunch to make a set date (and the remaining 1% could be convinced otherwise).

      Personally it wouldn't bother me if the game didn't come out until deep into 2014, if that's what it took to make it. But, basically just don't feel that you need to rush it.

    15. C on

      Yeah, thanks for the update! The sprites look brilliant, can't wait to see/hear more. Keep it up. ;D

    16. Hunty on

      Hooray! Exciting to see an update! I missed the fact that you were blogging about the project, so I thought you'd just been silent since the funding ended. Very glad to see that you're making tons of progress! Yay!

    17. Peter Jacob on

      You are alive? Good, good. Looking back at the main page, I'm like, why on earth did I back this? Ah. Definitely the charming art and the strangely mesmerizing clip of the girl fishing. Even though absolutely nothing happens in it, I still feel compelled to watch the whole thing through.

    18. Tim Anderson on

      Keep up the good work! Everything you post makes me more interested in playing it. We're rooting for you!

    19. Keshwin Charan on

      Can't wait for this game Clair~
      Those sprites look fantastic and I can't wait for the finished product!
      And fanart... lots of fanart... *u*

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Keating on

      Looking great clair, keep it up!

    21. Threevenge on

      Prestige classes look sick. Glad to see an update and really excited about this game. Honestly this and the LA Game Space bundle are the two biggest things I'm looking forward to in video games this year.

    22. gadam07 on

      Oh nice, I'd almost forgotten about Sealark. Don't sweat the infrequent updates; some of us have too many coming in as it is. It's nice to hear of the progress being made every once in a while, though, and it sounds like Sealark is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work!

    23. Missing avatar

      J on

      I've noticed that the vast majority of KS games get extensively delayed, minus the ones that are nearly completed, even more so for the ones that received huge amounts of extra funding, such as the Banner Saga. Considering that their backers are waiting patiently, I don't think you ned to worry about incurring the backers' wrath. I believe it was Shigeru Miyamoto who said, " A delayed game is eventually great, but a rushed game is bad forever."

    24. Brett Camper on

      Wow, great update.

      +1 to more tech specifics, please!

    25. Eric J. Sexton on

      NICE!!! As one of the few who hunted you down to coax you out of hiding, I am so glad to see an update. Great stuff, keep it up. And by the way...I absolutely think you should tempt the Deep Ones. I hear they like big lumps of cheese dangling at the end of string. =D

    26. clairvoire Creator on

      @J - I removed it only because I don't use facebook. It was a profile I made ages ago, but I logged in one day to see folks had sent me two dozen messages through it that went unanswered. That's all though!

      As for release date! ... I'm still aiming for July! I'm a die hard optimist though, so I don't know! I'll do everything in my power to make it happen July, but if I have to take more time to polish the game or add important content that wouldn't make it in time, I'll take time to add it... I can only hope everyone is as kind about it as you are, if that should happen. Hopefully, it won't be a problem though!

    27. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Thank you for the update, and by all means at least link to the boring specifics!
      Also, do you need experienced testers?

    28. Jon Solmundson on

      This has been the single weirdest coincidence this week. I was JUST thinking "Gee, I wonder how SeaLark is going. I haven't seen any updates since the kickstarter ended. I should check up on that. I bet it's just that thing where the developer moves to a personal blog so they don't have to double post everything."

      So I check the tumblr and that's cool.


      Evidently, you're really in-sync with your backers.

    29. clairvoire Creator on

      @Mohammed - I don't know, it might not be such a good ͡idea to̢ t͘ém͡pt̢ t͝h͟e̢ D̶e͝ep Ǫ̴͢͝n̶̨̢e̴̷͘͜͢

    30. Missing avatar

      J on

      Something I forgot to ask... I recall you had a Facebook account linked to your KS profile during the KS campaign, but you've removed it since. Just wondering why, not being paranoid or judgemental or what have you.

    31. Missing avatar

      J on

      Now that you've pretty much finished the underlying code and systems, how much content do you think you'll be able to crank out and polish by the planned release date of July/August? Do you think you'll be able to make the game as big as you planned to, and how long do you think the game will be?

      Not that I'd mind in the least if the game was delayed by several months in order to make more game, though.

    32. Mohammed Malik on

      Oh yeah Clair, kind of curious... You throwing in Cthulhu by any chance?

    33. clairvoire Creator on

      Odd! It doesn't show for me. I guess it's just web browser cache weirdness or something. Thanks for letting me know!

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel Fearon on

      For me, a broken image shows up below the working PaigePrestigeTeaser2.gif image in both the Kickstarter update notification e-mail and on the Kickstarter site ( ). Not a problem, just letting you know.

    35. clairvoire Creator on

      @Daniel That's weird! I took that link out of the update! At least, I can't see it. (The link, is to the second gif in the update, I hope that shows up at least. If not, it's this:

    36. Will Davey on

      Really cool update, can't wait to see more! I can honestly say this is right up there on my list of games I'm excited for!

    37. Missing avatar

      Caidoz on

      Nice update, good to hear from you again. Everything sounds like it's going well!

    38. Mohammed Malik on

      Great hearing from you again Clair, keep up the good work and thanks for the update

    39. Nick M on

      Thanks for the wonderful update :P. Keep up the great work!

    40. Miegues on

      Yay, finally!