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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
3,152 backers pledged $59,039 to help bring this project to life.


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We hit 30,000!  I am shocked.  Have been shocked for like 8 days now.  There will probably never be a day where I am no longer shocked, at this rate.  Thank you all so much!

Expansions are happening! 

You've all supported me so well, that after I release the game, I'll have the funds to keep adding more content after release!  Which is right square dandy by me!  I would love to be able to keep adding stuff for everyone to look forward to after they beat the game! 

How much stuff and what kinds of stuff will depend on where the Kickstarter ends!  I can't say for certain when the expansion will release, or what it'll contain, until I know that and plan accordingly.  But the two things for certain are this:  Nothing will be getting pushed from the main game into the expansions.  And I will keep developing Sealark until the budget has run dry, no matter what happens!

And of course, expansions are free to those who own the game!

Also!  That stretch goal of there being a new channel for every 2k north of 20k the drive gets?  That is still a thing.  That never stopped being a thing!

I look forward to seeing just where we end up!  Perhaps we'll get so far north of 30,000, that it'd be more reasonable to call the expansion a sequel instead!  And who knows how many channels Dove will get.  She's going to get more channels than I get soon...

I'm getting an early start on the game now!  Hopefully, I may have some ingame footage to show you all before too long!  Fingers crossed!

Thank you all again, you are all the best!

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    1. Robert Dietrich on

      Less then 50 hours to go. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Bair on

      This is fantastic! Congratulations!!
      Also, any chance we can get a digital art book for the game? I am in love with the style! I would up my pledge for that! Maybe a $35 or $40 additional pledge? I will even throw in the art book for my game as a trade! =)

    3. Steve Lipinski on

      @Ash Clairvoire mentioned previously that he prefers to have a female character as the main character and doesn't plan on making a male version. Here's the quote below:

      "As to if you can play as a Boy or a Girl. I'm afraid girl is it! That's not so bad, I hope! There's already so many male only protagonists out there, and I really like my stories to have a female as it's lead. "

    4. Missing avatar

      Mikael Öhman on

      I think a quick demo, however simple it may be, would definitely generate more pledges

    5. Missing avatar

      Ash on

      I'd love if you could release it on steam (I'm sure every donate would vote for you on greenlight) also just a thought but what about "guy dove" (give the player the option to play female/male) in a way as part of the expansion?

    6. Robert Zhang on

      Please try your best to release on Steam! Game Looks great btw

    7. Dennis Wikman on

      You've reached well over 30,000 and there's more then 20 days left. You'll probably see a LOT more donations by the end of the campaign. I hope the funding goes a long way to letting you pour your heart into this game - I'm really looking forward to it! Abd you better start planning what to do with all that excess funding!

    8. Jim Agnevik on

      Gets better and better :D

    9. Codi Alexander on

      I'm excited for the game and the expansion(s) that follow. I'm going to collect every fish there is, and do all I can in the game, which doesn't sound like an easy feat.

    10. Сергей Мазаев on

      Superb! I guess, when the channels are over, Dove can use a TV playing console to fish in a videogame, being a character of a videogame :)

    11. clairvoire Creator on

      @Threevenge - She's getting Pelicable. It's horrible cable service, it's like 2k per channel. Also, probably not... we'd need to ship the games to and back from us, and also my signature is so worthless. I feel I would owe you a refund if I scrawled my name across your pristine copy.

    12. Mike Pfeffer on

      How many more dollars do we have to bring forth to allow for a Dove-hugging minigame?

    13. PumpkinAppearifier on

      You deserve it man, go do us proud!

    14. Threevenge on

      Sounds like Dove is getting the premium cable package at this rate. Very pleased to hear about how this project is going. Any thoughts on the requests to get physical copies signed by you and flashygoodness, if it's possible?

    15. Missing avatar

      NewUser on

      5 channels and counting! Around here you get 13 unless you shell out for cable or satellite. Dove's gonna have better TV than I do soon too.

    16. Eric J. Sexton on

      Congrats man! Cant wait to play it. =)

    17. batiste on

      Your game is such a unique and cute idea, and I'm so looking forward to it. I look forward to the day it's released, and am so happy you've gotten so much support!