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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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Funded! And the first stretch goal preview!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)
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Thank you to everyone who backed us up!  We reached our funding goal is less than 24 hours!  You are just immeasurably amazing!  But we still got loads of time, and lots of stretch goals to hit!  I promise you, these are gonna be goals worth going after. 

Here's a preview of the first stretch goal, seasons!  They are a little different from the seasons we are used to, but this world has a few nuances that set it apart from ours.

  • The dry season causes the water levels to sink, as the oceans are boiled into the atmosphere.
  • The wet season is the result of two things, evaporated water raining back to earth, and intense tidal forces caused by the moon, which cause water levels to rise.
  • Pollen season is when all the plants string to life.  It's the worst season for everyone involved.
  • The Cold season is caused when the planet drifts into a field of cosmic dust and icy meteoroids, causing the temperature to drop, as well as meteor showers, and meteor hail.

Seasons also introduce season specific fish, bosses, and gives each area 4 different looks during the year!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikael Öhman on

      1 day later and stretch goal 2 is completed! I really dig the music from flashygoodness. Seems like a good match.

    2. Griffin Patterson on

      These seasons are great! And @Nick it might not just be the heat that boils the oceans. You forget that water boils at room temperature in low atmospheres. Since the planet is surrounded by freezing masses of asteroids, by leaving that zone, there would be a drastic change in temperature. This could cause a steep change in barometric pressure, causing the oceans to begin boiling (sort of like how water boils at a lower temp on top of a mountain). The atmosphere would then have to sort itself out, possibly through the plants on the planet working overtime (an evolutionary development of oxygen generation at low atmospheres) in order to rebuild the network. This oversaturated atmosphere would then rain it out causing the wet season. Just a possible theoretical explanation.

    3. Lizeon on

      The wet season, everything's underwater! o.O
      The more I look, the more I want to play it. :)

    4. Nick M on


      oh man.. give poor dry season Dove a parasol or something at least! If it's hot enough to boil oceans away she might want to consider staying inside D:

      But in all seriousness full steam ahead, hope we reach those stretch goals :P