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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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Halloween Update!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)


Sorry to alarm you, you are safe! It was me who wrote that "Boo" and there's nothing to be afraid of! I hope your Scaryween is treating you well!  With lots of candy!  And uh, if anything, the promise of discount candy tomorrow!

It's been pretty hectic in fish country!  I've been prototyping water and weather parallaxes, fixing bugs, and spriting out new areas.  More animations for the main character are almost complete, though they're not quite polished enough to be showing off just yet. Things like jumping, swimming, running on walls, and losing conciousness, basic things for any fisher.

I had the Spooky Area (the swamp) ready to show y'all, but photoshop couldn't handle how terrifying it was, and corrupted the file while saving..? It was truly cursed! By me. I cursed it a lot. Fahhh... It's okay though, this just means I get to make a better version, is all!  (But that's why this update is a bit lacking in visual goodies, I'm afraid, that area took the bulk of my time)

So far as livin' life stuff goes, I've been doing commissions and freelancing a lot, and I'll also be moving at the end of November!  All the same though, I hope to have the Swamp (or another area at least) done by then, as well as have Dove's battl--er... fishing animations finished and polished too.

That's about all I have to talk about for now, I'll seeya at the end of November!  Please take care!   Don't eat all of your candy in one sitting! Unless you want to, I mean, it's your candy, you earned it fair and square probably!

(everyone is dressed up as Undertale folks this Halloween, as is how it should be!)

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    1. ImpKeeper on

      how far is this from being developed ?. i never heard much from you, and will you be on steam if and when you release if you are not already released?

    2. Josh Wilson on

      Stay determined! I'm rooting for you, and I can't wait to see what future updates bring. Doubters should only fuel the satisfaction of proving them wrong!

    3. Angelica Rodriguez-Vazquez on

      It's great to hear from you again! Sometimes I worry my computer will crap out on me, so I upload a copy of my important files that I don't want to lose onto Google Drive or stick them on a USB. Fortunately I haven't had to deal with a corrupted file in a while, so my condolences to yours on that front.

      Can't wait to see more, and hope you continue to take care of yourself. Would love to see some of your prototypes/rough animations if you are comfortable sharing even if they aren't perfect!

    4. jaciopara on

      The hype is realllllll claireeeee

    5. clairvoire Creator on

      @Rune - Sorry, I haven't had it happen before, but there's a first time for everything. It's not a massive setback, it's just frustrating because I planned to include a few shots from it in this update, so it wasn't all boring text... (well, it's frustrating for WAY more reasons than that, but y'know what I mean!).

      @Gantz - I use version control, but art assets usually aren't committed because they'll balloon the repo's size very fast (because they're so big and have large differences per version) I'll probably just start making multiple saves of extra large files from now on, which should work in case something unexpected like this happens again.

      @Vyse - Aye, will do!

      @Roman - aaaaaa it's okay! I probably shouldn't have mentioned it, I hate talking about setbacks, but I thought it was too important to leave out. It's not a huge thing; until some of the more long-term things come together enough to start showing off the game as a whole, I'm working on more visual elements like the levels and stuff, so I have interesting things to show each month from now on. Having something go wrong with that totally messed up how nice of an update I was able to make this month, but hopefully November's will be way cooler!

    6. J-B-L on

      Happy Halloween! Keep up the slow and steady progress clairvoire! :-)

      And seeing as how I only paid $10 to help fund this project, I'd be more than willing to pay an extra measly $10 to refund the people who keep trolling the message boards. If losing $10 makes you all passive aggressive and angsty in life, you might consider avoiding Kickstarter, lol!

    7. Roman Komarov on

      It is sad that you're getting all those passive aggressive comments on top of your lost psd. They do not help. It's good that you're still thinking positive and are planning to deliver a better swamp next time! Just don't overwork, take your time, and take care of yourself. We'll wait.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gantz on

      I would recommend using source control, you'd have some older versions to roll back to that way. Seriously surprised you aren't using it already

    9. Vyse on

      I know it is frustrating to lose work through a corrupted file and I don't mean to critisize you, but did you always save the same file never marking backups? When working on something, I usually save the Files I work on with a timestamp in the name as well as a version number. 151101_swamp_01.psd for example. That way you have multiple Versions and always know which one is your latest file. Also: do you make Backups Every now and then in case your pc dies or something unforseen happens?

      As I said, don't sweat the lost file, nobody holds it against you, but please make sure to make regular backups in the future. Pretty please?

    10. Rune Vendler on

      The dog ate your homework? Seriously, that's your explanation?

      Good thing you have backups, right? And of course the entire game does not exist in one Photoshop file, so you just roll back to the previous version or pick something different to show us. How about a video clip so we can see there's code too?

    11. finchiekins the owl on

      Oh no! I'm sorry Photoshop ate the file!

    12. clairvoire Creator on

      Cerzel - I'm sorry, the swamp was going to be the Big Thing I showed everyone this month, since everything else is either intangible, or too large to finish in a single month, like dove's animations which are on their way, but I can't really show until they're totally done. Which is really frustrating, that .psd file represented what was easily 60 hours of work. (I've tried everything under the sun to recover it, but I'll just have to do it over)

    13. Cerzel on

      So, nothing to show aside from that swamp that technical difficulties prevented you from sharing? Nothing at all?

    14. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, Clairvore, and the incredibly adorable picture!