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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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Summer Update!

Posted by clairvoire (Creator)

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long! I hope everyone had a good summer!

My summer has been pretty um... something... but I won't bore you with that kinda stuff too much! Instead I am going to bore you with screenshots! And progress! Progress and screenshots! Progresshots... Screengress... okay, it's not as much as I was hoping. I got caught in a loop of trying to get a lot done to show before posting again, but life and work made things pretty tough... so!

It's time to just unceremoniously plop my progress here and end that cycle today!

I revised and resprited the player's home so it's more vertical and contains more fishing room, interior space, as well as an adequately sized boat dock. The boat will probably get revised to look better too, right now it looks like a Dad Boat.

Also, finalized everyone's design, and vetted their outfits by spinning them around a lot, as you do.

Controls and the HUD are finalized and juuust about animated. I had to redo most of the HUD because I increased the resolution of the game 25%, so it's now 400x300 (if it's window'd, the window will display at 800x600, zoomed in 2x)

Working on casting animations still, but they're almost there. (since Dove can cast in All Directions with multiple levels of Power, there's 24 different loops total, ahahahaaaaugh)

Speaking of controls, is everyone okay with WASD style movement? I mean, arrow keys are what folks might be used to, but the [shift] key is used to dash, [space] to jump, [ctrl/alt] keys let you walk instead of run, and [Tab], [Q], [E], and [F] are used too. Combined with how you also use the mouse to do stuff, I don't think it's possible to use the keyboard arrow keys. (If you figure out a way though, the controls can be remapped in the options still) Gamepads with a right-side analog stick will work too, but I know for sure they'll need that analog stick based on how casting works.

I've gone through a metric tonne of Ocean iterations, but none of the procedurally generated oceans looked, um, good. Like, at all. So I've decided to just sprite it manually to avoid wasting any more time, aha... The one in the screenshot above will be what it prolly looks like, though I still need to animate all the different levels of intensity.

Dialog works! I believe I showed that already, but I'm still quite proud of it! The font I made looks so much better in the new resolution.

A lot of code stuff was done, mostly odds, ends, bug fixes, and refactoring to make things easier to use. I've reached 25,000 statements yesterday! Which is like bragging that a plane is very heavy, but all the same! Coding a game from scratch in C++ like this is a pretty awful task, and I can see why folks might use Game Maker or Unity instead. If given a chance to start over, I'd probably do the same! But I'm happy with what I have going finally! At least, so far, I think I squished all the nasty bugs, I say knocking on as much wood as I can find.

The physics system has been revised so it's harder to mess up. (Basically, characters and objects now snap to terrain, instead of just bouncing off it a tiny amount each frame) It's still not quite complete though, moving platforms and things like doors need to be rewritten.

What else... sorry if you've read this far! I get really verbose when I'm nervous!

I suppose I should talk about the future now! I'll probably still be slow for the next one or three months. The situation never got much better over the summer, and I'm going to be moving in a few days. Not sure where to but I'm hopeful for a building interior, if I'm lucky! So um, that's going to be a thing for a while! I'll still keep working on Sealark though, even if things are rough.

For updates... it's been a long, long time since I last updated here. I answer every message I receive, since they show up for me as emails, but I... heard I have some critiques waiting for me in the comment section. Which are warranted! It's okay! I shouldn't avoid them like I have, but I have really bad anxiety when it comes to stuff like that. I'll just have to deal! M-maybe they won't be as bad as I'm imagining!

I'm so sorry to keep testing your patience, but I promise I'm not taking this responsibility lightly. I'll see it done even if it's the very last thing I do! Um, I mean, hopefully it won't be the last thing I do, but you know what I mean!

I'll see you folks in a month, hopefully with more animations and a much better outlook! The day will be Halloween. This is fate. This is destiny. This is, um, me instructing everyone I know to not let me see another sunrise if I haven't posted that day.

P-please have a good and terrifying October, and sorry for the long-winded update!

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    1. trickybee on

      Great to hear from you, and that the project is still going strong! I can appreciate how much work this must be for such a small (one-woman??) team, especially considering how unique a game you're trying to make, especially from scratch! It may push back the release, but I just wanted to say that's a decision I very much appreciate and respect.

      Best of luck, take care of yourself, and take your time! Looking forward to the next update, even if it's not for a few months~ ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Shabello on

      So I've been following this game from day one, was an early backer and have been very patient and understand the difficulties in how the progress has gone etc. However, I really feel that at some point soon we need to see some footage of a working prototype of the game... to not see any at all after such a long span of time is testing me somewhat I won't lie... seeing all the new sprites and such is always appreciated but without context to the game it's hard to keep enthusiasm for the project sometimes. I really hope this game comes together and you're proud of the result regardless of how long it takes, and I hope we enjoy playing it too!

      See you on Halloween!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Plasse on

      This looks fantastic. Going to be a great game, I can tell already. As long as you keep people posted and show progress, which you have been, it shouldn't be an issue, and only a few people with no patience, or understanding of how hard it is to create a game, will get mad. Keep up the good work, and yes, WASD is actually preferred for me.

    4. Tony Puccinelli on

      The "spinning around a lot" gifs just made my day. :) Keep up the wonderful hard work!

    5. Alexei Othenin-Girard

      Eeeeek! This looks amazing!!

    6. VeryFanciful on

      Can't wait to see the new boat design! I know you'll knock it out of the park.

    7. Seb on

      Don't throw away your health on it. About the advancement of the project, it's not so bad, since you're keeping to it. It will be a very valuable experience for you in the end. About the keyboard, WASD keys are fine, but if you could add a redefine keys options, it would help, I mean, keep in mind not everyone have a QWERTY keyboard ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Caidoz on

      Still very much looking forward to this, please take your time and consider your health! Thanks for the update, even though it's been some time since the last one. People are impatient but don't let it get you down, you only release your game once. Can't wait to play this. Also yeah, WASD is fine!

    9. Missing avatar

      Livya on

      hey this looks stunning so far, keep up the good work!! it's really amazing to me that you're coding and animating the whole thing! is there anyway in the next few months or something you'd have some kind of mini demo to play? I think it would be really cool if there was something where we could just walk around and chat with an npc, or cast into the water. (obviously NOT necessary, you're hard at work already!! but maybe farther into the future, once you've got a lot more of it done? could ease any possible worried backers)

    10. Missing avatar

      Muffalopadus on

      Wow those sprites look fantastic. Its so much more work to do good sprite work but it pays off - those look amazing. The environments also look really nice too but the are right, the boat doesn't quite look right. Its nice but it looks more like a npc boat rather than YOUR boat.

      WASD is always a safe bet. And when you want to make sure everyone is happy then just allow them to remap everything! The controls sound fine.

      I always look forward to seeing updates from ya! Keep up the good work.

    11. tozoku on

      Good luck with the move and everything! It sounds like there's a lot going on for you, I hope everything is OK (or will be soon)! Given the circumstances this seems like a lot of progress to me. Thanks for your hard work!

    12. AndyBumpkin on

      Everything is looking really great! Thanks so much for the update. Not to put too much pressure on but this is deffo one of my most anticipated games to play.

      Any update on music/sound btw? Seems a while since we've heard anything from Flashygoodness for it (presuming they're still involved?)

    13. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I always use WADS when I need to use the mouse also. Environment and character art looks great. Some of the characters creep me out for some reason, but I really like Flint and Milly.

    14. Michael Riser on

      And heck, I should say that everything is looking great. Those spinny costumes are fantastic.

    15. Michael Riser on

      Just keep at it. Anything worth doing is worth doing, time irregardless. Hope things look up for you! In the meantime, just keep doing the best you can. It's all any of us can do.

    16. Missing avatar

      J on

      ...Yeah, coding this all from scratch is probably what made this all go so slow, you'd have likely shaved off 1-2 years of work by going with an existing engine; with the bigger studios, creating an engine takes roughly as much time as it does to make the game itself... Nevertheless, you've got this far, right? Much too late to turn back now.

    17. L. Coues on

      I was a bit worried when I read "WASD control" until I see remap. Some of us don't own a QWERTY keyboard.

      Also, it's ok if you miss the halloween mark for the next update. Stuff happen. So if it's suddenly november and you don't have posted an update yet, play it cool.

    18. Vyse on

      Wow, reading this update makes me want to give you a big hug :(
      I really admire your dedication to the project and what you've shown so far looks fantastic. I do not know what is going on in your personal life right now, but from what I can tell, the game looks fantastic and if it takes another year for it to be released then so be it. Take your time and make sure you take care of your own needs before you take care of the game. Nobody in here wants to see you suffer.

    19. Missing avatar

      JohnDoe on

      Great to get an update. Gotta say that your sprite work always brightens my day. Wasd is fine but remapping is welcome. Keep it up!

    20. Devon Mullane on

      I'm sure you've put a lot of work into this and I only hope when its done it lives up to all that hand-crafted charm. In fact, I hope it does well enough that you are rewarded for sticking with it for so long!

    21. Rachel Meibos Helps on

      It looks beautiful. I admire your dedication to make the game you envisioned! I like hearing your updates.

    22. Erika Bryan on

      Thank you for updating! It's great to finally see some screenshots and hear a bit about whats going on with the actual game. Restores the faith! Good luck with your continued work, please come back again soon!

    23. Hunty on

      neat stuff! I love the extra stats on all the characters. :)

      WASD is OK, but I'm gonna wanna play this with my Xboxy controller, please!!

    24. Aerothorn on

      WASD movement is great! However, keep in mind that for left-handed players, NUMPAD might be better. But as long as it has remapping that's golden.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Kiehl on

      Thank you for the wonderful update. It's a lot of work, and I'm glad you are pressing forward with your heart set on accomplishment. Like everyone else said, WASD is just fine. I will probably remap it to ESDF, but I'm an exception to the typical player.

    26. Timothy Roller

      Great update, never lost faith, I can tell this is dear to your heart. My heart goes out to you on the bad situation, I have been through similar, I think. Best of luck to you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bolean on

      Never lost hope, and am, in fact, still excited. o7

    28. Sector94 on

      "I'm going to be moving in a few days. Not sure where to but I'm hopeful for a building interior, if I'm lucky"

      What the f... Your situation seems even worse than I imagined...

    29. J-B-L on

      I've seen my fair share of failed Kickstarters and the fact that you are still updating us gives me great confidence in you. :-) Just from impressions, it seems like you want this game to be finished as much as we do.

      As always, the animations and sprites are absolutely inspiring! You are an artist and I love your style! Thanks for the update, and good luck on the next 6 months, year, 2 years, or however long it takes you to finish this masterpiece!

    30. clairvoire Creator on

      @Robert - It's fine! I think I mentioned it in a previous update. I stretched the budget across the years, but it's been down to what I make through commissions and freelancing since this spring. I got massive amounts of work done to get to that point though! Since then, I've been working full-time while doing the final leg of development.

      @ignacio - That sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a try!

      @Cerzel - I posted three of the character's turn arounds before, true! I wanted to post all 24 this time because they're a set and I thought they'd look most interesting together. (four are missing, but they're spoilers) There's other animations of course, but they're not really giffable, like casting or walk/run transitions, etc. I'm sorry it's not impressive though... all I can say is that animation and programming are both surprisingly time consuming, for me and probably just in general

    31. Robert Clemmons Jr. on

      Erm. Hopefully that isn't a disrespectful question. I just got back from another kickstarter project that said something about staying in their budget with what they got, so. I was wondering.

    32. Robert Clemmons Jr. on

      I honestly have to ask. How are you doing budget wise?

    33. ignacio crouzel on

      A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.
      I think most of us don't really care about the delay, it's kind of expected in videogames, more so kickstarters. We do want updates though, even when there are no results to show off, it reassures us that this is still a thing, and that there is progress (lots of progress lead to great results). But more than that, you will feel better with yourself as well, as I imagine the guilt is really stressful, and will eventually be bad for the game itself. As @Michael Reichelt said, updates don't necessarily need to have content/results, just telling us "I've been working on this, I'm going to work on this now", or "Life has sucked, didn't get to do much, but I have my hopes up" is enough. It shows progress, and commitment.
      Making a routine out of this could help, short & quick progress updates strictly without images every month, and 2 bigger results-oriented updates per year (or even less) would work wonders to boost interest and keep all pleased.
      Furthermore, as @Lars Bendixen said, you have a great community backing you, and we want this game as much as you do, so ask us questions, make us participate, test with us. We are an asset you could use.

      Anyhow, still looking forward to this amazing game, hope life gets easier!

    34. Cerzel on

      I like how half the animations here are exactly the same as the ones you posted in the December 2014 update. Is this seriously all you have to show for almost a year of work since then?

    35. Ryan

      HEY YOU!!!!!..... Thanks for the update :) All I needed. Take your time. It's done when it's done.

    36. Paul Schmalenberg on

      I really don't care how long this takes to come out as long as it's fun and as nice looking as the screenshots.

      WADS is fine it's what I would rebind it to if you had it something else.

      I love the spinning characters!

    37. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I forgot to ask, has Flashygoodness been working on any music yet for the game? Are there any clips of that to share? That is one aspect of this project that immediately made me want to pledge, after all...

    38. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      FINALLY, an update! I was really beginning to lose hope...More updates like this will definitely help keep interest and faith in this project. Even if you only post one screenshot!

      As far as WASD, that definitely works for a default. You will surely want to keep the ability to rebind the keys though, if necessary.

      Let's see, 1800 hours of work...If you worked on the game for 7.5 hours a day (average work day), it would take you 240 more days to finish the game. And that does not include any other issues that might arise. So, if we punch that number into the Clairvoire Calculator, we are left with...roughly 2-3 years. ^_^

    39. Missing avatar


      Thanks a ton for the update, Clairvore! That all looks amazing, and it really sounds like you've accomplished a lot!

    40. Chris Coxe

      Everyone is cool with WASD. Including the ability to remap controls in the game, some sort of .ini configuration file in general, and a default layout reset would be good though.

      Keep up the good work and there are a good amount of us that will patiently wait for your game even if it takes another year or two or three and while you freelance for other projects as well. Hey, you have to pay the bills. We understand. However, we do like having updates so today's post was fantastic.

    41. Trevor Andersen on

      Thanks for the update! Still looking forward to this.

    42. Michael Reichelt on

      Perhaps a video of a small "vertical slice" (ugh, hate that term) would go a long way to restoring confidence and excitement? That is to say, filling out a 5-10 minute playable section of the game and then making a video to post up on youtube or something to give an idea of what state the game is in.

      Either way, I'm just glad to hear something again. It's been disheartening to scroll down my list of backed projects and see this one unfinished after so long. Seriously, even just a "Life has sucked, but I'm still working when I can" is welcome!

    43. Lars Bendixen on

      Good to hear from you again. I would comment on the lack of updates, but I think you are already aware of the problem with this. :) An update schedule really would be nice.

      With that out of the way, remember that you have a great community behind you here. Feel free to ask us questions if you have any doubts about anything, does not matter what the problem might be. It is faster to ask for directions than picking a direction and hoping for the best after all. :)

      I'm an upstart game designer myself and I have a good idea of what you are going through while building this game. Remember yourself once in a while and also remember that things like working overtime will only hurt your work in the long run.

      It also seems like you are at a point where UX testing might be a good idea. (Basically this can be showing screenshots and assets from your game to someone who knows nothing about it to get feedback.) It would be optimal however if someone else who are not connected with creating the game does this for you though to keep the vision on the feedback more objective. This is great for finding out if controls/UI/Objectives seem intuitive. If this is something you want to look more into, then I've got a link for a great place to start:

      Looking forward to more updates. :) Remember that we are around if you need any kind of help or feedback.

    44. clairvoire Creator on

      @Dante - I wish I could say for sure... If my situation was better, I'd say 6 more months, but it'll likely be longer with how life's treatin' me. I have everything I need graphed out as an hourly schedule, and it shows about 1800 hours of work left

    45. Mike Mudgett

      Thanks for the update! Don't be shy. WASD is fine and sort of standard.

    46. Dante Pendragon on

      Having worked through the last few months, do you have any idea, at the pace you have been working, when we might get to play the game?

    47. Aioli on

      It is definitely refreshing to see a new update, whilst I will admit that I might've gotten slightly impatient, I still wish to see the game created as you envisioned it, without rushing.

      On the topic of controls, WASD is definitely the best way to go for defaults assuming you also utilize the mouse, but remember that this might be inconvenient for people for a variety of reasons (I imagine being left-handed is one of them), so key rebinding is definitely preferable.

      But still, good to see another update, I don't know about anyone else, but I can still wait patiently for quite a while more.

      Keep it up.

    48. finchiekins the owl on

      Everything looks so good! Please take care!

    49. Missing avatar

      Andrew Obertas on

      Controls don't really matter, as you've already mentioned that they can be rebound if desired. WASD is fine as a default though.

    50. Missing avatar

      Amber Baughman on

      The sprite designs are so darn cute! I look forward to seeing how it all looks put together - good luck with moving, and take care of yourself!