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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
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Longterm Hiatus


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Halloween Update!



Sorry to alarm you, you are safe! It was me who wrote that "Boo" and there's nothing to be afraid of! I hope your Scaryween is treating you well!  With lots of candy!  And uh, if anything, the promise of discount candy tomorrow!

It's been pretty hectic in fish country!  I've been prototyping water and weather parallaxes, fixing bugs, and spriting out new areas.  More animations for the main character are almost complete, though they're not quite polished enough to be showing off just yet. Things like jumping, swimming, running on walls, and losing conciousness, basic things for any fisher.

I had the Spooky Area (the swamp) ready to show y'all, but photoshop couldn't handle how terrifying it was, and corrupted the file while saving..? It was truly cursed! By me. I cursed it a lot. Fahhh... It's okay though, this just means I get to make a better version, is all!  (But that's why this update is a bit lacking in visual goodies, I'm afraid, that area took the bulk of my time)

So far as livin' life stuff goes, I've been doing commissions and freelancing a lot, and I'll also be moving at the end of November!  All the same though, I hope to have the Swamp (or another area at least) done by then, as well as have Dove's battl--er... fishing animations finished and polished too.

That's about all I have to talk about for now, I'll seeya at the end of November!  Please take care!   Don't eat all of your candy in one sitting! Unless you want to, I mean, it's your candy, you earned it fair and square probably!

(everyone is dressed up as Undertale folks this Halloween, as is how it should be!)

Summer Update!


Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long! I hope everyone had a good summer!

My summer has been pretty um... something... but I won't bore you with that kinda stuff too much! Instead I am going to bore you with screenshots! And progress! Progress and screenshots! Progresshots... Screengress... okay, it's not as much as I was hoping. I got caught in a loop of trying to get a lot done to show before posting again, but life and work made things pretty tough... so!

It's time to just unceremoniously plop my progress here and end that cycle today!

I revised and resprited the player's home so it's more vertical and contains more fishing room, interior space, as well as an adequately sized boat dock. The boat will probably get revised to look better too, right now it looks like a Dad Boat.

Also, finalized everyone's design, and vetted their outfits by spinning them around a lot, as you do.

Controls and the HUD are finalized and juuust about animated. I had to redo most of the HUD because I increased the resolution of the game 25%, so it's now 400x300 (if it's window'd, the window will display at 800x600, zoomed in 2x)

Working on casting animations still, but they're almost there. (since Dove can cast in All Directions with multiple levels of Power, there's 24 different loops total, ahahahaaaaugh)

Speaking of controls, is everyone okay with WASD style movement? I mean, arrow keys are what folks might be used to, but the [shift] key is used to dash, [space] to jump, [ctrl/alt] keys let you walk instead of run, and [Tab], [Q], [E], and [F] are used too. Combined with how you also use the mouse to do stuff, I don't think it's possible to use the keyboard arrow keys. (If you figure out a way though, the controls can be remapped in the options still) Gamepads with a right-side analog stick will work too, but I know for sure they'll need that analog stick based on how casting works.

I've gone through a metric tonne of Ocean iterations, but none of the procedurally generated oceans looked, um, good. Like, at all. So I've decided to just sprite it manually to avoid wasting any more time, aha... The one in the screenshot above will be what it prolly looks like, though I still need to animate all the different levels of intensity.

Dialog works! I believe I showed that already, but I'm still quite proud of it! The font I made looks so much better in the new resolution.

A lot of code stuff was done, mostly odds, ends, bug fixes, and refactoring to make things easier to use. I've reached 25,000 statements yesterday! Which is like bragging that a plane is very heavy, but all the same! Coding a game from scratch in C++ like this is a pretty awful task, and I can see why folks might use Game Maker or Unity instead. If given a chance to start over, I'd probably do the same! But I'm happy with what I have going finally! At least, so far, I think I squished all the nasty bugs, I say knocking on as much wood as I can find.

The physics system has been revised so it's harder to mess up. (Basically, characters and objects now snap to terrain, instead of just bouncing off it a tiny amount each frame) It's still not quite complete though, moving platforms and things like doors need to be rewritten.

What else... sorry if you've read this far! I get really verbose when I'm nervous!

I suppose I should talk about the future now! I'll probably still be slow for the next one or three months. The situation never got much better over the summer, and I'm going to be moving in a few days. Not sure where to but I'm hopeful for a building interior, if I'm lucky! So um, that's going to be a thing for a while! I'll still keep working on Sealark though, even if things are rough.

For updates... it's been a long, long time since I last updated here. I answer every message I receive, since they show up for me as emails, but I... heard I have some critiques waiting for me in the comment section. Which are warranted! It's okay! I shouldn't avoid them like I have, but I have really bad anxiety when it comes to stuff like that. I'll just have to deal! M-maybe they won't be as bad as I'm imagining!

I'm so sorry to keep testing your patience, but I promise I'm not taking this responsibility lightly. I'll see it done even if it's the very last thing I do! Um, I mean, hopefully it won't be the last thing I do, but you know what I mean!

I'll see you folks in a month, hopefully with more animations and a much better outlook! The day will be Halloween. This is fate. This is destiny. This is, um, me instructing everyone I know to not let me see another sunrise if I haven't posted that day.

P-please have a good and terrifying October, and sorry for the long-winded update!

Spring Update!


Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a nice easter and ... tax season? Maybe just a nice easter!

Not much to report this time, but I just wanted to check in with everyone to let you know I'm still alive somehow and still working! Right now, I'm mostly occupied with just staying afloat through some tough times, and I haven't had as nowhere near as much time to work on Sealark as I had hoped. But I am still giving it every free moment I find!

Lots of scenes written out and lots of areas blocked in.  Also a massive amount of stuff was programmed and fixed, regarding the physics and gui mostly.   But unfortunately, I wasn't able to animate much the past few months, so there's not a whole lot I can show this update. Aaaagh and I said I'd have a gameplay video by now too... I completely overestimated my ability to work multiple jobs, and I'm really embarrassed and ashamed!  I promise to not belly-ache too much, but it's been a rocky start to this year.  Working 3 jobs is pretty tough!  Once I reduce it to just 1 nice one though, which will be happening this month I hope, things should pick up again! I just have to keep working towards that, and working hard, and things will turn out for the better, allegedly!

Thank you all for being so patient with me so far, I promise no matter what happens, I'll ultimately finish! I just gotta pull my sorry self together! I'll see you all in May, hopefully with way more stable ground under my feet, and PICTURES. An update without pictures is hardly an update at all aaaaaaa!

Please take care everyone! May your tax refunds be incredible and I'll see you all soon!

December Update!


Merry Christmas!!

I hope your holiday is treating you well! Lots of hot cocoa and warm blankets and socks from relatives! I could use some socks. If any relatives are reading this, please send me socks.

I had to fight the urge to draw a huge Christmas thing today. I wanted this update to be barebones Sealark Update stuff. Mostly so when it's time for the next update in January, I don't wig out trying to make it the Best One Yet. But also because of time.

The past few months this fall and winter have been really stressful...   It's embarrassing, but I shouldn't keep it to myself any longer... I've been having to work side jobs and do freelancing to get by since summer. It felt like I failed everyone for a long while because of that. And maybe I have for some folks, I can understand if I've stretched their patience and goodwill too far... I've done my best to keep moving forward steadily despite having more work though! And for the most part, I'm succeeding in that! In fact, I feel I may be working more efficiently on Sealark than I ever have.  Every chance I get to work on the game, I feel so excited now! It feels like I've refound my love for making games. I had gone without it for so long, now that it's back, it's hard to understand how I could've ever lost it to begin with.

All that said though, you can only do so many 16 hour days before your health breaks, which for me happened a week ago.  I don't want to go into gross details, this update is depressing enough as it is, on Christmas of all days!   But it means I need to re-evaluate my priorities completely to avoid breaking my wimpy body again.

From here on in, I'm focusing on Gameplay and Writing. That's it. Up until recently, I felt I had to earn the right to work on these things with amazing art. Spending so much time making each asset to a really high standard and taking forever to get stuff done. I wanted so much to prove I was a great animator and a great sprite artist. But I'm not a great animator or sprite artist. I kinda suck! And that's okay, I think I see that now. I'll probably never be as good a sprite artist as the people I look up to, but I can be good enough to convey the story I want. And that's good enough for me now. My only goal is to make Sealark fun. Making it pretty will come after if time allows.


Just a map of the areas, y-yeah
Just a map of the areas, y-yeah

In addition to getting a bunch of sprites done, and planning out the areas of the game, I've also fixed a lot of bugs, replaced the unweildly renderer I made with one that uses raw/core OpenGL (which is easier to use paradoxically), added the ability to mask/stencil sprites, and the ability to colorkey sprites (independent of each other, with alpha, in 2 dimensions, so colorkey shift animations can be used now), and finished the dialog renderer entirely (It kind of looks like paper mario dialog now, with how it's animated).

I guess in summary though, I made the same mistake with animating I did with programming. I need to reel these expectations of mine back to earth a little or I'll take forever to finish. It's takin' a long while, but I will finish Sealark! Don't ever think that is a thing that won't happen. I might be really incompetent, slow, dumb, dumpy, and working like 5 jobs, but I will finish Sealark and I'm going to be really proud of it when it's done!!

My goal is to have a playable fishing/battle segment by February to show off most of the gameplay elements. Absolutely nothing else is happening until then. 2015 is going to be the year I release. ... I um. I don't know where in 2015, there's about 80 areas to do and so many fish and characters still. But you'll see them get done as I do them. I want to become more talkative and share more stuff and stop being so shy. And the first place I must work on that, is here, with you. I want this to be the year I finally deserve a fraction of what you've all done for me. I hope you'll stick by me just a little longer until then... 

Thank you all for your support! You've carried me through some tough days, and I'll always appreciate everything you've done for me. Please enjoy your holiday and have a good New Years!