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An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences
3,152 backers pledged $59,039 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Frank Talbot on July 10

      Must have watched too many Southpark episodes lately but seeing an user named "Kenny" post "He's not dead" really made me laugh for some reason :)

      But yeah, project is probably still progressing but really REALLY slowly. At this point I'm not expecting to see a game anymore. For sure not in 2015.

    2. Creator Kenny on July 8

      He's not dead.

    3. Creator Shane Hager on July 3

      Did you die? I don't mean in the sense of giving up on the project or whatever, but, like, whether or not you are actually, physically dead.

      Please confirm that you are not dead.

    4. Creator Aux on June 18

      If Shenmue didn't debut yesterday, I would have said this would have been my first and last Kickstarter.

    5. Creator kristoffer af forselles on May 2

      Sorry, but I don't think it's possible to work three jobs and complete a game at the same time. If your cash is gone, and with so little complete 2 years later, I really think you need to accept that and tell your backers that. Atleast you should post a project plan and show what's done and what's going to be done when.

      What you shouldn't do is to stress yourself to death, working 3 jobs on the side because your project failed. And then making promises you can't keep. Working creativly under preasure is really hard to do. I hope you are doing well, and that you find the right thing to do. I consider this project to be dead.

      I wish you good luck in the future.

    6. Creator Lavastine on April 15

      Thanks for the update! Still really looking forward to the game whenever it comes out, but don't worry about the timing, take care of yourself first :)

    7. Creator gareth kennerley on April 15

      I just read the latest update and I'm disappointed. :( Nearly two years late and $59039 given in funding and still no further forward than the last update it seems. This was something i was looking forward to playing. Oh well Maybe I'll get to teach the kids how to play it in the future... Granted i don't actually have kids yet but you never know by the time we get it...

    8. Creator Eric Wang on April 15

      Ya know, despite the delays this is still a game I really look forward to. Try not to delay any more, but don't kill yourself working on this either. Good luck with life and all that, I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

    9. Creator Sean Lockner on April 14

      call it complaining all ya want, but anything im invested in i like to know the status of. creator seems to have gone silent, I can live with a project that failed, wouldnt be the first one. Id just like to know how the game is or isnt coming along, a perfectly reasonable request from someone who's tossed money at it, I think.

    10. Creator Hoggel on April 11

      I respect that this is a one person game, but one update every month isn't too much to ask, i think. Just to see the game is still alive...
      Keep up the goog work!

    11. Creator Frank Talbot on April 10

      I'm fine with waiting and staying positive, but at this point, every month without an update or any kind of communication is making it harder to still care about the game and trust that it'll ever come out.

      I have to disagree with Kenny who said "Save the updates for when you have something to say." Sure, don't promise a weekly updates schedule where you're forced to write something up even if not much happened, but if you have nothing to say about the game's progress since the last update 3.5 months ago, it's a little troubling...

    12. Creator Jeff "SnowyThing" Weiss on April 10

      I'm with Kenny.
      Forget about the complainers, just read the positive messages and keep up the good work! :)

    13. Creator ThomasN on April 6

      Number of times a KS gaming project is in limbo +1. KS again does nothing about it. Because THEY CAN. LOL. Glad I'm off this drug.

    14. Creator Kenny on April 6

      I just want to remind clairvoire that for every person that complains, there's still over 3000 of us that don't. We supported this project, and are waiting patiently and respectfully. The vocal minority are NOT the majority. We believe in you, and are excited to play the game when it's done and not a second sooner.

      Save the updates for when you have something to say.

    15. Creator Aux on April 2

      Another day, another lengthy span (3+ months) of no updates on the core website of communication for backers.

      This was my one and only Kickstarter I donated to. And last.

    16. Creator Kenny on March 30

      I think I'm prepared to accept that he's still working on it.

    17. Creator Pravityo Yuliandika on March 30

      I think I'm prepared to accept that this project is already dead.

    18. Creator DoraDoraBoBora on March 26

      While I do agree with others that say it's important to take time and care in a game, indie games, especially games funded by those that play them, can live and die on the transparency and communication of their creator. A lack of regular updates, even if it's just a progress bar or a weekly, "Hi, here's what I've been up to!" regardless of how much has been accomplished, would go a long way towards instilling confidence and compassion in the people who helped fund it. Nobody is demanding special treatment, just communication, and I don't think it's unfair or unreasonable for us to be concerned when we're not getting that. I've been making a living review video games for nearly seven years, and I understand what a time consuming, challenging, exhausting process it is, especially for indie creators, but when periods of silence become the norm so far after the estimated completion date, it gets more than a little troubling.

    19. Creator Hayley Jade Yates on March 25

      I'm beginning to feel like this game is never going to happen :(

    20. Creator Chris on March 17

      Can we get just a general Springtime update?

    21. Creator Bunker Beaker on February 10

      Hope this can get up on the The Greenlight

    22. Creator Scott Warner on January 18, 2015

      Don't feel stress and take the time you need to make something awesome. :)

    23. Creator Mochnant on December 26, 2014

      Thanks for the recent update, clairvoire. Don't let the pressure get to you. If you keep the lines of communication open, I think everyone will remain understanding. Towards that end, a roadmap of all systems and assets and what % they are done would be nice, plus (at minimum) future monthly updates. Weekly would be better, even if you have to say "nothing happened this week due to contract work so I can have food to eat".

      Keep at it! Also, your animations look great!

    24. Creator Capey on December 18, 2014

      me: I'm probably not the only one to ask this, but would you care to shed some light on the sealark situation? Realistically, how much of the game is finished at the moment and why have you grown so quiet about the project?

      claivoire: aaaa hello! I’m still workin’ on it, it’s just taking an embarrassingly long time. I’ve been having to take on freelance work on the side to pay the bills and there’s been a few life things going on that got in the way… but I’m chuggin’ along! It’s hard to say how much is done, but I’m working on sprites right now, and they’re taking a massive amount of time to animate still.

      Sorry for being quiet! I’m just shy and get embarrassed easily when I’m not meeting expectations… I’m trying to fix that. Being way more mouthy is my new years resolution this year, along with FINISHING THIS FINALLY.

      For what little it may be worth though, sealark is never in danger of not getting done. I’ll finished it eventually, I just hope it’s before folks stop caring about it aaaahgkg

    25. Creator Emily Kilbourn on December 17, 2014

      ah man, was this project abandoned?

    26. Creator Frank Talbot on December 16, 2014

      "December 2014 Please Don't Hurt Me! That gives me enough time to finish Sealark with ample time to polish everything as well as I'm able. If I do finish early and there's not much left needing polish, I'll then move it sooner! And I'll try to do just that! But in all likelihood, I think December is the most rational date to release by. "

      Are we still getting it this month? The 18 months delay was annoying but understandable, but if it's not releasing this month, I think a new update and ETA is necessary.

    27. Creator Christopher Hyde on December 15, 2014

      take the money and run

    28. Creator Pravityo Yuliandika on December 12, 2014

      Well, he doesn't even bother answering questions on tumblr anymore.

    29. Creator Carl Lavell on December 5, 2014


      Happy holidays! I took a look at your Tumbler page and the art is, as always, awesome. I was wondering what is the status of the game portion of the project? Is it in a playable state and, if so, what does it it look like in action? I've got a Steam backlog that could wrap around the moon so I've got plenty to keep me entertained until it's done. But I, and I'm sure the rest of the community, are curious. Any feedback would be appreciated.


    30. Creator Christopher Hyde on December 4, 2014

      well, that assumes the game is still actually being worked on. which I'm pretty unsure of at this point.

    31. Creator Kenny on December 4, 2014

      Yes, please stop working on the game to post arbitrary updates!

    32. Creator Christopher Hyde on November 20, 2014

      would it really be so hard to take a few minutes to update the people who were good enough to pledge you money over two years ago?

    33. Creator Stephan Pokorny on November 18, 2014

      An update would be so niiiiiiiiiice!

    34. Creator Shinjica on November 17, 2014

      I agree with the other, honestly, not even a little update is quite sad at this point.

    35. Creator Aux on November 11, 2014

      I'm more disappointed for someone who doesn't even update their KS page with a minor blurb per month, even if it's just enough to say "I'm sorry but some other things came up that have affected my planned schedule". I'm feeling very sour for Kickstarter as a whole.

    36. Creator Frederik Vezina on November 7, 2014

      The difference between stuff that happens and stuff that doesn't is that stuff that happens shows progress­. The OGRE ks was *amazingly late* for a major company with experience shipping thousands of product over a thirty-year period, but it showed progress throughout, and delivered in the end. I trust this will, too.

      It still looks incredibly charming.

      "ThomasN: Duke Nukem Forever *was* only late until it shipped. Nothing says a game can't be both delayed and bad.

    37. Creator Stanley Au on November 4, 2014

      There's been a lot of work on sprites and animation.
      Not surprised, clairvoire appears to be an artist by trade.

    38. Creator Florian on November 4, 2014

      On his blog, he posts small updates more often. On October 24: "The last few months have been pretty lousy with awful personal stuff happening. I should’ve been able to work through it, but I ultimately wasn’t able to with any level of quality or speed. A huge failure on my part, I need to learn how to push through those things better! But I haven’t gotten much done over the summer because of it. I’m so sorry…

      But I’m starting to pick up steam again! I’m at the top of my animating game right now, and I’m pretty happy with how my sprites are coming along for a change. A meaningful update won’t be too far out, I hope! Thank you for being so patient with me though uuuaaghkh!"

    39. Creator Christopher Hyde on October 26, 2014

      I'm starting to pretty much figure this is never going to happen.

    40. Creator Dilbert the Animated Series on September 24, 2014

      Hope everything is going well in development! I am crossing my fingers for a demo or something next month.

    41. Creator Matthew Smith on September 19, 2014

      It's update tiiiiime. Don't keep us waaaaaiting.

    42. Creator Dayne on September 10, 2014

      Any updates? I'm still hellapumped for this game!

    43. Creator Adam 'Anouilh' Davies on September 10, 2014

      Looking forward to playing this game soon hopefully! :D

    44. Creator Stanley Au on August 12, 2014

      Hope all is going well, clairevoire!

    45. Creator ThomasN on August 7, 2014

      Stephan Pokorny: Duke Nukem Forever :-)

    46. Creator Stephan Pokorny on July 24, 2014

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

      ― Shigeru Miyamoto

    47. Creator SupaPhly on July 15, 2014

      for those who pledged $50 or more, when will the survey be ready to give the shout-outs?
      thx :)

    48. Creator Dilbert the Animated Series on June 25, 2014

      I don't know if this has been mentioned, but will you be putting this up for Steam Greenlight? I'd be happy to vote for it!

    49. Creator Hayley Jade Yates on May 18, 2014

      I can't wait to play this game someday :)

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