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Sealark, an Oceanic Adventure Game's video poster

An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences Read more

Columbus, OH Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on October 14, 2012.

An adventure game about fish, love, and dire consequences

Columbus, OH Video Games
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About this project

Update 1:  Seasons stretch goal preview!

Update 2:  Mac And Linux Support met!  New stretch goals revealed!

Update 3:  Illustrated Manuals goal met!  New reward unlocked!

Update 4:  Bonus Fish, TV, final reward tier and final stretch goal unlocked!

Update 5:  Expansions!

Update 6:  48 hours remain - Overworld theme preview!

Sealark is about a girl who really likes to fish!  She is the last fisherman in the whole world!  A world that is flooded, populated by only fish people, and of course, fish.  And talking birds too, I guess.  The point is that the fishing is really good!  Until one day, our hero Dove finds a strange boat, and everything changes.

What we have here is an Adventure Game for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

It's about fishing a bunch of fish, meeting a bunch of folks, solving some tough puzzles, beating up some bosses, and a little dating if that's the kind of fisherman you are.

Some of the inspirations I draw from in how I'm making this game include Earthbound, Homestuck, Cave Story, and a little Harvest Moon.

This is a two person indie project! 

I'm Clairvoire, and I will be writing, programming, and animating! If you want an example of my spriting beyond these screens here, take a gander through my tumblr art tag!  I have been programming and spriting for the past 6 years now, and am happy to have the chance at making this game I've planned the last 2 years a reality!

My good friend and talented musician Flashygoodness will be composing the musical score and designing all the sounds!   He is a one man band and scored loads of stuff before this, including Tower of Heaven!  Check out his page and find out what you're in store for!

And click here if you'd like to download the track from the video!

My goals for this game are pretty straight forward!

  • Lots of fish to catch; lots of bosses to defeat!
  • Big open world to explore!
  • Tell an involved, complex, story with a cast of eccentric characters.
  • Over 16 characters to befriend, antagonize, or even court.
  • The friends and rivals you make will shape how your story unfolds.
  • Don't let it take itself too seriously!

In addition to those goals, we’re going to have item and equipment customization, a big library of fish types and classes, and alternate outfits for characters!  There’s also a lot of experimental stuff I have in store should we hit our stretch goals, such as migratory patterns, weather, and seasons!

The development time, after factoring every goal I have in mind and the story's length, has brought us to 9 months, so we’re aiming to have the game released by July 2013!

Should you bring us to our goal and there's time left, by golly it doesn't stop there!  Every single dollar over the goal goes straight into the game, which will translate directly into bonus content!

Stretch goals!

  • $8000 - Expanded content, such as extra characters, bosses, and the game will span across seasons, each area changing to match the time of year!
  • $10000 - support for both Mac and Linux!
  • $12000 - All physical copies of the game will come with an illustrated game manual, filled with art!  (This will unlock the $20 reward tier too, for a digital pdf of the manual!  Physical copies also get the pdf of course!)
  • $15000 - I will ensure there be at least 151 fish to catch, and double the screen filling bosses in the main game, and with them, bonus areas and endgame challenges!
  • $20000 - Indepth Weather and News!  It turns out TVs are still pretty popular!  Bonus news anchors and meteorologist characters, who attempt to predict what the fully simulated weather system (also included with this goal) has in store for different areas of the world!
  • $20000 - For every $2000 raised beyond this goal, Dove can afford a new channel for her Television, using advanced pelican carrier technology!  Cooking, gameshows, sports, music, shark week, and who knows what else!
  • $30000 and beyond - This game is stuffed with content at this point.  So stuffed that there's no way I could reasonably add more content beyond what we've reached so far!  So here's the plan!  I will begin work on an expansion to the full and complete game, aimed specifically at adding many more collectables, fish, bosses, and dialog.  How much more?  That will depend on where we end off!  But know this:  Every last penny raised is going into this game, No Matter What!

With your backing, I'll be able to devote every hour of my day to bringing this game to light! I'm really excited to be starting this and would be honoured to have your support!


  • I'll set to work for the next nine months developing the game! There is a solid schedule for what needs to be done and by when, but all the while I'll be sure to keep you all regularly posted via tumblr and the kickstarter update feature.

    Last updated:
  • Your funding allows me to focus on the game as my primary job, as well as the labour of love it started out as. As the funding increases, the need to take on other jobs to help pay for bills becomes less and less. At 20000, I can safely say that I can pursue this project the full 40 to 60 hours a week it deserves for the next nine months with no distractions. All of this directly translates into being able to make more and more content for the game and help it to realize it's fullest potential.

    Last updated:
  • The last goal, for television stations, is actually my way of wrapping up additional content such as new characters and locations that would flesh out the game world depending on how funded we become! But the development time is still limited to 9 months. So the plan is this! Should we break $20,000, the next stretch goals will be in the vein of free expansions down the road! This way, we gain the time needed to properly expand on the game and give players something to look forward to after release!

    Last updated:
  • This is a wildcard! It will change depending on what fish you're after and where you're fishing. This is also an adventure game, so it won't be so simple as casting bait X at time Y to get fish Z! Fish might be on a strict vegan diet, really dig snowmen, or just need confidence consoling before they'll bite. Once you catch a fish, you can either release it, eat it, use it, or keep it in your boat's core, all of which have different effects and rewards depending on the fish!

    Last updated:
  • Some fish don't want to be caught. And some fish are really big and dangerous. In these cases it won't be enough to reel them in, and you'll have to defeat them. Battle lasts anywhere from 1 to 5 rounds depending on the enemy. Should you have companions with you, they will fight for you in your stead one at a time. The controls will be simple akin to Smash Bros, so no crazy inputs or anything!

    Last updated:
  • It depends on how well it does on greenlight near release, and if I can give backers the key needed to unlock it! If that's not in the cards, I plan on distributing the game as a simple archive and executable to backers.

    Last updated:
  • I would love to if time allowed! But 9 months is a pretty tight schedule with little room to spare, and these would require total rewrites and redesigns to work properly. So it might not be very likely, I'm sorry!

    Last updated:
  • It'll include the game and OST itself on a CD along with the game manual booklet, contained within a jewel case similar to a Playstation 1 game!

    Last updated:
  • Sadly, no. I goofed on calculating shipping costs, by... not calculating shipping costs! It's nothing major that's going to prevent me from fulfilling the reward, but the 200 limit prevents it from getting out of hand. Physical swag is cool! But any more than 200 and I will find myself doing more logistics than I can really commit time to. I'm sorry!

    Last updated:
  • There's a small chance, if there's a strong enough demand for it.

    Last updated:
  • It's a signed print done in a really simplified style like this: It's my way to thank backers who are willing to support us to such a great extent! It can be whatever you want! But! What I can't do is revisions, art for commercial purposes, anything that your average joe consider NSFW, or anything that's going to require hours of finesse. (Afterall, we got a game to make!)

    Last updated:
  • It simply is your likeness parodied into a fish! Just give an article of clothing or object you'd like it to be themed on, a picture, the sea creature you'd prefer, and it's done! It will be animated and added to the flock of fish already present, either as a common fish, an easter egg type of fish, or anywhere in between. The fish will be given a name that's a pun upon your own, while your real name will appear in the credits crawl!

    Last updated:
  • I'm afraid no. I want to maintain my ability to take creative liberties to ensure the depiction fits the game. Along those lines, there won't be any tiers for adding ideas or NPCs or the like. Creative input as a reward is a very tricky situation. It is an unlikely but inevitable scenario that the liberties I must take to make the character fit will clash with a backer's expectations, and it becomes an unpleasant ride for everyone involved. This is especially true with sprites and animation, where many liberties and omissions must be made in order to make a character work. Best to just avoid the mess altogether I think!

    Last updated:
  • Acceptable pseudonyms are ones that are safe for work, contain no references to copyrighted works or characters, and are within reason (standard capitalization, with no numbers or glyph flares) A good rule of thumb is that if you can say it out loud without sounding stark mad, it's okay! If you are on the fence, please ask!

    Shout outs will take the form of your name being worked into a witty statement. Perhaps on the news, or on a cooking station. Maybe you'll have a hurricane named after you. It's all up in the air! Hopefully this will prove to be a fun reward for everyone!

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    Pledge $10 or more

    1,328 backers

    A digital download of the finished game, and my thanks!

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    Pledge $15 or more

    688 backers

    A digital download of the game, and a download of the OST, composed by Flashygoodness!

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    Pledge $20 or more

    612 backers

    A digital download of the game, the OST, and a digital .pdf of the game's user manual, made possible by hitting our 12000 stretch goal!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    200 backers All gone!

    A limited run physical copy of both the game and the OST! The download is included with this! (Folks outside of the continental United States, please add $10 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $40 or more

    150 backers All gone!

    A limited run physical copy of both the game and the OST! In addition, I'll scrawl my signature on it as thanks for your support! (Folks outside of the continental United States, please add $10 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $50 or more

    100 backers All gone!

    All of the above, and as thanks, a random shoutout on TV (or at least the ingame TV)! This counts as being in the game in a way! So you get a credits listing as well! Please see the FAQ if you want to go by a pseudonym! (Folks outside of the continental United States, please add $10 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    25 backers All gone!

    All of the the above, and I will ship your game with a signed printed commission of your choosing! (Nothing NSFW please!)

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    Pledge $250 or more

    10 backers All gone!

    All of the above, and for fun, I'll take a picture of yourself, sprite your likeness into a fish, and add it into the game! (This counts as being in the game, so you'll be in the credits crawl too!)

    Estimated delivery:

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