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The 7th official studio album from Ireland's legendary purveyors of pristine pop. This one will be no different. Expect earworms...
The 7th official studio album from Ireland's legendary purveyors of pristine pop. This one will be no different. Expect earworms...
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    1. Missing avatar


      the vinyl is not arrived yet, what's happen ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Christian Kiefer on

      Hi there, just curious what the status is with the colored vinyl. Also I did not receive any Mp3 - which is a bummer since it seems now as a pledger I will be the last person being able to listen to the album (which is in stores everywhere). Thanks for a quick heads-up. br Christian

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Young on

      I sent my address and name for the signed CD. Glad I popped back on here to see what the delay was about. Look forward to getting my signed CD from Mr. Thomas. Mike

    4. Claus Oexle on

      can't wait to get my hands on the new cd!! hooray!
      but i didn't receive a kickstarter survey mail - oohooh, what to do?
      could you send it again?

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Swindell on

      Hello! Just wondering when the signed cds will be sent here...anxiously awaiting here!

    6. Ben Bristol Habegger on

      Just remembered that this is coming fairly soon and I'm super excited again! Would love an album update though. Maybe a preview of a song, or at least track list/artwork/tentative release date.

      Hope all is going well with the record - can't wait to listen!

    7. Missing avatar

      John Paul Rennie on

      Congratulations on reaching the goal Thomas, can't wait to hear the album! All the best, JP. �

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Corcoran on

      So glad you reached your goal - and proud to be a small part of it. Can't wait to hear the new music...

    9. Missing avatar

      emanuele sterbini on

      Can't wait to listen to this new masterpiece!
      Sterbus from Rome :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Neil Rooney on

      Good to hear - put some 12 string guitar on a track!

    11. Bob Marquart on

      Great news! Can't wait to hear what you have in store for us, Thomas.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Longenbach on

      Looking forward to this one! Best of luck fellas!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ian C on

      Whoop whoop! Congratulations. Have brilliant time, can't wait to hear.

    14. Missing avatar

      Damien Walsh on

      Well congratubloodylations to you!!! I'm going to get my tin whistle out of the attic...haha �

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kelly on

      Great news!
      Will there be kazoos?

    16. Missing avatar

      Rick Rama on

      just listened to that song.....again. wow, thomas is so freakin' talented.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brendan Gallagher on

      Just seen Tim from Hayfield in the local gym. Not sure if this should be reported...

    18. Bruce Brown

      Would you consider bundling some items? I've made two pledges under two different emails, but I don't really want to create more emails just to get more stuff. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      harris morrison on

      jason is gonna join yall in the studio upcoming? hot damn. well, hot damn either way.

    20. Thomas Walsh Creator on

      Hi Nick. I set the page up before I was able to announce Jason. I will edit accordingly now. Thanks for getting involved. T.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nick Coulter on

      Excited about the new album - discovered it via Katie Puckrik's tweet - but is there any reason why Jason Falkner isn't mentioned (beyond the video thumbnail) on the campaign page? I would imagine he has quite a big following... or is that bad form?
      Anyway, good luck and looking forward to hearing the new tunes.

    22. Thomas Walsh Creator on

      25 more just been added Popthinker. .

    23. Missing avatar

      popthinker on

      Methinks you need some more signed vinyl. :)