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Fan out your cards with a simple flick. With 3 sizes, the razor-thin Fantom Wallet will hold your cards, coins, keys, cash, and more.
Fan out your cards with a simple flick. With 3 sizes, the razor-thin Fantom Wallet will hold your cards, coins, keys, cash, and more.
Fan out your cards with a simple flick. With 3 sizes, the razor-thin Fantom Wallet will hold your cards, coins, keys, cash, and more.
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    1. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator about 6 hours ago

      Thank you everyone for your feedback! Much appreciated and we know where to improve for future products, especially for the coin holder. Thank you!

      @ Nick, please feel free to send us a message regarding your suggestion :)

      @ Brenda, glad to know you love the wallet! Yea, we definitely recommend wearing the Fantom Wallet in the front pocket! For bending the clip, did you try bending it against a hard surface like a table top? For that last bit of extra tension, you may need to exert a little bit more force to get that.

    2. Brenda
      1 day ago

      I bought a wallet for both my husband and I. He didn’t like it, as it was too stuff to carry in his back pocket, & he refuses to wear it in his front pocket. I LOVE mine. The only issue with mine is that the (purple) money clip won’t hold only one or two bills. It was so loose that I had to bend it. I couldn’t get it to be as tight as his blue clip, so I have quite a bit of stuff under mine so my money doesn’t fall out. Hahaha

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael T. on February 7

      @Carl Lum thanks for the suggestion! It does help in the short term, but after 2 hours it's back to usual. I personally don't care too much about shaking my wallet a bit before trying to extract the coins, I just brought it up so if there'll be a 2.0 version of the Fantom they'll know what to improve.

    4. Carl Lum on February 6

      @Michael T: There was plenty of space in the coin compartment when the wallet was first designed. But they've now added a fabric layer to deaden the sound of the coins. It's this extra layer that's making things tight. Maybe trying jamming a popsicle stick in there to "flatten" out the fabric a bit to get more space.

    5. Nick Crutchfield on February 6

      In love with this wallet. Only question I have is if you’re going to release the sale of sides so that you can swap out for having or not having the coin side? It’d be great to have the option to buy another piece and swap out as needed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael T. on February 4

      I have a slight suggestion for improvement: in the coin version, it's easy enough to insert the coins - but they tend to get stuck inside their compartment and require shaking to loosen them up. Making the compartment ever-so-slightly wider should solve that without any major downsides.

    7. Carl Lum on February 1

      I've had my Fantom wallet for several months now, and it's great. However, I'm still finding it difficult to fan out the cards evenly. Usually it takes me a couple of tries and I find that you must "flick" the lever just the right way. Removing a card from the middle of the pile is a chore. And try as I may, I simply cannot hold and flick the wallet in one hand! The person in your demo video must have really big hands.

    8. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on January 31

      @ Scott, glad to know you love the Fantom Wallet :)

      @ John, sorry to hear that. Typically, the aluminum plates would hold up pretty well in regular usage and that it's stored in a pocket that is not with other items. If you put keys in the same pocket as your wallet, then the wallet would be more prone to scratches.

      @ Daniel, we've gotten in touch with you regarding your pledge to help you out.

      @ Will, we've gotten in touch with you :)

    9. Missing avatar

      willjiang on January 30

      hi~team of fantom wallet。I have received your product, but there is no wallet clip. There are mounting holes on the product. I would like to ask if they are missing or the wallet clip needs extra purchase. If you need extra payment, please buy me a link. Thank you.

    10. Daniel Hu on January 28

      i think i m the only one here who didnt recived the trio....

    11. Missing avatar

      John on January 24

      5 out of 5 stars for functionality
      But 2 stars for durability. I haven't even had this thing 2 months and it's all scratched up.

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott on January 19

      Got my trio!! Lovin’ the new wallet. No more back pocket thick wallets for me. It took a few days to break in but it’s working great now. The money clip also holds a lot of bills very well! Looking to buy more for gifts.

    13. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on January 13

      Thanks for all the feedback and comments everyone! We will definitely keep these in mind for future product designs. Thank you so much for the support!

      @ Daniel, we are sorry to hear of your experience. Our last email to you was on October 12th and we have not received a reply yet. We are more than happy to assist. We've just sent another email to you to follow up with your pledge as well as your wallet issue. We also provided you with your survey link indicating exactly the item(s) in your pledge. We will await for your email response and again, we are more than happy to assist. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Psomas on January 13

      Hey everyone,

      I would’ve loved to leave a positive comment, but unfortunately I had a bad experience. I ordered the Fantom Wallet with money clip and only received the fantom wallet. When I tried contacting them it was as if they didn’t believe me and asked me to produce my receipt to show them I did. I don’t know why they didn’t have it on file, but I did and I still after months later have not heard anything back from them. I had an issue to someone’s earlier as well where the screw fell out. However, I couldn’t find mine so I had to find one to fit. Unfortunately, no one has helped with this company and I am very unhappy, but they don’t seem to care :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Kazunori Takamoto on January 11

      Hi all,
      I received my Fantom Wallet with money clip and I love it.
      But one thing that I want to share is that one of the screw was come out and almost lost if I were drop it off. Fortunately that I found it in my pocket and screwed it again with glue.
      Watch out not to lost your screws.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Richter on January 10

      Hey everyone,

      Got my fantom about a week or so ago and I absolutely love it. There is indeed a bit of a break in period for the wallet, but it’s all going very smoothly. The money clip holds bills in quite well and doesn’t seem to have a lot of give, which is phenomenal.

    17. DrLouies
      on January 8

      Hello guys
      the wallet is good inhave been using it daily since i got it, but sometimes it hangs,but i think as you said it need more time and it will become easier to insert and remove.
      Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      shenan eardly on December 31

      has anyone tried to anodize the money clip to get it to turn blue. Is it possible ?
      just curious

    19. Missing avatar

      Klaas-Bram on December 23

      I must say about the coin version, a 1 euro coin gets stuck every time. There is just not enough space to slide up and down. Maybe it's just half a mm but I think it's not tested with this coin. A 2 euro coin slides easier.

    20. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 20

      Thanks everyone for the feedback and comments! There's a brief break-in period to the wallet of about 2 weeks. After this period, inserting and removing cards will be easier. The Fanning action will be smoother too.

      For the money clip, if you want to adjust the tension, you can remove and bend it to the desired tension. In general, it can hold quite a few bills without losing tension. We did test out money clips during our development. Having said that we are always looking for ways to improve :)

      Michael, the money clip is a separate item. If you are interested in getting one, please send us a PM and we can assist. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael T. on December 15

      I've received my wallet yesterday - and it was just as described. There was a small break-in period but now it's all smooth. The plastic handle doesn't feel cheap, per se - but hollow. You'd expect it to have more weight to it. The texture on it is nice.

      However, I didn't get the money clip with the wallet. Was it supposed to come in the wallet's box? It doesn't seem like there's any extra space under the foam (and it came apart when I tried taking it out to check).

    22. Missing avatar

      HyunSeo Ko on December 14

      Hi there, I've got mine and design is perfect. I used it for only a day and it's hard to put my cards into the wallet. Maybe time will fix this but wallet damages the corner of my cards. And I can't put cards that has sharp edges into the wallet. Is there any tips for these problems?

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul on December 14

      Using it for a few weeks now and have a few comments. Overall it is a pretty good product. I only have 1 big problem.

      The money clip doesn't spring back. If you put too much in, it will permanently bend the clip and leave a gap. The only way to get rid of the gap is to take off the clip and manually bend it the other way.

      Shouldn't the material selected have a higher strength so it doesn't change the bend angle permanently when loaded? Did you guys look at springback in testing?

      I feel like spring steel would have been a better choice or a different grade of titanium.

    24. Karsten Springstead on December 13

      I like that wallet, but it has started to damage the corners of my credit cards and drivers license. They are starting to peel apart at the corners or they have bent corners.

    25. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 13

      @ Lee, please send us an email at and we will be able to assist you there :)

      @ Gutterdrums and Brent, glad that you are enjoying the Fantom Wallet. Thank you for your feedback!

    26. Brent Inglis on December 12

      I've had my wallet for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying it. Tip though, don't keep your wallet in the same pocket as your keys. The plastic frame has become rough and worn. The Fantom logo is also starting to fade off as well.

    27. Missing avatar

      on December 12

      I’ve had my wallet for a few weeks now and am extremely satisfied. Much thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Lee on December 12

      An exchange could be an option =) how shall we proceed?

    29. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 11

      @Lee The Kickstarter pledges operate differently than a store. Once we've shipped out rewards, we can no longer offer refunds. If you want a smaller size, we can do an exchange for you.

      @Racerex Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into it for sure.

      @Allen Unfortunately anodizing is just a surface finish and with repeated contact, it will eventually wear off.

      @Ryan Your order is already with the fulfillment center. It's likely they've already shipped it out. If you want to change your address, please contact us and we'll forward it to them and maybe they can catch it in time.

      @Khajiin We're definitely looking to addressing both the issue with the coin holder as well as the plastic frame.

      @Jean Please send us an email and we'll get you sorted out.

    30. Missing avatar

      Lee on December 11

      Hello. I finally got my carbon fibre wallet. The quality is really good, the mechanism is flawless, but it's too big for me and kind of not what I expected. Is there a return policy?

    31. Missing avatar

      Racerex on December 9

      It's been a few weeks and I really dig the wallet. The mechanism have broken in and the fanning function works well. I would like to suggest putting a corner break/radius on the inside edge of the plates to reduce the shredding of the top card.

    32. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Foley on December 8

      @Allen that's a known issue many ppl have posted similar color issues (read previous post) and Ansix is dealing with it by discontinuing the colored clips. I got the uncolored clip and happy I did, Maybe take it off use a not too harsh chemical clean and krylon/rustoleum spray to color it to your liking?

    33. Allen Chan on December 8

      Has anyone seen a discoloration of the money clip? I got the light blue one but starting to see bits of brown on it

    34. Ryan Regis on December 7

      My wallet hasn’t shipped yet. Is there any way I can change my shipping address because I’ll be at home from school for 5 weeks for Christmas break

    35. Khajiin on December 7

      Hi Ansix Team, I received my Fantom 10 non carbon and would like to give you my feedback.
      I'm living in Germany and cash including coins is still a big deal l here.
      It feels like the coin compartment is not the ideal solution to this.
      I also agree that the quality feels rather cheap.
      I knew the size before but sheet using it I feel like you should try to reduce the size.
      I have a black one and the colour gets scratched of too easy.

      But I also want to point out In really like it and it makes a good EDC.
      I'm happy I backed it and look forward to the updates of the next version.
      I would sure back it again. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Jean Pierre Camacho on December 7

      Good afternoon,

      I want to congratulate you on an amazing product. The wallet is gorgeous and I couldn't ask for more. However there is an issue my order did not come with the money clip. Reviewing my order I did include it to my purchase l. Please get back to me as soon as you can thank you

    37. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 7

      @Kyle Yes, we're shipping out another batch of wallets next week for the backers that just recently completed their surveys.

      @Anna It might take a bit of force at first to get the stack of cards in. It will break in and loosen up with some use.

      @Christophe Really glad to hear you're liking the wallet!

    38. Missing avatar

      Kyle Richter on December 6

      I got my survey overview, does that mean it will ship out soon?

    39. Missing avatar

      Anna on December 6

      I finally got my trio! Was super excited to get it but now I'm kind of disappointed. The finish feels cheap and almost plastic with rough edges (aluminum wallets) and i couldn't get any cards into the wallet, i tried one by one as well as all of them at once but it just wouldn't fit. Hope to get the cards to fit so i can try it out for real!

    40. Christophe B
      on December 6

      I also have been using the wallet daily for a few weeks. I didn t what to expect from it at first and i must say i love it, Very light, very efficient. Congrats.

    41. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 5

      @Gaurang It looks like in your survey you selected one without a coin holder. Please email us so we can get this issue resolved for you.

    42. Gaurang Bhatt on December 5

      Would we be able to see our survey answers? I'm pretty sure I requested a card without the coin slot, but I want to make sure because I received one with a slot.

    43. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 4

      @Asif Glad to hear you like it! Don't worry, we'll make sure to treat our original backers well!

      @Raymond Thanks for the feedback! It's always good to give it a thorough test first :)

      @Eduardo We'll be sure to send out a newsletter about it!

      @Michael Please give the tracking info some time. The postal services are swapped at the moment with the influx of holiday orders.

    44. Asif Baig on December 4

      Been using this wallet for a few weeks now am im pretty happy with it. the carbon fibre is actually real carbon fibre which is so cool. Already looking forward to your next iteration. Though would we be able to get some sort of discount or perhaps a trade-in program?

    45. Raymond Ebro on December 4

      After a bit of anxiety that mine didn’t send, I got a message and things got sorted out. I apologize if this ends up being a long post... Been using mine for a couple weeks now and thought I’d share a bit of my experience.
      The fanning needs to be broken in, as some have said in prior posts and this seems to have worked.
      Different cards have different thicknesses but while the spread sheet is helpful in determining how many cards will go in, I have found that embossed cards will take 2 slots in order for cards to fan out properly. My case: I have a Fantom 10 with 6 non-embossed and 2 embossed cards. This allows the cards to fan out in such a way that all card corners are reachable. I can fit in 1 more card but this means that 1 will not fan out correctly.
      Money clip holding up better than expected with folded bills and a card.
      All in all, it’s been in my pocket since I got it and I intend to make full use of my coupon as well.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Scheffer on December 3


      I had that same anxiety, but I suddenly got mine while it still was officially stuck in Hong. No worries!

    47. Eduardo Garcia on December 3

      Anyway to find out when your new fantom wallet will be on kickstarter if you guys make a new one?

    48. CoDy McCollum on December 2

      I got my trio package last weekend. After one week of use I want to say that I really love this wallet. Since I got the trio package, two of them were for a couple friends of mine. They also love theirs! This was a great Kickstarter campaign and everything was as promised. Everything on our end works as promised and it really is just a sick wallet. Thanks guys.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael T. on December 2

      Hey, I'm a patient backer, so I can't really complain about the shipping time - but according to the tracking number, my wallet has been stuck in Hong Kong for the last 2 weeks. Is that normal?

    50. Ansix Engineering 3-time creator on December 1

      @Scott There should be a discount code included with your package. If you didn't get one, please message us and we'll provide it to you. We'd prefer to not post it publicly.

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