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A film about two women who cope with loss while finding compassion by helping an immigrant family, even if it means breaking the law. Read more

Chicago, IL Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on August 10, 2012.

A film about two women who cope with loss while finding compassion by helping an immigrant family, even if it means breaking the law.

Chicago, IL Shorts
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Hello Friends!

Have you ever helped someone blindly? What keeps us from fully connecting with another person? What is it like when your closest friend is in love, and you’re not? These are some of the questions the film, Like Straw, explores through the characters of two young women, Molly and Norma, and a young man, Straw.

In a world perpetually at war and a society distant from nature, Molly and Norma deal with the past and present of loss while they try to find compassion by helping an immigrant family, even if it means breaking the law. This is a story about the human condition, people trying to connect and failing at it. It is a story about dreams and the nature of reality. It is in the context of a world overwhelmed by cultural references, heroism, and text. In the midst of this the characters are constantly constructing and deconstructing their identities. Although we perceive the world through language, we have a feeling that something is missing. The world is constructed through language, but it always leaves something uncovered, something that cannot be told or thought of, it may only be sensed. In a sociopolitical context, this film makes visible the invisible disconnect that so often is the tension and lonely dark matter filling the space between.


Felicia Ruth Ferrara (Writer / Director)

Felicia is a writer and filmmaker living in Chicago. She came of age in the Midwest and Southern Africa, and is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She is currently working on a feature length screenplay adapted from a South African novel. When she's not watching movies she might be writing short stories. You can find one of them here:

Amy Tompkins (Producer / Art Director)

Amy Tompkins is a Chicago artist. Her creativity and whimsical nature is forever emanating through multiple mediums, whether it be text, collage, or film. She is a graduate of SAIC where she wrote and produced her own films and was art director on student films. 

Meghan Rose Steinman (Cinematographer)

Meghan is a local photographer (Chicagrapher), visual arts educator, and drummer. She is a graduate of SAIC, teaches art with Chicago Public Schools, and plays snare drum in two Chicago bands. She frequently shoots with an old 4x5 camera, and a few of her magical moments can be seen here:

Mandy Johnston (A.C. / First Grip)

Mandy is a cinematographer from Chicago and a graduate of SAIC. Her work and talents are made visible here:

V8 (Wardrobe / Costume Design)

Already world renowned performing artist, V8 has been art directing music videos for Midnight Cinema for the past few years in Chicago and Los Angeles. Noted and well respected for his style, V8 was honored to be asked in assisting with wardrobe design for "Like Straw."

Coach Qwick (Fight Choreographer)

Coach Qwick lived in Japan for 10 years under the guidance of his dojo and taught martial arts in the U.S. Marines Corps for over 10 years. He retired this year from the armed forces.

Henry Prendergast (Composer / Sound Design)

Henry is a composer, musician, and singer for a well-known Chicago band. Henry loves films. Henry, a bartender at the infamous Violet Hour, makes the best Berliner and Old Fashion in town. 


Amanda Powell (Norma)

Hannah Phelps (Molly)


The money donated will go towards our talent, crew, and production expenses, including equipment rentals, production/set design, wardrobe, location fees, food and transportation.

This is a longer short than most short films. With that in mind, a very low budget won’t make the cut. Many films end up as mediocre films because they’re under-budgeted. We look forward to paying our actors and crew members. We’ve already raised $3,000, and with your contributions we are going to raise $5,400 to reach our overall budget of $8,400. Please keep in mind that if we do not reach our goal by the deadline we won’t receive any of the funds donated and the money will be returned to each donor. The purpose of this all-or-nothing fundraiser is to meet everyone’s expectations. An $8,400 project running on $3,000 is risky business, and we don’t want anyone holding their breath. In order to do our best we need your full support.

Also, any amount goes a long way, so pick a number any number!

GIFTS/MORE ART: Contributors of $50 or more will appear in credits and will receive a film poster (original silkscreen prints made by our friend, a very talented local artist here in Chicago).


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