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X-Wing clone in case the "Death Star" KickStarter project goes viral and they actually build the damn thing!.

X-Wing clone in case the "Death Star" KickStarter project goes viral and they actually build the damn thing!. Read More
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About this project

This project is in response to the disturbingly enthusiastic funding of the "Death Star" on KickStarter .

 I know the whole idea of a  planet killing sphere is really uber cool, but I think people are not looking ahead to what could go wrong. Therefore, it is necessary to fund a X-wing fighter to coincide with the "Death Star" project. This will enable a fail-safe in case the "Death Star" falls into rogue hands.

*Disclaimer:  Being this is a KickStarter project and investors will ultimately own the project, management is bound by the wishes of their investors. Thus, if it turns out that say a takeover of the X-wing project buy a superior bid, it could end up being sold to the owners of the "Death Star" if said bid is delivered by said parties. This ultimately could defete the true goal of the X-wing project.  

**I hope that Kickstarter realizes this is a joke, like the Death Star project is unless for some weird reason the Death Star project goes viral with funding and is actually put into production. If that occurs, then this might actually have to be a real project.

Risks and challenges

As state above that if the Death Star project goes forth, the main risk other than some minor technical hurtles, would be not being killed by assassins sent from the Death Star builders. Or if the Death Star builders address some obvious design vulnerabilities, as pointed out by the White House with their rejection of the Death Star project, the effectiveness of the X-fighter to stop the Death Star would be greatly reduced.

One challenge, other than to get this approved, is to gain some press coverage to show how awesome this new way of financing really is. So far I have seen limited coverage in the main media press about this new exciting social creativity financing. The word has to get out!! This is a new era in funding. Gone are the days of Wall-street domination and endless regulation in this area. Imagine the possibilities with new products and projects that will come from creative and talented people that previously didn't have the connections to make it happen. We are in a new age!

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    The satisfaction you are thinking ahead for a fail safe if the Death Star is actually funded and created!

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    A photo of you sitting in the cockpit of the finished fighter.!!

    **Note: You are responsible for your own transportation to the airbase where the fighter is kept. Under no exceptions will we fly the fighter out to your house to take the picture, unless you can set us up on a hot date with a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.

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