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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 9 2013 7:36 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 9 2013 7:36 PM UTC +00:00

Thank you all for your support for Legendary Monsters

Posted by Richard T. Broadwater (Creator)

 Unfortunately our Kickstarter campaign did not reach its goal. 

At this moment it means the toys are down, but not out!

I will be taking the next few days to revisit our campaign and look closely at how the figures are being promoted. In that time I would love to hear from what worked for you and what did not work for you and what may have prevented you from pledging.

In moving forward, there are certain things I will be changing for sure:

1. Shipping will be included in the base pledge and each toy will be $25.00 per monster. (that includes shipping) International shipping rates will come down as well.

2. Unfortunately, the variations will have to wait. Our numbers ended up being around 400 full color, 100 Sepia variants and only 30 or so Glow variants. It's clear that the focus moving forward will have to be on the color versions only at first.

3. Our pledges and Kickstarter page will be greatly simplified with fewer pledge options, those that remain will yield a simple, cleaner approach.

One final note, I am currently looking at other possibilities with the toys and other ways of promoting them and finding an better target audience. For one, I would very much like to move them out of the product category and find a better home for them, one that features an consumers more in tune with toys and entertainment collectibles.

Thank you again for you time and commitment to the cause!

R. Todd Broadwater

Designer/Artist Nevermore Toys


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    1. Luke Cameron Hunter on

      Maybe include shipping in the original pledge amount. You could also try offering some inexpensive add-ons to up pledges a few bucks like cardboard backgrounds for display.

      Another idea is to send some review toys to Youtube toy reviewers like Peaugh, Optibotimus, Sean Long, TJOmega or JTMitchell87. These guys get thousands of views. Might be worth looking in to.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lee J Robinson on

      The Missouri Monster and the Jersey Devil figures are much superior in their sculpts than the last two. They look quite professional.
      However, I think that from a sculptural point of view, the eyes on the Mothman and Chupacabra let those two figures down. They just don’t look like a living creature’s eyes and weaken the group as a whole. I think those two figures really need to be looked at and reworked for them to be successful.

    3. Michael Roberts on

      Would it be feasible to focus on one cryptid with a Kickstarter variant exclusive of some sort? I think once a released figure is in hand to be reviewed by the various toy sites, it'll be easier to reach potential backers for the rest of the figures.

      I suggest you poll your backers to see which figure they intended to buy. Also I wouldn't dismiss the variants so quickly. Since you were doing them as add-ons, you wouldn't get an accurate count of which variants people wanted until the surveys went on. You should probably poll your backers to see which, if any, variants they intended to buy as well.

    4. Dom Corsoe on

      These are all good and practical ideas. Let's try again! =)

    5. Aanica Guess on

      Playing from Kens suggestion of 'gaming' ares what about using places like gamers forums gamer stores like gamestop, I know Fangoria and other horror mags would be able to get the word out. any haunted magazine with audience reach there are many huge sites with in the ning networlks, Pagan Space sells advertising and they are over 46,000 strong... blog -talk paranormal programs. I know from being a paranormal enthusiast for over 8 years there are so many people who would grab these so fast! Reach out to the people who embrace these creatures and love them.. like me :)

    6. Mindless-Focus on

      If emails are taken, lets as a group bounce ideas off each other. Start a poll on what gets made next.

    7. Ken Thronberry on

      I can provide some validation of your final point; I only found your project because I was bored waiting for an MD appointment and started looking around the KS website in areas beyond the "gaming" area that I regularly frequent. The only social media I use is FB & I didn't note any presence or promotion from you guys there.

      Wiil you be collecting email addresses from the 174 of us who supported this project? I would very much like to know when you begin again. I hope to be able to support you in this endeavor...those little guys are just way to cool not to get made.

    8. Mindless-Focus on

      From the numbers, we had more then enough for 2 to be made. Maybe focus on 2 at a time. We vote on which. It's going to be a tough road but one in which I intend to travel. Maybe contact as they have had quite a few toys made on Kickstarter.