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Epic card combat with savage creatures of legend. Control one or more powerful monsters in a visceral battle to the death! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 4, 2013.

Epic card combat with savage creatures of legend. Control one or more powerful monsters in a visceral battle to the death!

About this project

Legendary Monsters combines both articulated toys and collectible cards. Two to six players pit creatures of urban legend and folklore against one another in a battle to the death!

Each Legendary Monster box includes an articulated fully painted figure, a creature combat card, reference card and quick start rules. The figures stand 5-6" tall and are based on descriptions from real eyewitnesses!


2ND FREE CARD UNLOCKED!!! All pledges $50 or more will now receive Sasquatch with their order.


  • LIght Attack: pound, backfist
  • Heavy Attack: thunderclap, slam
  • Defensive Ability: retreat,leap
  • Special Ability: howl, hurl


7.25" SLENDERMAN FIGURE UNDERWAY! (View of control drawing for sculptor)

FREE CARD UNLOCKED!!! All pledges $50 or more will now receive Slenderman with their order.


  • Light Attack: Backhand, Tendril Strike
  • Heavy Attack: Strangle, Toss 
  • Defensive Ability: Ether, Teleport 
  • Special Ability: Impale, Paranoia

Stay Tuned for more up at 15K BIGFOOT!!!

These creatures have been with us always. they manifest themselves in our myths, folklore and urban legends. Our fears and emotions give rise to creatures such as the Jersey Devil, Mothman, the Missouri monster and Chupacabra.

Mothman's History:

November 15, 1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia

While driving through an abandoned munitions dump "locally known as the TNT area," Linda Scarberry, her husband Roger and another couple spotted a pair of glowing red eyes, two inches wide and six inches apart attached to something that was "shaped like a man, but bigger...maybe six or seven feet tall, and it had big wings folded against its back." Roger accelerated their vehicle trying to escape from the creature. Much to the couples' horror, "Mothman" gave case, squeaking audibly as it reached speeds over 100mph. The flying monster ended pursuit only as the car neared town.


  • Light Attack: Claw, Wing
  • Heavy Attack: Ram, Flyby
  • Defensive Ability: Cloak, Flight
  • Special Ability: Gaze, Amplify

Mothman is a highly evasive creature with high wounds; the creature is considered to be a "hit and run" style combatant.

The Jersey Devil:

December 1993 Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Forest Ranger John Irwin was driving alongside the Mullica River in southern New Jersey when he found the road blocked by a creature. Irwin describes the monster as a six foot tall bipedal animal with horns and dark fur. The ranger and "The Jersey Devil" stared at each other for several minutes before the creature fled into the woods. 

 Origin: Pine Barrens 1730 The mistress of a British soldier known as "Mother Leeds" went into labor with her 13th child. During the delivery she suffered agonizing pain and cursed the child, wishing it out of her body. As the hateful words faded from her lips the Jersey Devil slithered out of her womb and into the world.


  • Light Attack: Claw, Wing
  • Heavy Attack: Gore, Stomp
  • Defensive Ability: Shroud, Flight
  • Special Ability: Instill Fear, immolate

The Jersey Devil is not only deadly in close combat,  this creature also has the ability to wage psychological warfare on his opponents....


August 1995 Cano' Vanas, Puerto Rico

At 4pm Madelyne Tolentino noticed that the driver of a vehicle parked in front of her house appeared frightened. As she approached the large front window she saw a creature walking upright in front of her house with its arms outstretched. At that point she screamed, sending her mother outside of the house to chase the creature. The monster took off in a hopping motion toward the nearby woods. 

 A typical Chupacabra is described as four to six feet in height covered in short fine grey hair with dark spots on the creature's back. Its powerful legs and long arms end in hands containing three to four long narrow fingers ending in claws. A series of protruding spikes run along the creature’s spine.


  • Light Attack: Slash, Rake
  • Heavy Attack: Bite, Disembowel
  • Defensive Ability: Regenerate, Leap
  • Special Ability: Radiate, Drain

Chupacabra is a most nimble and most dangerous fighter, what he lacks in size and endurance, he makes up for in speed and agility.

The Missouri Monster:

July 11, 1972 Louisiana, Missouri

Eight year old Terry Harrison was playing in the backyard when a creature appeared, splatted with blood, carrying a dog under its arm. The creature was luckily driven away by the screams of his eight year old sister Doris, who had just stepped out into the yard. "Momo" is typically described as a creature six to seven feet tall, its body covered entirely in black hair. Manlike in appearance and stance, the creature is often referred to as the "Eastern Bigfoot."


  • Light Attack: Fist, Backhand
  • Heavy Attack: Crush, Stomp
  • Defensive Ability: Burrow, Leap
  • Special Ability: Stench, Backbreaker

The Missouri Monster is a creature of immense size and power, able to absorb high amounts of damage. His attacks may not be as agile as other creatures, but they are known to devastate opponents with bone shattering force. 


After the campaign is complete you will be asked to select the monster(s) that you wish to receive, as well as what packaging you would prefer. I am doing a package variation to account for those of you that are interested in the collectible toys only. 

  • The toy package will contain the figure only.
  • The card game package will come with the figure, a collectible combat card, reference card and rules of play.

To read more about these creatures, I recommend you visit 

Legendary Monsters is a tactical combat game that uses collectible cards and six side dice. Each player controls  a creature represented by a collectible  card. The player may have their creature attack, defend or use special abilities to eliminate their opponent. Each turn, the player rotates the card to determine what attack or ability he is she is going to use. The first creature to be drained of its life force is destroyed and the creature left standing is declared the victor! 

Players may use the articulated figure on its base as a miniature or the card alone to play the game. Both the card and base occupy a 4"x4" space.

Legendary Monsters is designed for 2-6 players. Only two monsters cards are needed to play a game a single game. The main rules support "tag team", "team" and "king of the hill" style game modes with up to 6 creatures on the board. Players may chose to split into balanced teams or choose to target specific creatures on the play field. The game has not only been designed to be  fast and furious, but flexible!

(embedded video is not functioning at the moment, so I've placed this link for those who are interested. I will have the video back up when embedding is working)


  • 15K SASQUATCH COMBAT CARD (free to all pledges of $50 or more!)
  • 17K OWLMAN COMBAT CARD (free to all pledges of $100 or more!)
  • 20K GOATMAN COMBAT CARD (free to all pledges of $100 or more!) 
  • 22K CARD PACK 1 (4 new combat cards: Dover Demon, Flatwoods Monster, Yeti and Loveland Frogmen) 
  • 25K CARD PACK 2 (4 new cards: Fouke Monster, Lake Worth Monster, Hopkinsville Goblins and The Thetis Lake Monster) 
  • 30K BOXED GAME RELEASE (Includes: 8 combat cards, instruction book, play mat, counters and dice)

(creature images shown are temporary and will change once unlock goals are reached)


I have been fortunate to work in industries that I've been passion about my entire life. The first 5 of my 15 years were spent working for the toy industry as a designer. Those were great years for me, spent with some truly talented artists working on what I loved; action figure toy lines. Over those 5 years I was able to work on many different toy lines including Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Star Trek, Godzilla, Small Soldiers, GI Joe and many others product lines.


I believe it was fate that that lead me to my first game studio, Bethesda Softworks. While at Bethesda Softworks, I worked both as an Lead Artist and Designer on a number of games for them which included Morrowind, Oblivion, The Shivering Isles and Fallout 3. Since then I've moved to another studio and just released a game called "XCOM: Enemy Unknown," where I spent the last 4 years as Lead Level Designer. I am still there as an artist and designer and my free moments are spent with my family and working on action figure toy lines like the one you see here.

EXAMPLE OF PROTOTYPES: above you see what the "test shots" may look like. Shown is the complete set of all 4 monsters


The articulated creatures you see on these pages will not change, the card images you see will. Not necessarily the visual aspect of the card, but as I test the cards and improve the mechanics of the game, the cards will reflect that iteration on the design of the game and lead to significant improvements.




Here is an example of that: 

For readability, I have removed as much of the type as possible, leaving only icons and numbers to create a visual card that is as clean and as readable as possible. The attacks and abilities of each creature will be listed and discussed at length in the rule book. In the future I may add a simple explanation on the back of each card. Not only would you be able to reference the ability of an attack, but better understand why it's causing the damage that is it, or why a particular status effect works on your opponent in a specific manner. In short, these little nuisances will change. These changes will include type size,  Icon readability, damage amounts and naming conventions. These changes will be for your benefit.


Created by Adam Ferrando


Engineering, casting and mold production will be done by PLUS FABRICATION. Painting, assembly and packaging will be done by me.


 I wish to thank all of you for your interest and support in helping me make this dream a reality!

Also, I thank all of you that pledged the previous campaigns, we created new relationships and opportunities because of that!

To my wife Tema and children, Victoria, Avery and Wynter, I love you and could not have done this without you. Having the support of my family means everything to me. Also I wish to thank Jon Coe, my oldest and closest friend who has worked close in sharing this dream of putting out our own action figure product lines.


What do you need to play?

All that you need to play is 2 cards, nothing More. Each box contains a card, monster figure, base and instructions. Once you have two or more, you are ready to play. 

Do the monster figures have to be used in play? 

No, the figures are only visual representations of the creatures themselves. The cards can used alone or combined with the figures once in play. 

How can you make the figures for only $7,000.00? 

It is a huge jump to go down to the number that I have and there are many factors that allow me to drop to that number. The key factors are volume, molds, paint, packaging and packing. 

  • Volume: I am not using China at present (they are involved only if I am in need of tens of thousands of units) and I am only producing a few hundred units. That lowers our cost in a big way. 
  • Molds: Roto-cast molds can cost tens of thousands of dollars and can handle high volume production runs into tens of thousands. We are using silicon rubber molds that cost a few hundred dollars, but only hold up to 100 or so casts. This is fine for our purposes at present. If our number increase dramatically (1000+ units) we will be switching to aluminium molds which are more durable and allow for long term reuse..
  • Painting: The painting operation for highly detailed collectibles is costly. Since we are only producing a few hundred, I am having the figures cast in their base colors (gray, brown, dark brown and pale green) and I'm painting the figures myself with a small team of artist that I will supervise. I sent years as an army painter for games workshop, where I painted thousands of figures a year so taking a few months to paint a few hundred is very possible.
  • Packaging: My early designs were full color blister packs what were very expensive. I am no longer doing that and have switched to printing limited color on a recycled card stock. The current design is "shoe-box" style and very inexpensive in comparison. 
  • Packing and Shipping: Plus Fabrication are doing molding and casting, I am doing painting, assembly, packing and shipping myself. That eliminates many parts of the chain that involve cost. 

 In short, that is all the money needs to pay for: only molds,castings and printing of the package. I'm doing the other work myself and whatever money that is left over is not profit, but money that will be used to help create more creatures for the Legendary Monsters line. 

How big are the monsters?

The monsters are 5-6" in height and will not be reduced in scale. Each creature was originally designed to include a 4" victim.These victims are not being offered right now and I left 4-6" in the original description above which is incorrect, since none of the monsters are that scale. Please see attached image for true height.

*Slenderman image is used with permission from Digital Codeworks and is not a final representation of the card image. 

Digital Codeworks' game "Slenderman: Chaper One Alone" can be found at the google play store and the IPhone store.


Risks and challenges

The artist and designer portions of my career have only been a part of what I do. The other aspects of the game and toy industry that I deal with on a daily basis come down to team management, resource management, scheduling, outsourcing, approval of art and design elements and disaster control. I'm not only an artist and designer, but a project manager for both industries. I say this to help explain how I've been able to take this concept from an idea in my head to the reality of a finished product. The figure sculpt which were done by one of leading sculptors in the action figure industry, while the other aspects, some of which included concept drawing, blueprint/control drawings, color presentation, packaging design, catalog design, prototype painting, photography and web design were handled my myself.

The figures you see here may appear to be final products, but we are only at the prototype stage. There are many steps that remain to make these action figures a reality and that is where I need your help. Your pledges are needed to cover the expenses and the product itself.

The list below outlines the processes that remain and where funding will be applied.

-Engineering of joints
-Production of molds
-Figure Casting
-Hand Painting of "Color" versions
-Packing and shipment

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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