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Epic card combat with savage creatures of legend. Control one or more powerful monsters in a visceral battle to the death!
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New Updates

Posted by Richard T. Broadwater (Creator)
The Jersey Devil is finally done and the first castings can be seen here.  

The Mothman articulation is complete but the wings need some adjusting before he is considered final.

The new Fabricator that has taken over casting has sent over samples of the new Chupacabra casts. These are more flexible than the precious material the figures were cast in.

Thank you for your support and patience, I am working to wrap these guys up and get them out to you.

I will send an update shortly showing a batch of Painted assembled Devils and the final Mothman wing functionality..

New casting team stepping in.

Posted by Richard T. Broadwater (Creator)

Hello everyone, I have been been in contact with a number of casting studios and have settled on one in particular. I am going to let them get started next week with the Chupacabra molds and see how they do. The studio seems highly capable and extremely professional. And they are made up of a team, so it's not all falling on one person's shoulders. The current fabricator Evan has done an amazing job with the engineering, mold-making and gang molds but a team can move faster than one person and get more the pieces so I can assemble, paint and ship them to you.

This is what  the studio sent to me in response for my needs:

"2 hours per full run (including all mold prep, demolding the parts and seaming the excess plastic off the parts) x 4 runs per day x 7 days per week ....This would allow for ALL 150 runs of your Cryptid to be completed in just a little over 5 weeks. So instead of only 3 complete runs in 6 days...You can have 28 complete runs in 7 days...Which is over 4 times the number per day for your current run... "

That sounds very promising. I will update you as I know more. These figures will be finished and will look amazing. 

Jersey Devil casting begins

Posted by Richard T. Broadwater (Creator)

Quick Update: 

I had mentioned in March that the Jersey Devil was undergoing a number of tweaks to improve his articulation and ability to stand. He is now complete and ready for final molding/casting. That means I am only weeks away from sending out small batches of Jersey Devil figures. In addition, I have located a number of casting shops that will be lending a hand in speeding up the casting process. 

Finally, I am prepping the batch you see here of Chupacabra figures to send out to you. They are the cleanest and tightest yet.

I thank you all for your patience once again.

Chupcabra 3.0 New Devil and Mothman Wings

Posted by Richard T. Broadwater (Creator)

I wanted to update you all on the progress of Legendary Monsters and thank you all for "hanging in" there.

 The fabricator dropped off the 3rd and final version of the Chupacabra. The material is stronger, his stance has been balanced and the joints are tighter and move better.

 In addition, the Jersey Devil's wings and legs have been redesigned to function and fold behind him. I am waiting on him to bring the models over. For now, I'e been sent these drawing that depict what has been changed. 

 Mothman's wings requite a pass as well. The will fold together behind and open like a fan.

Many of you want to know what is taking so long. It's really based on that hand done nature of this project which makes it very different from using factories in China. The factory route is not an option currently because the number of figures does not meet the minimum which is 1-2,000 per figure type. Right now, each creature is engineered by hand, the molds are hand constructed with each figure being hand poured. After the pieces set, which takes 6 days, they are removed and cleaned. The figure is then hand assembled, then hand painted. And this is all done in in the United States.

I'm hoping to change this by looking for an assistant or two for the fabricator. He is just one man and if I can find 1 or 2 others to assist pouring and cleaning, then he can focus on the engineering of joints and mold making aspects of the figures. He has years of training in this area but others can be trained to pour, clean and assemble. I will still be handling the painting aspects myself. This will be an out-of-pocket expense, but worth it to finish the figures at a faster rate.

I have other figures and would love to see those released as well (Series II) but  I will not be pursuing that path until a faster production method is found.

I thank you again.

January Update

Posted by Richard T. Broadwater (Creator)
A quick update to let you all know where we are with production. 

I am getting small batches of Chupacabras in each weekly (usually around 10) Those figure pieces are then cleaned, assembled, painted and finally packed and ready to be sent out. Evan is doing a great job and I've added another person to his team to speed things up so he can focus on joints, articulation and mold-making.  

In addition, I have the last batch of Missouri Monster figures finally assembled and painted. There were a few of you that did not receive your Missouri Monster figures and they are finally here.  

Thank you all for your patience, I realized this have taken far longer than I had imagined. In the end the figures are being created and they look great. I look forward to sharing more photos and updates as I get them.