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A journey through time to explore the evolution of a young couple's relationship.


MEET ME BY THE LAKE was written with actors Nick Brentley and Evangeline Crittenden in mind to fill each role. It has a running time of around 10 minutes and will be shot almost entirely in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland, California with a 7 person team.

After producing a final cut, we plan to submit the short to various film festivals. After testing the festival waters, we eventually plan to post it on the internet for the whole world to enjoy.

To see a few test shots visit:


MEET ME BY THE LAKE  is a story about a young couple who meet to reconnect after being separated. Through the course of their conversation, we jump back and forth in time to experience the evolution of their journey together. What unites them is the need to resolve a situation for which there is no easy solution.


Galen Livingston - Writer/Director

Galen is a writer, director, and cinematographer. He is originally from Summertown, TN where he grew up building stick-forts in the middle of the woods. When he finally realized there wasn't much of a market for stick-forts in the middle of the woods, he decided to start telling visual stories. He now works as a freelance photographer/videographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

See his work at:

Evangeline Crittenden - Actress - Girl

Evangeline is an actor, writer, and producer living in Oakland. Recently, her solo show "Chrysalis" was seen by audiences in New York, Philadelphia, Asheville, and around the Bay. She is a member of the all-female sketch comedy group Femikaze. In addition to acting in the webseries "Tragedy Club" and the forthcoming "Sam and Billie Date," she has made soup with all kinds of different ingredients, including carrots. Evangeline is a professional fairy and can make a caterpillar out of balloons.

Nick Brentley - Actor - Guy

Nick is a dancer, choreographer and actor living in Oakland, CA. Most frequently he can be seen sporting colorful costumes and fancy footwork with the SambaFunk! performance troupe. He is also one of the newest members of the Embodiment Project dance company. Recent credits include the lead role of Judah Maccabee in The Jewish Nutcracker and The Forest in the developing jazz opera, The Precipice. Away from the stage he is a fashion/figure model for visual artists throughout the San Francisco Bay and is soon to be a certified massage practitioner. Nick's favorite animal is the panther, he loves to emulate water and melted cheese is his weakness.


  • Equipment

We're not talking extreme, top-of-the-line Hollywood grade stuff. We're talking about equipment that is going to provide us the image and sound we're looking for in order to most effectively tell our story. Many people involved with the production already have equipment that they will be using, but we'll need a few extras to produce what we're looking for. We'll be making smart decisions when it comes to renting or purchasing, what we rent or purchase, and be incredibly conscious while dealing with the equipment side of things.

  • Food

If there's one thing that makes a fulfilling activity feel like hell on earth, it's being incredibly hungry while you do it. Part of this budget includes costs of feeding the crew and actors while we are in production. Having food on set is crucial for a smooth shoot.

  • Payment

The folks involved with this production are doing it because they're excited about creating art. Unfortunately, the world still demands you pay your rent in dollar bills, not the art you create. For this reason, each member of the crew is receiving a modest flat rate per day payment in order to help tackle the loss of money they might incur while working on the film. Unless we get Will Smith on board. I've heard he charges more than just a modest flat rate per day.

  • Permits

Instead of dressing in camouflage and sneakily toting our equipment around the locations of the shoot, we'll be doing things right and purchasing permits for shooting. This will allow us to more creatively capture what we envision by giving us the freedom to exist in the locations we've picked out.

  • Festival Fees

After finishing this film, we plan on submitting to a wide assortment of short film festivals. Each time you submit your film, you are charged a submission fee. This adds up to be quite a chunk of money if you plan on submitting to many festivals.

  • The % Fundraising Charge

The site you're visiting now takes a small percentage of the funds you raise for your project if you successfully reach your goal. This, combined with another % processing fee, allows this terrific site to stay afloat. That's all well and good, but we have to account for that in the budget. The total fees end up being around the 10% range. Meaning if we raise the $5000 goal, we'll actually only be receiving $4,500.


We only receive funds if we reach our goal! We're so incredibly grateful to all of our friends and family for contributing--as well as every one of you who are willing and able to help us make this project come to life.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


After you wonderful folks have donated and the project becomes funded, we are determined to make this vision come to life. Of course (as with all creative endeavors) there will be unforeseen bumps in the road. However, this project is so dear to our hearts, we feel confident in overcoming whatever might be thrown at us.

The locations are simple and accessible to those involved; the shot list isn’t extensive and relies mostly on the emotion-evoking performances of the actors instead of action sequences and visual effects; we are a fully functioning crew of people--many of whom will be performing double duty in the production and post-production process.

Conflicting schedules will be a hurdle to overcome as everyone involved will be working on other things in addition to this film. We’ll tackle that issue by planning in advance and blocking off a series of dates that make sense for everyone. This will be done with enough notice to clear all other obligations and create time for the smooth production of this film.

This project will be made. We’ve budgeted in a 10% contingency fund that will be used for unforeseen costs and help us get this project out to the world quickly and smoothly. We cannot THANK YOU enough for your support.


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