Blast Furnace: Recreational Thief Volume One!

by Ryan Browne

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    1. Frank Silas on

      You are a brilliant comic genius! Anyone who makes me laugh this much deserves to be paid!!! :-)

    2. Frank Krulicki on

      Read the "book" online already just so I can get ready to pick out my piece of original art. Laughed my head off!!!

    3. Birchell Eversole on

      I haven't read it online because i'm waiting for a nice surprise :). Any word on that bookplate?

    4. Ryan Browne 4-time creator on

      Thanks Frank(s) for the kind words! Birchell, just getting a price quote on printing that bookplate now so I will know if it's cost effective. Here's hoping!


    5. LateToTheParty7

      @Birchell: Same here, except that I read the first 21 pages but decided to stop so I can actually enjoy the rest.

    6. Ryan Browne 4-time creator on

      I agree Coniah, it is a lot more fun to read books in your hand rather than on a computer screen. If you liked the first 21 pages, it'll be worth the wait!