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Ryan Browne's painfully sweet improv comic created a page a day, an hour per page, with no preplanning for six whole months. Booyah!
Ryan Browne's painfully sweet improv comic created a page a day, an hour per page, with no preplanning for six whole months. Booyah!
368 backers pledged $9,404 to help bring this project to life.

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HEY ALL! The new Blast Furnace Kickstarter is live! 

280 Pages in full color!
280 Pages in full color!

Since you were awesome backers of the first Kickstarter, I am letting you all know first! This new version of Blast Furnace contains the first 130 page volume, plus 130 new pages-- all of which are in shockingly awesome full color! With extras, It ends up being a 280 page full color definitive edition of Blast Furnace! Since you already bought the first version, I have added a special early bird sketched in edition just for you! Jump on it now! Thanks for all the support over the years and I hope you dig where Blast Furnace is going to go!

I love you all!


Blast Furnace is complete… now on to God Hates Astronauts!

Hey everyone! Thanks again for the amazing success that was Blast Furnace! Everyone should have all of their rewards by now... please email me at if anything showed up damaged or didn't show up at all.

Now that Blast Furnace is done, I am proud to announce the launching of my new Kickstarter campaign for "GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS: THE COMPLETELY COMPLETE HARDCOVER EDITION!!!" It's a 180 page full cover hardcover collection of my other web-comic God Hates Astronauts! If you like the humor in Blast Furnace, you'll love GHA. You can check out the Kickstarter here

Thanks everyone for your continued support, and I really hope you will be a part of making God Hates Astronauts another great success!!!


-Ryan Browne

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We've shipped!

Hey all! Looks like domestic orders are starting to roll in. INTERNATIONAL shipping is now done! So technically, I am done fulfilling orders! YAY! 

Thanks so much to everyone for their support and patience with the project. It achieved a scope that I never could have imagined and was so fantastically awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That said, I just filled a TON of orders so there are bound to be errors and screw ups on my part. I ask you to have patience with me and if I messed anything up please feel free to email me at so we can get it all worked out.

Hope to see you all again in late January when I launch my second and final kickstarter campaign for my webcomic, God Hates Astronauts. Hopefully I learned enough through this process that that one will go even smoother! If you like Blast Furnace, check out GHA online at



Watch your mailboxes...

Hey all! Almost all of the domestic orders of Blast Furnace are in the mail! Expect to get yours by the middle of next week at the latest (come on post office, don't fail me now!). 

As for international orders, I'm hoping to have all of them done and in the mail by Friday. SO MANY CUSTOMS FORMS TO FILL OUT!!! So yeah, thanks for your patience on that.

Thanks everyone. If you have any questions about shipping just email me at

Thanks so much! We're almost done!



Hey all! Everything is almost ready to send out! Books have been signed and packaged, shirts packaged, commissions underway and shipping labels printed. I should be sending everything out this week so keep your eyes peeled next week! Thanks everyone for your awesome support, this has been awesome!!!


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