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pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2019
pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2019


Of Galaxies and Archons

In Keepers of the Cosmos you will construct decks with powerful beings called archons, as well as gather resources extracted from vast galaxies.  

Your Deck, Your Way

No microtransactions.  No grinding.  All cards unlocked from the start.  Build your deck, your way.  The game will be delivered to backers with 100 unique card designs, and an additional 20 will be designed after getting feedback from the community.  The new designs, and any subsequent updates will be provided for free.

Strategic Universe Maps

Place units, beware of dangerous anomalies, and press for a tactical advantage as the game-play unfolds on a hex-based grid.   Maps will have wormholes and other strategic locations.  Find the right balance between turn-based movement and saving your ACP for devastating attacks.

 *Above image is a Photoshop mock to give you a sense of how units are positioned.  I will be working with artists to improve the overall look.

Card Balance, Unit Stats and Win Conditions

Card balance is still a work in progress, and something that will definitely not be perfected at launch.  I want to have more layers of complexity than just power and toughness.  I'm still experimenting here, and building out the tooling that will make that experimentation possible.

Each of your archons have certain actions that consume ACP, and each archon will replenish  ACP every turn.  This system is inspired by games like Final Fantasy Tactics.  You could use some ACP to move, then defend.  Or save it up to launch a big attack, but you'll then leave your archon vulnerable.  Special abilities, such as teleportation, allow for more creative tactics.  

The primary win condition is to destroy your opponent's prime galaxy.  You'll be able to garrison units within your prime galaxy, and deploy defenses, such as mine fields.  This is similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, when you mount a defense of your capital city.

Scope of the Project

  • A total of 100 unique card designs for the completed version of the game, + 20 new designs provided via free content updates.
  • Online support for peer-to-peer, 1-on-1 matches.
  • 10 unique universe maps with varying strategic characteristics.
  • Single-player against a bot that plays a random deck from your collection.
  • PC version only to start.

Stretch Goal $25,000

  • A 25 mission story-driven single player campaign, complete with voice acting and comic panel style cut scenes.

...And That's It

I am an experienced programmer, and I know all about the dangers of scope creep.  I want to focus on something that is achievable.  That is why there is only one rewards tier and one specific stretch goal.  This idea has been knocking around in my head for a while, and I truly want to get a finished product out the door. 

How Will the Funding Be Spent?

The majority would be spent on hiring artists to improve the quality of the artwork, sound and music.  I can handle most of the programming on my own, so I won't need to hire anyone full-time for that (the demo in the video was all coded by me).  I would still allocate some funding to improve my efficiency, in the form of software licenses and Unity3D plug-ins.  And a bit for Tab and Mountain Dew.

Risks and challenges

The project is going to take a long time to complete. This is a passion project that I plan to work on for many years, and I'm not going to rush it.

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