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Diaper bag + BackPack = the Daddy Bag !
Diaper bag + BackPack = the Daddy Bag !
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    1. Missing avatar

      George Takayama on

      got my bag.
      sadly the changing pad that connects to the back mesh of the backpack was not made correctly. the velcro to keep the changing pad was sewn at the wrong location on both sides which makes it not close. truly disappointing.

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      Jet Claudio on

      Hi I've sent you a couple of messages now and still have not gotten a response. Can you please update me on the status of my order.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Heinert on

      Got mine in Germany today. It is really looking great!
      Would have been better to declare tax value of 70$ (my pledge amount) instead of 99$, would have saved me taxes (19% of declared value).
      Really looking forward to using it, though. Thanks a load for producing it, great idea!

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Cleary

      Hi, I've received my bag here in Australia - it's generally pretty good and was much easier to use than the full size nappy bag we have. I really like it and lots of parents have been impressed, but there's a few minor things that let it down and stop it being about 50% more awesome. Hoping that you eventually consider a version 2.0!

      -The credit card holder on the strap is too narrow by about 10mm to actually fit any cards.
      -The buttons to hold the wipes flap closed aren't easy to use, I ended up just not bothering after a while, I feel like these could have been magnets or similar and been more effective.
      -The cooler pockets - work well, but in practice, 3 seems a bit of overkill. The vertical one is brilliant, large enough to hold any of our bottles. The lower horizontal one was ok (after we found a bottle that wouldn't leak lying down. The upper horizontal one isn't really usable - it's a bit small. I think for a future version I'd rather see the two effectively merged into a single square-shaped one so it could hold a bottle or be used to hold a sippy cup or food container as the baby gets older.
      -The upper horizontal cooler pocket has velcro on both sides - but the internal bag only has one velcro attachment point so there's a second velcro strip that can't attach to anything and scratches me when I reach deep into the bag.
      -Nappy pocket could be slightly wider - our 'crawler' size nappies are a bit of a just-fit.
      -The top zip would be great if it could undo a bit further. I realise the nappy-bin-bag holder blocks it on one side, but even going lower on the other side would give a little more light to spot things, especially something that's worked its way below the internal cooler bags.

      Please take the above in the best light. I'm getting use out of the bag 2-3 times a week, it's great and has made a big difference for us. If you are interested in any further suggestions, please let me know.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric Yu on

      It is now 1 month behind and no updates?

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Yeo on

      i would like to cancel my backing

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard Cleary

      Looking forward to this, we are due late Feb. The diaper bag my wife has ordered just arrived and it's massive, could store at least 3 babies inside. Hopefully everything goes to plan with the Daddy Bag so I don't need to use hers!

    8. Hana Everyday Creator on

      @justin Yeo . We completely understand and have worked real hard on finding the best possible shipping cost. The rate that its at now is the lowest we've found but we are continuing to look for other sources to get the shipping rate lower. We hope that you understand and will continue to believe in us and the DaddyBag!

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo

      I will consider dropping the pledge of shipping is not reduced..