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A story-driven, roleplaying experience set in Wyrd's world of Malifaux.
A story-driven, roleplaying experience set in Wyrd's world of Malifaux.
1,546 backers pledged $243,945 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Hardcover and Penny Dreadful


Hello backers,

Happy New Year! I've got an update for everyone to kick the year off.

First, the Through the Breach hardcover books (plus the additional Fate deck) will begin shipping next week. We are going to use this week to ensure that all of the addresses are correct and updated. If you have an address update, please notify us via the Kickstarter by Sunday, January 11th. That way we'll be sure everything is sorted for Monday.

Second, the In Defense of Innocence Penny Dreadful will be sent out to the eligible backers this week. It will be sent as a pdf, and information will come directly to your e-mail.

This wraps up the last of the rewards for everyone, and starting next week we will no longer be checking the Kickstarter or making further announcements. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us directly via the Contact Us link on our website:

Thank you everyone for your support, interest, and patience as we went through this process. We hope everyone is happy with their adventures in Malifaux!

-The Wyrd Team

Pictures of the hardcovers


Hello backers!

Hope everyone is doing well and able to enjoy Through the Breach. I'm here to give you a small update on the hardcover special edition books. Here are some quick pictures of what the book looks like:

Front cover
Front cover
Back cover
Back cover

They came out very nicely, and we hope that you'll like them. They're moving along, but it'll take some time for all of them to ship here and go through customs on both ends. Once we have them, we have to check them over and then ship them out ourselves. This means that it is likely they won't be in your hands until December or even January. They will, of course, ship along with the additional TTB Limited Edition Fate Decks.

We will be sending out another survey to everyone to verify your contact information for where we should send the book. Please make sure that you reply to this survey -- we will not be responsible for reshipping rewards to anyone who has incorrect, incomplete, or outdated shipping information. Also, please keep in mind that you are responsible for your own country's customs fees.

Thank you all for bearing with us! We appreciate your support and patience through everything.

If you have any issues with your earlier rewards, you can reach out to us directly via Contact Us on our website

Have a great day!

LE Fate Decks

I just wanted to put out a quick update to let you know that:
1) If you were supposed to receive 2 LE Fate Decks and only received 1, that is because the second will be sent out with your hardcover book. Fear not! They will be coming to you. Any Arcane Fate Deck received is just a bonus.
2) We do not have a definitive date on the hardcover books yet, but we will let you know when we do.
Thank you for your continued patience, and we hope you're enjoying Through the Breach!


Piles of Boxes


Hi All,

So as I was preparing for the last update, I asked everyone around here if they had take a photo of the piles, but it seemed like no one had...Of course, shortly after the update I hear "Oh, we did take photos, a ton of them!"

So here are palates of rewards waiting to go out the door:

 But that's not all, turn around, there are WAY more boxes:

 Thanks all!


Out the Door!


We can see the floor of the warehouse again!

The majority of the boxes were done last week and out the door, with the last handful being picked up early this week. What that means is that you all should start to see your pledge rewards arriving shortly. The only thing missing from these boxes is the hardcover deluxe book for the game room level, which is still on the way, and will be sent in a second shipment when we have it.

As a little bit of bonus news. When we got the multi-piece minis properly sized, we discovered we had more space so we packed on extras!! More pieces means more minis! In fact a single sprue, either male or female, now can make up to 11 minis. Here is a quick look at what you can do with a single sprue of each. 

And here is a look at how packed the sprues are:

Thank you everyone, let us know in the comments when your package arrives!