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A steampunk miniatures wargame set on an alternate history Earth featuring stunning preassembled miniatures and streamlined rules.
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    1. Brandon on

      I can't help but feel less and less patient as time passes. My excitement for this game is becoming tainted by my experience with Wyrd as a company during this campaign. The communication has been so weak, infrequent and dismissive. If the next update is anything less than concrete information covering the hot issues I'm jumping ship.

    2. Richard E Mitchell on

      Totally cool, keep it going.

    3. Missing avatar

      william locken on

      filler to hold us over for another week it seems

    4. Adam H on

      It does seem like we're getting strung a long here a little bit. This update does seem like a step backwards. Let's hope we're all wrong.

    5. The Zombie Bard on

      @Wyrd Minatures - Thank you for the explaination.

      @Kevin - I can say that I, as well, left last week's updated with what seems to be the wrong expectations.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Calderwood on

      I think it's a little confusing that last week it was mentioned that: "Next week we will have a full update with information about the final Backerkit push and shipping!" and now this week we are: " the next week or so which will allow us to get one step closer to finalizing this project!". That kind of rhetoric makes it look like like a step backwards.. even if it is a mis interpretation on our part :) In any case, looking forward to an eventual update on shipping and backerkit!

    7. Wyrd Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Hey Michael, this is not a step backward but in fact a big step forward! Having packaging and miniatures together let's us know our final weights, dimensions etc. This information allows us to close up Backerkit. This is the next big step to closing up everything and getting stuff shipped.

    8. The Zombie Bard on

      Packaging looks nice but..... any word on the Backerkit? This seems like a bit of a step backwards from last week.