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A steampunk miniatures wargame set on an alternate history Earth featuring stunning preassembled miniatures and streamlined rules.
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Breakdown of upcoming Stretch Goals

Posted by Wyrd Miniatures (Creator)

Hello everyone!

As we discussed yesterday, today we're going to go down into a detailed breakdown of our upcoming Stretch Goals.


At this Stretch Goal, we will unlock a second Commander for all four Allegiances. Those individuals with Stretch Goals (Commander level and above) will gain the Commander of their chosen Allegiance for free in their rewards. This means that Dual Commander will get two, and Tyrant will get four.

The second Commander will allow players to take their game up to the next size, should they wish to do so.


This Stretch Goal sees three things added to The Other Side.

The first is a phone app. We have begun speaking with a developer and, should we reach this goal, we will pull the trigger on getting an app created. This app would be available free to backers with Stretch Goals.

The app would be designed to allow you to review all stat cards, easily build a list, generate an Encounter, and track some in-game information. We are also looking at other functionality that could be added for our players.

The second unlock at this level is an acrylic Token set that includes all five types of The Other Side's Tokens, five copies of each. This set will be free to all Commander level and up backers (two for Dual Commander, one for Tyrant). These Tokens will help players more easily track the game state on the table.

The third unlock at this level are the Dual Allegiance Commanders. These are unlocked as an add on only. The two Commanders are Kassa Okoye, a dual Abyssinia and King's Empire Commander and Horomatangi, a dual Cult of the Burning Man and Gibbering Hordes Commander (who is also a Titan).

Dual Allegiance Commanders are able to hire a number of Squads (and only Squads) from their secondary Allegiance, allowing some interesting unit combinations in play. More information on Dual Allegiance Commanders will be available in the coming days.


At this level, we unlock two Squads as add ons: the Abyssinian Steel Legion and the Hordes' Barbed Crawlers.


Here we unlock another two Squads as add ons: the Cult's Broken and the Empire's Grenadiers.


This Stretch Goal unlocks Adjunct models for each Allegiance. Adjunct models are a special type of Asset, only for Squads, that replaces one of the models in the Squad. This gives them access to new abilities and/or actions, as well as giving them an extra wound (as Adjuncts die very slowly). These cheap Assets are a great way to pump some extra utility into your favorite Squad.

The Abyssinians get an Engineer, the Cult gets a Raving Madman, the Gibbering Hordes get a Morphling, and the King's Empire get a Sharpshooter.

If you are backing at the Commander level and above, you'll get this Adjunct model free for every Allegiance included in your pledge (so Tyrants would get all four). These will also be available as add ons for players who aren't getting Stretch Goals or who want multiple Adjuncts.


This Stretch Goals sees four new Squads unlock, one for each Allegiance. These Squads will be provided for free to backers who have Stretch Goals. This means a Commander level will get one of these Squads, Dual Commander gets two, and Tyrant level gets four.

The unlocked Squads are the Basotho Cavalry for Abyssinia, Doomseekers for Cult, Armored Whelks for Gibbering Hordes, and Field Intelligence Corps for the King's Empire.

The Squads will also be available as add ons for players.


The Gibbering Hordes and Abyssinians each get a Squad unlocked at this level, adding them to the possible add ons.


The King's Empire and Cult of the Burning Man each get a Squad unlocked at this level, adding them to the possible add ons.


At this level, a Champion for each Allegiance is unlocked: the Rail Gunner (Abyssinia), Breachling (Cult of the Burning Man), Egg Clutch (Gibbering Hordes), and Motor Scout (King's Empire). The Champion for the Allegiance(s) you've chosen for your Pledge Level will be available free at the Commander level and above. Tyrants will get 4 Champions!

These Champions will also be available as add ons.


Additional Champions are unlocked! These Champions help flesh out a Company on the tabletop. Abyssinia gets a (unnamed) motorcycle, Cult gets an Immolated Rhino, Hordes gets a Devouring Eel, and the Empire gets an Artillery Team.


These are fairly large models and impressive on the table. They are available as add ons for players who want to pick them up.


This Stretch Goal unlocks two Special Edition figures: Thrace and Binh Nguyen. You will get one free based on your Allegiances if you are eligible for Stretch Goals. Abyssinia and King's Empire will get a Thrace, while Cult and Gibbering Hordes will get a Binh Nguyen.

These two models belong to Syndicates. Syndicates work a bit like mercenaries in the game, their forces able to be hired out to certain Allegiances.

Thrace works for the Guild, which means she is able to be hired by any Earthside Allegiances (Abyssinia and King's Empire).

Binh Nguyen works for the Court of Two, which allows him to be hired by any Malifaux Allegiances (Cult of the Burning Man and Gibbering Hordes).


That should give you a great idea of our upcoming Stretch Goals! All the models that we currently have renders for are available on our website. Navigate to the Allegiance you want by clicking on its icon, scroll down, and you can page through the different renders. Be sure to check out what's coming!


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    1. Yury Alexandrov on

      Now the project looks like it was meant to be from the beginning! *Thumbs_up*

    2. Sean Overton-shadowopal on

      Assuming the stretch goal is reached for 500k, is there any way to acquire the other LE fig through the kickstarter? Add on maybe?

    3. Aaron Collaborator on

      I feel no pity!

    4. Robert Scott Small on

      @Aaron, your not making my choice of faction easy. I keep on flipping between the Cult and Abyssinia.

    5. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Yup, definitely great stuff coming up. Really hope we get to 500+k.

    6. Damion Spearman on

      So many cool things. . . if we pass 500k, I wonder what will be next. . .

    7. Alack on

      @Aaron, awesome, thanks for the quick response!

    8. Aaron Collaborator on

      @Alack Just the Fireteam with the Adjunct, but Adjuncts can be Reinforced like normal models so you can bring it back if it dies.

    9. Alack on

      Love the look of all of these models!

      With regards to the Adjuncts, do all the fireteams in the unit get the extra wound/action, or just the one with the Adjunct model on it? Great use of the plug-base design either way.

    10. Missing avatar

      william locken on

      Im locked into Kings empire myself but I really like hordes and parts of abyssinia/cult. I know that feel bro.

    11. antwan ragland on

      You guys are making it really difficult to decide on a faction...

    12. Missing avatar

      william locken on

      Does large champs tho. Thanks for the info guys, those arts looks great, and as your track record sits the models will look the same so, i'm excited for those options to become available.