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The world's foremost time travelling facility for the preventive parenting of evil babies.
2,263 backers pledged $108,630 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

All Rewards Shipped!


As of last week, all Evil Baby Orphanage rewards have been shipped. International backers, please allow 2-6 weeks for shipping, and domestic backers please allow 2-4 weeks.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your incredible support of EBO. 

-The Wyrd Team

Bad Babies and Beyond!

Hi All!

Nearly all the packages have been shipped, and everyone will be receiving their rewards soon. Many of you have already discovered these babies on your doorstep and unwrapped those bundles of joy! Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

The world needed an Evil Baby Orphanage, and we were lucky to have the help of the Vlogbrothers and Nerdfighters and Backers from all over in bringing EBO to the world. Today we're excited to announce our follow-up to EBO - a story-telling party game that will give you a break from corralling those bad babies!

We invite you to check out our Kickstarter page to see what this new game is all about, and help us fill another great void the world never realized it had. Put simply: Jetpack Unicorn. Vloggers Kristina Horner and Joe Homes brought this crisis to our attention, and so we've teamed up with them to bring this fun, beautiful game to life. With zany artwork by our very own EBO artist, Melvin de Voor, you'll be laughing, crying, and wondering how you ever managed without a Jetpack Unicorn all your life.

-The Wyrd Team

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Shipping Error in Bloody Mary Pledge Level

Hi Everyone,

We had a shipping error in our Blood Mary shipments ($40 Pledge Level) which caused backers at this level not to receive the Crayon Manifesto and Nerdfighteria Expansions; this error is being corrected at this time, and a separate shipment is coming containing the expansions. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience it caused, but we'd also like to thank everyone who helped us discover the discrepancy by providing us feedback so quickly.


The Wyrd Team

EBO Shipping!

Hi Everyone!

We have started shipping! You can expect all your remaining reward items to arrive as one, complete package within 2-4 weeks of shipping for U.S. addresses and within 4-6 weeks of shipping for addresses outside the U.S.

We'd like to thank you again for your support of the Evil Baby Orphanage project! 


The Wyrd Team

Shipping Update!

Hi everyone,

We'd been holding our breath waiting for everything to clear through customs, and we're so happy to say it finally cleared! And all of us at the office and warehouse can breathe again. Prep work for shipping has begun and we hope to start shipping rewards to you in 2 weeks! 

It's important to note that because shipping prep is underway, we cannot process any more address changes at this point.

Thanks for your patience. The delays were steeper than we expected, but at the end of it we couldn't be happier with the quality of the final product that will be on its way to you later this month. Thank you for your support, and prepare for the Evil Baby onslaught!


The Wyrd Team