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Amass a crew, explore the islands, and uncover the secrets of The Archipelago.
Amass a crew, explore the islands, and uncover the secrets of The Archipelago.
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Backstory Update 3: Jacobo Alonso Burgés

Posted by CAGE Studios (Creator)

Thanks to our backers we've made it 80% of the way to our base goal! We appreciate your support and want to update you with an inside look at the backstory of the leader of a massive pirate faction in The Archipelago:

Jacobo Alonso Burgés was born into a noble family of Spain with great wealth and privilege. While his servants raised him with all the comforts a boy could possibly ask for, he always felt divested of the royalty his assemblage was born into due to his parents’ neglect. This void grew in him, leading him to do anything to gain the approval of his peers related to the Spanish Crown in hopes that he may one day gain their respect which he felt entitled to.

In 1778, at the age of eighteen, Jacobo presented himself in front of King Charles III of Spain to propose an improbable mission: to locate Blackbeard’s hidden treasure which was never found since his death. Intrigued and willing to exchange royal standing for bountiful gold, King Charles III accepted the offer under the condition that the Crown pay only for half of the cost of the expedition. Jacobo, deluded by his thirst for respect, agreed instantly, knowing full well he could ask his father for any sum of coin to pay for his voyage. After all, his father would do anything to get his expensively pampered son out of his wig.

In travelling from cove to islet to unmarked waters, Jacobo got lost at sea only months into his excursion and shipwrecked in the Archipelago. Luckily for him, his unmistakably enormous vessel afforded by his father’s wealth was well-built enough to keep relatively intact. Discouraged by his inability to find what he had set out for in the first place, Jacobo perceived a new opportunity arise while noticing the rampant piracy in the Archipelago. He concocted a new plan to dismantle the pirate network that was active in these waters and seize their treasure for the Crown. He needed men and resources, but knew exactly how to procure them. In the 18th century, Spanish law dictated that should you encounter a criminal who refused to convert to Catholicism, you possessed legal precedent to enslave that pupil in order to save his soul from burning in hell.

By the mid 1780’s Jacobo had established a large base camp on one of the islands complete with plantations and production for growing his fleet in order to take on the Archipelago’s pirates. In becoming an increasing threat to Captain Robert Warden’s operation, preemptive strikes on the pirates’ behalf grew increasingly frequent, eventually leading to full scale war between the two factions.

While Warden’s fleet was larger in number, Jacobo’s was more effective thanks to his extensive education in history and military strategy. Battle after battle occurred and a stalemate seemed inevitable, until the Spanish nobleman sought to harness the power of an alleged Kalinago artifact. For this he began to infiltrate native villages and enslave their inhabitants just to acquire information about their culture’s secrets and meaning. He would stop at nothing to get his hands on that artifact...

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