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Want to decorate your living space with a reminder of the horror of the Old Ones? Printed with the madness of men's souls. And ink.
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Wow, That Went Well

Posted by Sam Booker (Creator)

Alright guys, this was awesome, we closed fundraising today and did waaay better than expected! So, some stuff; It looks like after funding closes Amazon holds onto the funds for two weeks (to make sure it's not, I dunno, funding terrorism or some such) and it looks like that's gonna throw the timeline I announced in the last update off by a bit. However, the one on the page should still be pretty accurate, which means you should have your hands on this by no later than the end of March.

Now, the digital files for everybody (meaning you if you're getting this in your email) are going to be headed your way Friday of this week, and miiight include some cool other stuff for everyone, because you're all so great. 

Previous to that, expect some backer surveys coming your way, I'm about to start work on those, but they should be standard  stuff, shipping adresses, file types, stuff like that. 

Cheers guys, and thanks sooo much, I really didn't expect this to do as well as it did, and any unexpected fantastic-ness of this experience has been due to your generosity and belief!

Keep being great, more later,



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