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The Call of Cthulhu 4-Color Screen-Print!'s video poster

Want to decorate your living space with a reminder of the horror of the Old Ones? Printed with the madness of men's souls. And ink. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 3, 2013.

Want to decorate your living space with a reminder of the horror of the Old Ones? Printed with the madness of men's souls. And ink.

About this project


Hey! My name is Sam Booker, and I'm an artist and job-monkey living and working in Los Angeles, California. Like many of you I'm a huge fan of the macabre horror stylings of H.P. Lovecraft, and a huge fan of cool posters. 


Rather than pontificating endlessly (that'll come later) let's take a look at the image!

The detail images should give a good idea of the print (these are all lower quality than the image we'll be printing with), and although the colors aren't exactly the ones we'll be using, they're pretty close (Printers use CMYK colors, computers use RGB).

The print is four colors and is about 15 by 22 inches ( the image is 15.7"x22", the border will be about a half inch around), and will be printed on 100lb Cover Cougar White paper. Now, I haven't ever screenprinted before, and because of that I want to print this through Nakatomi Print Labs, the shop of artist and certified badass Tim Doyle, consequently I have no worries about the process, which is nice.


The process of screenprinting is very simple and very cool. A negative of the image is burned onto a mesh screen, leaving the sections of the image that will be filled with ink empty.

Paper is placed underneath, and ink is pressed vigorously over the screen, passing through the empty sections and onto the paper, which leaves a negative of the screen (meaning it's identical to the image you started with)!

In prints with more than one color this process is repeated for each color involved (it gets both tricker and more fun here), with the opacity and placement of color layers determining the look of the final print.

So in the case of our Cthulhu print the colors get a wee bit more complex, with gradients and large portions of layered color, etc. which is why it can be difficult to do at home, and why to trust a pro. Basically the process of layering should look something like this:

(Actually the sections of colors yet to be added will be missing on the sections preceding them, but that looks terrible when you shrink it)


The goal for me with this project is to dip my toes gingerly into the world of print making and selling, and an important part of that process is making sure that you, the cool person with great taste, get your poster in the shortest order possible. Assuming that the funding goal is met in the 20 days allotted (which would put the finish line at roughly afternoon, February 3rd) and that I have my hands on the prints by mid-to-late February, I'd like to have them shipped out to you by mid March. 

Shipping means a 4"x20" Yazoo Mills Heavy Duty Kraft Tube, with the print rolled using 30lb Brown Kraft paper (to insure that the print doesn't rub against itself), and shipped using USPS Priority Mail. There'll be more on all this when the project reaches funding.

This process is pretty new to me, but I'm looking forward to it, even the boring part (that would be shipping), and I hope you join me for this adventure.

I'm Sam Booker, together we can answer the call.

Risks and challenges

I won't be screen-printing the image myself, leaving it to artist and printshop owner Tim Doyle (he knows what he's doing, I wouldn't). But that still doesn't negate the fact that I haven't screenprinted before, and there is a learning curve when formatting an image for printing, and color picking, etc. There is a certain gap between the image as it exists on your computer and as it does on paper, the majority of the project's "risk" simply has to do with whether that's a wide or small gap. I'm not especially worried on this front however, as I've shown the raw files to a number of friends more experienced in this format and they've all given me a thumbs up.
The other conceivable risk involved is damage while shipping, but with the proper packing techniques shipping a print is a low-risk affair, and any prints damaged in shipping would have new ones sent out as soon as possible.

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    You are poor, most likely from pursuing a liberal arts degree in college. That's fine, every little bit helps! For this you get a high-quality digital version of the print for whatever use you deem coolest, as well as the image formatted to fit a desktop background.

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    Ah, excellent! You can afford $30. You've done well in life, I can tell, and for this contribution you shall be rewarded with your very own Call of Cthulhu four-color screenprint, signed and numbered, and shipped to you at your earliest convenience (as well as the digital copies).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    The only reason I can imagine you're even looking at this echelon of price is that you were a Lovecraft nerd in high school and now work in high finance. Well done, you probably do well at reunions! For $80 you get two copies of the poster (as well as the digital copies), both signed and numbered, one of which will be enhanced with hand-drawn additions based on your suggestions!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    So you've scrolled this far down huh? Well, nothing stops you my rich friend. OK, for $250 you get the stuff listed above (two copies of the print, one doodled upon by me, as well as a digital copy), in addition I will illustrate and have printed a two color poster inspired by a Lovecraft story of your suggestion. There will only be 10 copies of this print, signed and numbered, 5 for you and 5 for me.

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    Ships anywhere in the world

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