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AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro and cameras up to 3.3 lbs.
AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro and cameras up to 3.3 lbs.
  Missed our Kickstarter? We are now live on Indiegogo!
AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro and cameras up to 3.3 lbs.   Missed our Kickstarter? We are now live on Indiegogo!
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    1. Cas_per_M about 10 hours ago


      Wiral has stated many times before that refunds will not happen. :-)
      This is also common practice in any crowdfunding campaign, as your money is already invested into the project.

      Also, formally you did not buy anything, yet you gave the Wiral project support (in the form of money). As a thank-you, Wiral promises to send you one of the units if they are developed. This also explains why no refunds are given, as it is alreasy invested.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hansjörg Ransmayr 1 day ago

      My project - for which I wanted to work with your item - ends in September. Therefore I have no more need to get wiral. Could you please give me a refund ?

    3. Wiral Creator 4 days ago

      @Darren, Thank you so much! 🙌We'll ship the accessories with the unit, so you'll get everything you pledged for at the same time. We have locked down all survey answers, but as we now have more time before shipping we will open surveys upon request, so that you'll be able to edit it. I have opened yours now Darren, I'll send you a link in a direct message.

    4. Darren Teasdale 4 days ago

      Thanks for the informative update. As always the honesty and transparency is awesome. Keep up the great work and when it's ready I am sure it will be worth the wait. I have a couple of questions about accessories if I may. Will they be readily available once the project ships? Would it be possible to add accessories to our pledge like before since there's now an extension to the delivery date? Thanks again for the update.

    5. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf 4 days ago

      do 2 holes on side and we do arm with wheel that conect to it

    6. Wiral Creator 5 days ago

      @Casper, The lock pin is metal. Having a secondary line is really interesting for use in places with regulations and over crowds. We'll certainly look into this, but our focus right now is getting Wiral LITE ready for you guys!

    7. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf 5 days ago

      Bernhard Dengler if you need more security stick 2 wirals :)

    8. Cas_per_M 6 days ago

      Out of curiosity,

      Is the locking pin metal or plastic?

      It would be very nice to have some place to attach a secondary/backup line, WITHOUT impacting any delivery times :-P

    9. Wiral Creator 6 days ago

      Yeah, Casper! 👊
      @Bernard, Yes, Wiral LITE has a lock pin above the motor that ensures that the unit stays on the line even if it derails. This feature is among the highlighted features in an earlier update, you can see a picture of it here:
      Depending on the regulations in the event arena you might need extra security mechanisms in place, as Wiral LITE is still connected to one rope only. If you stay within the recommended payload and don't overtighten the rope, you'll be well within the strength limits of the rope in terms of snapping. In windy situations it might be wise to use a gimbal with your Wiral LITE, as this might effect the movement of the unit.

    10. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Dengler 6 days ago

      Thanks for the latest update. What I've been asking myself the last days is, if there's any security mechanism that's preventing Wiral from dropping off the rope. Why? If you'd like to install Wiral on e.g. some event to make flyovers over the audience, you're NOT allowed to do it without appropriate security mechanisms. Is there a solution for that?
      Or what about very windy situations? Did you test Wiral in such environments?
      What about the rope? How secure is it in terms of snapping?

    11. Cas_per_M 6 days ago

      If you're a backer, do not forget to join the Facebook Community for Wiral! :-)

    12. Wiral Creator 7 days ago

      Thanks guys, you are amazing! 🙌

    13. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      Race game :D colorspike same time start ks capain who go sent unit first ? :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Guys, do what you keep doing. We still have people here that believe Kickstarter is similar to Amazon. Just ignore them. They are on every Kickstarter project because they are to stupid to read the warnings that come with every project.

    15. Steve on

      I am not planning on any of my projects with 'wiral lite' until I have 'wiral lite' in hand.
      I will keep doing my videos the way that I have been doing them.
      Wiral Team keep doing what You are doing!
      Think it through! Figure it out! You Got This!
      Still backing 'Wiral Lite' & Wiral Team

    16. Wiral Creator on

      Thanks for all your support guys, we love you! 😍
      @Abdulaah and Cas_per_M, A lot of our backers (like you Casper) are asking for as much details about the process as possible, but we try to prioritize the most important information at the beginning of the updates so you don't have to read everything if you don't want to.

    17. Missing avatar

      Barry Yeung on

      Hi, Wiral Team, add oil and keep going ……,I will be waiting for my stuff and play it hard in Oct.😃

    18. Cas_per_M on


      Honestly, smaller updates? The more exact details we can get on the progress, the better in my opinion!

    19. Abdullah Alsobiae on

      I need few days to read this long update. Please make it shorter next time. Thanks anyway

    20. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      ah no any app okey :( but how we set timelapse (stop shot stop)

    21. Missing avatar

      Ruben Isidro on

      Come on guys ... stop burning circuit boards! I want to burn some rope!
      Now seriously, good update and keep up the good work! %%-

    22. Wiral Creator on

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf: We like you too André! There is no app coming with WIral LITE.
      Keith S: Thank you so much for the support and appreciation of our effort in being transparent towards you guys!
      Mike Larson: Thank you so much for understanding, that you guys are still supporting us means everything and is really motivating for the team!
      Hansjörg Ransmayr, Simone Empirio, Martijn Dieleman: Really sorry to hear about your project Hansjörg! The backing we got from you guys is what made this possible and we will forever be grateful! Your contribution via Kickstarter is what made this all possible and enabled us to start the manufacturing of Wiral LITE. Kickstarter is not a webshop, it is a platform and community that makes it possible to bring creative ideas like Wiral LITE to life. As a Kickstarter backer you can be part of creating products like Wiral LITE by providing your financial support for it to reach the next level. This means that the products you see on Kickstarter are usually not manufactured yet and you will probably have to wait some months before you get it and delays are unfortunately quite common.

      In the Kickstarter community, the items that you receive after making a pledge are referred to as “rewards” because they are not purchases in the traditional sense. They are gifts – in our case, Wiral LITE – that are sent to our supporters as a token of appreciation for their support of our business. Since it is not a purchase in the traditional sense we do not offer refunds either. We are very sorry if this is inconvenient for you.
      Ilya Terentyev: Thank you for the feedback, it is great when you tell us exactly what you wish the product could do and how it should work.

    23. Ilya Terentyev on

      For timelapse mode it's very important to know exactly how fast the device moves. It would be great, if you could set an exact speed in the app. Or set the distance needed to be traveled and the time for how long it must take. Without such functionality it will be a guessing job. Not good when you need camera at EXACT position at EXACT time during shooting timelapse.

    24. Martijn Dieleman on

      Hi, after your last update I have lost all confidence. I want to request a full refund. Please inform on how to proceed. Thanks in advance.

    25. Missing avatar

      Simone Empirio on

      hello I followed all the wiral project with anxiety and enthusiasm. your last update of the burned out card left me very disappointed is worried. a very serious and dangerous problem. in the end it is a simple project I have seen more complex projects evolve quickly without these hitches., It seems to me that the occurrence of these hitches results in modifications on modifications due to a project that has been designed badly from the beginning. I recommend redesigning it from the beginning. I would like to have a full refund. I await your news on the refund Thank you

    26. Missing avatar

      Hansjörg Ransmayr on

      My project - for which I wanted to work with your item - ends in September. Therefore I have no more need to get wiral. Could you please give me a refund ?

    27. Mike Larson on

      Great update and don’t sweat the delays. First projects on here often hit delays, your open updates are appreciated and reassuring! Alpine, Solo Stove, and BedJet are the only Kickstarters I have encountered who have been close to their original ship dates but they have become well tuned to the process, so new backers don’t sweat this. Part of the process. You could always be a “Campfire in a Can” backer (I was) which never happened, or one of the unlucky “Coolest Cooler” (I was a thankfully a lucky one) backers who are still waiting.

      Wiral will be an amazing tool when it arrives!!!

    28. Keith S on

      I know that there will be many barriers for you but your transparency and obvious commitment to the development comes through in your updates. As a pro, I don’t schedule work based on when I might receive a product because I know that my funds were used to develop something, as opposed to ordering something from a catalogue. Keep up the great work Team Wiral! For those that want to see a real Kickstarter failure look up “Life Lite”. You will feel much better about Wiral and how they manage a project.

    29. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      I like you 🙂 so it is true app huray 🙂 one more think but it is late if you want repeat shot it can be great have speed number (or how much power it use like it have max speed so dont worry about metric imperial etc) i mean just 2digital number display(and too add in app speed and repeat memory)

    30. Wiral Creator on

      @André Philippe, Good idea for the timelapse control! It will not be controlled by an app, so all you need to capture timelapses is the Wiral LITE remote control. Update coming up this week, so tay tuned!
      @Wiktor, We apologize for the delay, but really glad to see that you still want your Wiral LITE!
      @Robert and Nguyen, We have an update coming up this week! Keep following our updates for all the lates on production and shipping.
      @blondsign, I am really sorry you have not gotten any answer from us. We have a lot of different channels in which we are communicating with out backers, and our twitter account has been somewhat forgotten lately to be honest. There's an update coming up this week with updates on shipping and production. Feel free to send us a message here on Kickstarter or email us at if you have any questions!

    31. Missing avatar

      blondsign on

      Its a pity that you are not answering my tweets regarding the shipping, so I have to ask here now. In the last update you wrote that shipping starts in august. As Backer #165 I am asking you kindly for a shipping date!
      Please answer this comment and not postponing the date again.. Some day it might look unprofessional than...

    32. Nguyen Huu Thien on

      I want to know exactly when the supporters of you in that I received the product from you. Have you delayed delivery times several times already?

    33. Nguyen Huu Thien on

      It's August now. Why do not I see delivery information for me?

    34. Robert Merrique on

      Hey there. When is the next update due?

    35. Wiktor Wigge Grönlund

      Ignore my last comment on refund.

      @marc I’m well aware, but some companies offer refunds anyway, you can always ask. Worst case they say No, :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      @Wiktor, do you know the difference between Kickstarter and Amazon?
      On Kickstarter you give money to help a company to get of the ground, for that you get a reward. On Amazon you can actually order a product and also can cancel it as Amazon is a store.
      Kickstarter has no refund policy as you didn't order anything.

    37. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      I saw controler timelapse the markers shows time between move? First set how long is expositure second delay and third speed? Or it can do via app can you answerb(it can be in update. Thank you

    38. Wiktor Wigge Grönlund

      Hello, I was planning on using my Wiral Lite this summer and because of all the delays I really won’t be using it until next spring\summer. Was planing on using it for downhill.
      Is it possible to cancel my order and get a refund?

    39. Wiral Creator on

      @Manfred, Estimated shipping is August-September and will be according to backer number. Follow our updates for more information about this!

    40. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      @Manfred you sound like you are an idiot. This isn't Amazon and they are still haven't a product.

    41. Missing avatar

      Schneider Manfred on

      hi, iam backer number 3122, when will i get wiral lite?

    42. Wiral Creator on

      @Simone Empirio, Jeremy Revitch: Simone, your order is paid, shipping is still estimated to august/september
      @Alastair Evans: The ultimate kit comes with a 50m rope and a 100m rope, but it is not possible to combine the two.
      @Nood Mahmoud Darwiche: The esimated shipping date is still august/september, and you can always change your shipping address and retrieve your survey through this link:
      @Steve, @André Philippe Schwarzkopf:: An update on the progress will be coming next week, stay tuned.

    43. Steve on

      Anticipating new update with stated positive progress. Hoping light at end of tunnel regarding pilot testing and production actually commencing forward very soon.

    44. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      We get update before 13 or not? We know final test just say all ok what tested. Thank you

    45. Nood Mahmoud Darwiche

      I'm backer number 2,297. Will I be seeing the Wiral before October?
      I moved already but I think I changed my shipping address, could you check if I changed it for me please. Thank you

    46. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      @Alastair, they will send you two ropes, one 100 and one 50 meter long. You can always buy similar rope on the 500 meter roll.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kicking The Gong Around on

      I need to change my address you deliver to... How do I do that please?

    48. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      I saw on indiegogo some asking for german manual. Maybe is possible i can do some basic czech manual if you want help send me PM.

    49. Missing avatar

      André Philippe Schwarzkopf on

      I think it is possible 2 ways the new zip conect (so can have 2) or buy something similiar and longer

    50. Missing avatar

      Alastair Evans on

      Question about the ropes:

      I opted for the ultimate kit which i believe comes with a 50m and a 100m rope.

      Does this mean the total distance I can travel is 150m by combing the ropes? Or is the 100m option only a replacement for the 50m?

      I need to travel 130m for a project I have coming up at the start of 2019.


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