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Team Notion is a 2d side scrolling beat em up that's taking cues from old school game design and merging with new 2d mechanics.

UPDATE 5: PC/MAC version funded!

Thanks a ton for backing up the Team Notion video game project. We aren't at the PSVITA level of funding but no worries, we are really appreciative of the support that we have received thus far and will strive to bring you guys a great game. 

Here's a running animation of the character Drew. still needs tweaking but it's showing you guys a bit of the dev so far. 

Lets keep the funding going. We still have 3 days (never know, might hit the PSVITA level). 

Thanks again! 


UPDATE 4: Time is ticking! And new ART!

We are 50 percent funded! Which is great! We really appreciate all of the support! But sadly, we only have 8 days left! We have to raise almost $1500 in a little over a week. yikes! We could use as much word of mouth help as possible! Also, we're playing around with a platformer style of Team Notion. We may end up making two games ^_^

Here's some sprites that I just finished up today.
It's featuring the main character, Drew, as a younger hero.

Let's keep this kickstarter alive and let's make this project a success! Thanks all! :D

-Andrew Augustin (artist) of Notion Games LLC

Update #3: (BONUS) Get Up Up Ubi and the OST w/ $25 pledge or higher!

For those who pledge $25 or higher, you will also get our first title (for the iPod, iPhone and iPad) Up Up Ubi and a digital download of the Official soundtrack (over 11 songs)!!!  

UPDATE 2 - Video of concept art and the theme song for Team Notion

Thanks for the tremendous support so far! We are still far away from the goal but we are appreciative of every backing that we get. Here's a video going more in depth about what team notion is.

What is Team Notion?

Cover art for Team Notion #2 'Lions, Tigers, Bears and KING MIKE!'

Team Notion started as a comic book series by Andrew Augustin and Matthew Wead Jones. It's a series about two children and a talking panda saving Vernon city from goons such as the Evil Nene, King Mike and others by becoming heroes by suiting up in futuristic body suits that grants the wearer special abilites such as super speed, energy manipulation, etc. 

Why a video game?

We've been playing video games our ENTIRE lives and we know first hand how great the video game medium has become. Video games (in our opinion) are one of the most expressive and diverse (entertainment wise) forms of art out there.Yes, We think that video games are considered art.

Video games are getting more and more popular because of the entertainment value the medium contains. There are many things you can do to immerse fans in video games that are not possible through mediums such as comic books. Turning Team Notion into a game is a great way for us to get the fans more engaged with the series. 

So what are the features and how will the game play?

The type of video game that we feel would fit the series is a 2d side scroller beat-em-up similar to the classic games such as Streets of Rage 2Double Dragon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We would like to bring back the classic 2d formula and mix it with today's tech to create beautiful cartoon games. 

We will be developing 'Team Notion' for the PC and Mac and hope to have the game released on Steam. We have plans to also later port the game to Playstation Vita, iOS and Android devices (depending on how well the gameplay can translate over to the touch screen controls).

The features we are planning to implement are:

- Wonderful 2d cartoon animations and background art

- Amazing soundtrack to compliment the gameplay

- 2 player Co-op Gameplay (Local. Not 100 percent sure about Online just yet but we will definitely look into it!)

- 8 levels with 2-3 sections for each level

- 4 main bosses and 4 sub bosses

- combo system utilizing juggles, wall and ground bounces as well as special moves unique to each character

- Art in between levels to advance the story

- Unlockable moves for each character

There will be more features discussed as the project is put into full production. These are the core features that we are planning on implementing.

What has been done so far?

We have went through and created things such as character animations, background assets, concept sketches and more. We can't technically work on more without truly dedicating to the project and going into full production. 

These concept peices are just the beginning. We are planning to have more elaborate set pieces and crazy bosses and goons. Complex combos and dodging mechanics are also on the list of things to possibly include to create an exciting modern feel to the classic 2D beat-em-up. 

The Official Soundtrack

Every game project coming from Notion Games LLC will be paired with a fantastic soundtrack. We know the importance and impact of an amazing collection of music within a video game. With our in-house composer, Calum Bowen and our good friends at Short Round Music, we can create great music to enhance the experience.

Our first project, Up Up Ubi has a great soundtrack with over 11 songs. you can check out samples of the music and an example of what we'll bring to the table whenever we release a project by clicking HERE

The Team

The Notion Games LLC Team

Our wonderful team consists of a handful of talented people with skills ranging from art to programming and online marketing. 

Notion is an independent game development company based in Austin, Texas. Up Up Ubi! is Notion’s first gaming project, but Notion is no stranger to the field. Notion’s founder/ owner, Andrew Augustin aka DatBoiDrew was in charge of the character design for The Sims 3: Pets for Xbox360 and Playstation3 and was recognized as the 'best graphic designer in Austin, Tx' by the Austin Chronicle in 2007.  

Previous Work

Up Up Ubi - available for iOS devices in the App Store

Up Up Ubi is a fast paced exciting arcade game that rewards timing and reflexes. The goal of the game is to keep Ubi afloat by placing balloons on the screen directly beneath him, destroying enemies and dodging obstacles. Players are rewarded for the amount of bonus pickups they acquire during gameplay and for how long they survive.

Our first project as a team 'Up Up Ubi' has been a great learning experience for us and also let's us see the possibilities we have with the video game medium. 

What will the money be used for?

Making a game can become a really expensive endeavor. There are engine and developer licenses that you have to buy, expensive devices/test kits, tools for creating the art, technical equipment, promo material and more! The costs can and will rise pretty fast! 

Your donations/investments will help pay for all of these things so that we may have everything that we need in order to bring this project to completion. 

The base pledge will only cover the PC and Mac development. (We will update this section with how much each of the dev kits will cost for the other platforms)


We are very passionate about creating games and being able tell our stories through interactive forms of art. We would very much appreciate the support from each and everyone of you. Please help spread the word about the kickstarter by linking people to this page. If we reach our goal that would be great! If we could SURPASS our goal, that would be EVEN GREATER! 

Let's have fun and become a part of the creation of an amazing new 2d game!


  • Yes... and no. We are wanting to port it to the PS Vita but that's only possible if we're able to reach a certain goal. If you'd like to see if on as many platforms as possible help us spread the word! Hopefully we'll get enough to do the port!

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  • We at Notion Games LLC love to create games! We are doing this out of our home studio and for no pay. We have a passion for this. But of course we have to eat just like everyone else so we will start needing to make money from our projects. But 3 grand is enough because of the work we're putting in from our heart and not for the money. The money we get will allow us to keep our current tech updated throughout the dev process.

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    Come by to the Notion Games studio and have a fun game night with Andrew Augustin, Sandra Gutierrez and Jay Michael of Notion Games! The game night will be recorded and posted on youtube and the Notion games website! Dinner will be included and you will also leave with tons of autographed gifts! and all of the previous Reward tiers. *Must be in the Austin Tx area for this to happen *depending on how big the list we may have to rent out a room and have a big party

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