$8,593 pledged of $20,000 goal
$8,593 pledged of $20,000 goal

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TinMan Miniatures Relaunch is Live!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that our relaunch is now live, and you can find it here:


Please check it out, and pass it along on Facebook, Twitter, and to any other gamers who you know would love these miniatures!

Thank you for helping make this project a reality!

--Tin Man

Martian Warriors Concept Art

These drawings are the concept art for the Martian warriors that are to be produced as 5-man squads. They will come in a variety of poses and the Mercenaries will have more options in their weapons and armor.

All art on this page is by Carlos Gomez

Deco City Warriors

Nouveau City Warriors


Sisterhood Assassins Concept Art

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Here is the awesome concept art for the Sisterhood Assassins that will be unlocked at the $25,000 level.

Combining Website Orders with Kickstarter Pledges

Thank you for the AMAZING first week! We're thrilled at the level of support we've seen, it's incredibly rewarding. YOU are making this project a reality!    

We wanted to let you know about a new development to our campaign. We've had a lot of questions about combining website orders with the Kickstarter, which ends up being basically impossible to set up logistically (the website orders are processed via PayPal; the Kickstarter is processed via Amazon, who does not support PayPal; and so on). 

We have decided to make our entire line of miniatures (except for bases) available as add-ons, available to anyone who pledges at the CANIS TRAINER level or higher. These are strictly add-ons, and are not part of any pledge level. The graphic is attached at the end of this update.

Additionally, to make it easier to add totals, and to keep the total numbers tidy, we're offering a discount on all of these add-on miniatures. Their prices are rounded down to the nearest 50 cents or dollar! Domestic shipping is still included in these prices, and international shipping is still only $9! 

Please help spread the word in any way you can -- posting to forums, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, or even emailing friends who you know would love these figures! 

(Here's the short link: http://kck.st/15E29Fz)

Thank you again for the incredible support! 

--Tin Man

So, what ARE the stretch goal miniatures?

We have been getting questions regarding the models that have yet to be unlocked. Hopefully this will answer those questions!

$25,000 Level

The first, at the $25,000 level, is a squad of three models of what are tentatively called “Sisterhood Assassins.” The art is a beautiful piece by Carlos Gomez. Carlos was sent a detailed description of what we wanted the girls to be like and he not only nailed it, he far exceeded all expectations.

$30,000 Level

The next three squads, at the $30,000 level, are meant to represent different factions of fighting men of Mars, and will come in squads of five units. Two of these squads are meant to be faction soldiers who are outfitted uniformly to represent their different cities of origin. The third group is a mercenary unit and will have a bit more variation in equipment and armor styles within the squad.  

The current plan is to make at least seven bodies that will be used as blanks which will then be outfitted accordingly. Since each squad will consist of only five models, this plan will give us three basic bodies that are common among all three squads, and each squad will have within it one figure that is unique.  

Our future plans include creating more elaborate models for these squads, to represent champions, commanders, and so on.  

$40,000 Level

The units that will be unlocked at the $40,000 level are non-human, four-armed giants that will come in three-man squads and are also meant to represent three different factions.

Similar to the plan for the squads at the $30,000 level, we will create five blank bodies that will be outfitted appropriately for each faction.  

Since each squad will consist of only three models, this plan will give us one basic body that is common among all three squads, and each squad will have within it one figure that is unique.  

Also, as for the squads above, our future plans include creating more elaborate models for these squads, to represent champions, commanders, and so on.

More to come!

Assuming I haven't mixed up my terminology (a "squad" is a group of "units"), the above should help clarify what's coming down the line. 

Later this week, we will be adding our entire current product line as add-ons for this campaign:they will be available as add-ons at a discount AND will be included in your total order, so shipping is included in the price! This will be launched officially in its own update either tomorrow or Thursday (as soon as we've nailed down some details).

Thank you for all of your continued support!

--Tin Man