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Black Comedy/Action/Drama. Hard Crime Comes to Middle School.

For Those of us who Went to Middle School:

Black Comedy/Action/Drama.  Blood Diamond comes to Middle School. It is 2001. Middle schools have outlawed the trading of Pokémon cards. Gunn, a student experienced in illegal trading, acts as a liaison between traders. Now he’s got to pull one last job to secure a card he’s been after his whole life for the girl he loves – Felicia – who has an agenda of her own.

However, the school principal, Hanson, gets wind of this trade, and seeks to intercept the card and destroy the kids in the worst feasible manner: calling their parents. Through twists of action and quick-thinking, Gunn must find a way to outwit his enemies – and redeem his past.

Why Support This Movie - A Note From the Director:

Regardless if you were the class clown, the teacher’s pet, or the bully, you all wanted to be the rebel that evaded the rules and escaped being caught. I know I did - in a world full of unnecessary rules imposed upon us by a common enemy: Adults.

Caught takes us back to the battlefield that was middle school, through the eyes of kids who have mentally transformed into adults after their childhood trading cards were confiscated from them by a new school decree. Now they must use their wit to regain what was formerly theirs. Follow our lead character Gunn and dart around the hallways imagining you are Jason Bourne when you do not have a hall-pass. Avoid the bully before and after school, and win the heart of your elementary crush. It’s not child’s play, but serious business that defines our entire world. 

As my New York University Thesis film, never have I had a better team nor more confidence to deliver the adventure. Now help me bring that action on screen, that journey that will instill thrill back to anyone who is still a kid at heart.

Bruce X Li

Past Works by Stroke of Kiwi Pictures:

Here is an example the quality of work you can expect from this team of filmmakers:

Supporting "Caught": Where the Money Goes:

All funds raised go directly to funding the movie for the equipment rental, transportation, food and lodging for the actors and crew, props, etc.

On our film, just $500 makes you an Executive Producer!  While other short films of similar caliber may easily run over $50,000, we have supplemented costs by using our time and experience to stay simple and diminish as many of the costs as possible.  For example, we were able to secure our location at a negligible fee after carefully scouting and pitching to over 30 middle schools.  Here are two photos from our location:

We have a crew of very talented individuals whose works have screened at numerous prestigious film festivals, and will make sure that every dollar you donate is utilized to maximize what you will see on the screen!

We plan to have have principal photography in June, and totally finish the film for film festivals by September.

Please feel free to contact Stroke of Kiwi Pictures at

for any inquiries, and

Thank you for your Support!


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