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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

Another update for updating.


 This is the 3rd day and funding is now a third of the way there which is neat. Time to answer more questions.

  • Animal Buddies!

People have been pretty curious about the animal buddies so here's some more info. Along with the red squirrel backer reward there's 4 animal buddies in the game at the moment but they don't have models so I can't show you them, unless you're eager to see placeholder spheres and cubes. With the exception of the squirrel who leaves peanuts and gifts at your doorstep every morning, the others are mostly decoration which stick around your den (for now?)

As an example of how you befriend an animal buddy lets take the lazy, somewhat overweight raccoon. When you come across him on your bear adventure (and you don't attack him) you can feed it something and he'll move into your den. The other animal buddies can be friended in similar ways.

  • Your Bear Den

The den will be somewhat customizable, at the moment you can only upgrade the bear bed but trophies and other ways to decorate your home will most likely be added.

  • Humans

To give you a few working ideas about humans in the game, there will probably be poachers and a possible campsite with campers but this isn't a sure thing yet.

  • Beta Testing

People in the comment section suggested releasing a single region for early beta testing instead throwing it there all at once. This might be a good idea.

  • Polar Bears

Poooolar bears, like half the messages I get are about them. I am more than fully aware of the polar bear popularity now.

To end this update, tomorrow I'm probably going to upload a video about the bear sunglasses and how you equip them. It's gonna be real dumb though.


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    1. Kermode Bear on

      I know you have a spirit bear skin, but adding a bona fide kermode bear would be exceptionally awesome as well.

      And while you're at it...

      Sloth bear, sun bear, asiatic black bear, spectacled bear, etc., etc... (o:

    2. BloodyGames on

      I wouldn't mind if there were no humans to be honest. I liked the little part in your video that showed the bear exploring what looked like some ruined steps on a side of a mountain. Added a bit of a mystery feel, and it may work as a sort of silent story to tell through exposition.

      The other thing - I know there's a ton of cool features, but what I'd like to see in any early alphas or anything, is nailing down the bear movement. A lot of games I've played treat 4 legged movement (like riding horses) by making it little to no different from two legged.

      The only game I can recall off the top of my head that stuck with me is Assassin's Creed 1's horse movement - it made me feel like I'm actually riding a horse. Not sure how you plan your movement, but since it's one major feature of the game, maybe it's best to prototype it earlyt and get as much feedback as you can. Anyway, hope this project makes it.

    3. Ahmad Khan on

      please let there be pick-nick baskets, please please please...and park rangers with tranquilizer darts on a look out for a 'bear' spotted in the area