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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
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Game Update (Fixes, additions, and upgrades)

Posted by Farjay Studios (Creator)

First off, really liked how the design of that title ^ turned out. Tried something new in photoshop.

Anyway there's a new game update out, it contains fixes, updates and added stuff.

  • Fixed the bug with the Web Orb Door.
  • Fixed the bug with the evil mushroom.
  • Fixed the “Fade in/out” layer not stretching at higher resolutions.
  • Fixed a ton of spelling errors. (Forgot to change the marking where Dan Mole refers to himself as Mole Dan though, next update >.>)
  • Added colliders to a bunch of things that was missing them.
  • MAYBE fixed the shadow and texture flickering. MAYBE. Email if it's fixed for you or not, would be interested to hear.
  • Made hitboxes bigger on all creatures. (Made pathfinding worse though)
  • Fancied up a ton of textures.
  • Made the “Unstick” button work waaaaaaaaaay better so if you get stuck all you have to do is press 5 and it will unstick you. (Don't abuse this to get places where you aren't supposed to pls)
  • Hella adjusted the lighting in each region. Made the mountain night brighter, toned down the brightness at the beach, etc. etc.
  • Readjusted everything at the ocean plus added more things.
  • Added a lot more invisible walls to prevent people from getting where they weren't supposed to.
  • Added a “Return to Den” button. Click it to return to your den no matter where you are.
  • Added fast travel shrooms in your den. When you visit a region a new mushroom will pop up in your den.
  • Added some references to the upcoming Campground update.
  • Added a sponge to be found under the sea. -.-
  • Tried to make the graphics better but it cause an extreme performance drop, then tried to revert it but it still left a bunch of performance problems. There might be a fps drop for some.
  • Probably introduced a ton of programming bugs after trying to reorganize script stuff.
  • As stated before the animal pathfinding is worse with the bigger hitboxes, hopefully it's worth it.

 People are inquiring about this symbol:

For a hint check the door in the cave. Also it isn't the symbol of the evil chickens.

Also movie recommendation, people should watch this movie called Legend.

It's friggen weird and Tom Cruise has long hair in it plus there's unicorns and a weird evil guy played by Tim Curry. Directed by the same guy who did Alien!

Lastly will try to put the game on sale. Not sure how to go about it but we'll see.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eirik Schølseth on

      Thank you John.

      I think this game is full of fun details and it is made with humour and love.
      Me and three friends backed this game, and would totally do so again. Your blog-posts and updates all brought great joy to read - and now the game is playable and it is fun.

      I understand that people have made some drama because of them thinking this game was something else, but they did not follow you from the start. The game is what is it is supposed to be. About being a bear and the developer who had nothing but a dream to make it a game. Been a fantastic journey following the game and the development.

      Thanks for the update.

    2. Ashley Hudson on

      Legend is a great movie! Definitely anyone who hasn't seen it, should.
      I think this is a great update, I hope i have time later to explore again.

    3. J.L. on

      You come bearing more gifts to us cubs! Thank you, Papa Bear. (c:

      Keep up the good work!

    4. Christian Montoya on