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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
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Campground Region Preview + Other Things

Posted by Farjay Studios (Creator)

First of all look at this trailer, it's an early preview for the Campground update:

This campground thing will most likely include the evil chickens and Crystal Caves too. That gameplay footage part might also not be a final thing either. Not sure how long it will take, need to figure out a bunch of things first.

This trailer though was the funnest one yet to make, especially editing the sound which turned out swell. Except for the gameplay footage it was made in After Effects.

Trying to do a “Making Of” with this update that shows what goes into making a region. Might be interesting?:

This is part 1, not sure how many parts to it yet.

  • For maps, probably just going to make a map of each region and offer them on the game site.
  • Will try to fix the Steam overlay problem.
  • Also working on adding a respawn button that will pop you up when/if stuck.

Have been watching waaaaay too many shows lately, here's a review of some along with a sandwich and game review:

Recess: This cartoon is friggen awesome. It has really good characters and entertaining stories. You should really give it a watch if you haven't.

3rd Rock from the Sun: Hadn't really thought much of this show but after finally watching it realized it is pretty good, the actors really make it work. All of them are great and the guy who plays Dick is absolutely hilarious.

Also been playing a city builder called Tropico. You are in charge of an island and it involves politics and stuff, it's pretty fun and funny. So if you like being an dictator, tropical settings and city building you should give it a try. Only have been playing Tropico 3 but heard 4 is similar.

Lastly if you mix avocado, tuna fish, lemon juice, onions and salt and pepper it makes a fantastic sandwich mix. Plus avocados are really cheap now, like 50 cents at the store. They are usually like 2 dollars and who's going to pay 2 dollars for an avocado come on

Went to the pet store to get goldfish and looked at the cats they had for adoption and there was a female orange tabby which is rare. Really should have gotten it

There was also a person there who brought in their bird which sat on their shopping cart which was odd

The last time went there someone brought in their pet Lynx(?) cat which was odd too

But that's enough pet store adventures

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    1. Darky on

      Good to see you've still got updates planned. I've been quite enjoying trundling around as a bear.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeppe Brosbøl Jørgensen on

      Hey John!
      I have a free leftover Tropico 5 key if you're interested?

    3. J.L. on

      Cats rule! (c:

      I know it may surprise you to hear that for me, but yes, there you have it.

      Maybe you should make a Cat Simulator next! (c8 The one on here failed miserably... Turned into a simplistic mobile game in the end, nothing in common with the project on here. Meh.

      But tuna, yes, tuna good! Orange tabby good too. Have had a couple of those, one half Norwegian Forest cat. When he had grown up he never had to fight ever again, oh boy. Maine Coon is the descendant of those.

      Oops, side-tracked! (c;

      Love the trailer, by the way - could easily be one of those horror flicks, fits perfectly in my opinion. I did wonder what that mark was when I saw it on that building at night... Keep it up!

    4. Farjay Studios Creator on


      That does have an awesome premise, will probably have to watch it. Not sure why glanced over it before.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ryen on

      Don't know about old movies on Netflix, but Kung Fury was rather entertaining. I'll have to think on things.

      Thanks for the update. It's splendid.

    6. Farjay Studios Creator on


      Any suggestions? :o

      (Preferably Netflix)

    7. Nicholas Harman

      I think you watch some old school movies.