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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
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Kickstarter Island + Better Update + Campgrounds Preview + Game Update #2 + Soundtrack + Frasier Review

Posted by Farjay Studios (Creator)

Sorry have been way too complain-y again lately, there's something going on irl but eh. The Steam release problems didn't exactly help but still, NO EXCUSES.

First off, am fine doing the work and behind the scenes stuff but can't do the community things except updates and email, is that fine? Not trying to be mean, it's hard to explain. Need to get better at email though, got backed up again and will try to reply to them this weekend.

Was quite a dumb idea to plan to put this game on Steam and it p obviously was. Only backers knew this game wasn't going to be a AAA game and was going to be slower and a more casual exploration thing since you read the earlier updates. Was also a stupid title to use since the "_____ Simulator" games are supposed to be wacky. Tried to make it part funny and part semi-serious but eh.

Can't do this as a full time thing as planned, so have to continue as a hobby. Not sure how this will affect things but need to figure something out now -.-

Tried to make this update fancy to make up for previous unpleasantness. Check these sweet new header designs for example:

 Look at that sweet blue and red stroke effect. PIXAR QUALITY RIGHT THERE

 Kickstarter Island is open, here's the sweet promo pic for it:


It's at the Salty Rum Lagoon, should be easy to find. Also the "Adoption Trees" are a little lame, will try to update them. Was having trouble >.>

Be sure to find all the rocks, butterflies, stars and pictures to get that achievement BUT the posters aren't in yet so no Posters yet, more info below. If your submission (rock, art, etc.) isn't in email here:



(and if you are having technical problems, will try to work on that.)

Included with the Island is the second game update which includes:

  • Spelling error fixes (probably missing some still)
  • Bigger hitboxes on some animals
  • Placed barriers where you get get outside of the map
  • Increased time before ducks would disappear into the void. Easily the most important part of this update, really makes the game playable.


  • Getting Stuck:

Can not figure out how to fix the getting stuck in places. There's one fix but the problem with it is it allows you to walk up walls which isn't a good?

  • Better Control Input:

Not sure how to go about this programming/menu wise.

  • Card Drops:

It's odd that Steam Cards aren't dropping, the art was all uploaded and approved.

To Do:

  • Better Control Input
  • More/Better Options for the menu
  • Programming/Sound bugs
  • Campground Region
  • More?!

Have been hard at work on the new region, the Campgrounds! :O

It's mostly planned out and got all the textures put together as well. Here's a sneak peak of the grass texture:

Please, try to contain your excitement.

 Finalized (maybe?) the Backer Credits and made a special page for them:

Hope everyone is on there >.>

Here's a tutorial for how the background of the page was made, posted this before so think of it as a refresher:

 And how the Backer Credits were made, first step picking out some base images:

 Second step was editing the images to bring into After Effects:

Finally putting them into layers and animating them:

Also there were questions why the butterfly only has 1 antennae, think of it like it's a metaphor for something poignant. It has layers to it man.

There's a lot of complaints about being too sarcastic with things so was rethinking the Kickstarter Island poster submissions.

Here's an example of one:

Would stuff like that be fine or is it too mean?

ALSO! Would the person who didn't get their tree carved message in please email with your new message so I can put together your personal print and other physical rewards? Also that tree person who wanted a message on their tree, it was moved to the trees next to the pond, email if you can't find it.

Finished watching all seasons of a show called Frasier. It looks and sounds boring but it's pretty well written and generally relaxing to watch. One complaint is what the heck is going on with this hair:

It's on Netflix, watch the episode "The Ski Lodge" as a good example of what one of the show's best episodes are to see if you would like it or not.

Still have to ship things, it would make the in-game references kind of pointless if not.

The soundtrack should be on those specific gift pages now, so you can listen to the haunting whispers of the Spooky Woods while grocery shopping to make it a horrific experience.

If you're having trouble click the "Windows" tab on your gift page, the digital rewards are there.

PROBLEM: Freaking forgot to move the friggen smoking pipe into the Musuem, will fix in next update, just ignore for now.

ANOTHER PROBLEM: Can't make an announcement about the update on Steam, it keeps giving an error so don't know.

QUESTION: Is the game fun to explore even with the bugs, would it be fine if just make expansions/regions as is?

*Edit: Just noticed the fancy Backer Credits page isn't showing the Youtube video in the gray square, it was working yesterday but not anymore. Not sure why =/

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    1. Katie Harwood

      So glad to hear from you! :D I'm glad you're doing better, and I hope that things get sorted out in your life soon.

      I love the game as it is, please bring more regions and content. I am so, so keen to hear more about PATRIOT and see the camp ground :D

    2. Philhouse

      The humour is great and the bugs aren't game breaking and Frasier was a great show.
      You could work on the new regions and stab at some bugs sometimes for a change of pace. I'm just looking forward to more exploring.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kiefer on

      Getting stuck on the terrain is an annoying problem. Could you maybe make a button to respawn instantly? That would save the time of pausing and navigating to save and quit. If you're worried about balance or whatever (like, respawning mid-fight), maybe give it a 2 second delay?

      Anyway, sounds rough, man. I'm happy with what you put out. Bear Simulator struck ME as a good title, but maybe in today's context for what simulators are, it seems wrong.

      As for updates, I haven't found any game-halting issues, so I'll take new over fixes. But that's just me. If I found issues where I had to stop playing (and I don't see quitting and relogging as that), maybe, yeah.

    4. Alexander Rehm

      Just a comment really....

      I appreciate that you are going through a lot, personal stuff, work stuff, the game, Steam reviews and comments, etc. Totally get that. But, I'd probably be considerate when it comes to your sarcasm and think about the 3,871 people who have backed your campaign and the 3,871+ people who are supporting you.

      In a way, you are not in a different spot compared to the hundreds of other KS games that are either in early access or live, and who have received similar negativity. That happens, that is life. What you have done is take an idea and make it a reality, and nearly 3,800 people followed you and believed in you. Some of us are not as fortunate as you to develop a game, some of us are using games as a means to escape from their own problems (be they work, personal, or otherwise).

      Obviously, I am just one of your backers, but having worked in games for a while, my suggestion is: get your act together, think about what it is you actually want to do. Do you want to work on the game in your spare time? Excellent!

      But, it sounds very much like you need a break to sort your own life out, away from people's whining on Steam. If you take a month or so off and then slowly come back to the project, then perfect, that is your right, and I am sure your backers will support you for it.

      You sound burned out, don't let it out on us, or to us, because all you're achieving is more negativity of people latching on to that, and that is not helping anyone. Take a little break, recharge your batteries. Your game is great, I love it, and I still enjoy playing it. And what game isn't bug-free these days, hm? :)

      Keep up the good work!

    5. Eric Munson on

      The game is absolutely fun to explore as is, and I would prefer more regions over bug fixes. What bugs I have noticed are not really game breaking except for getting stuck. I suppose I will mention what bugs I noticed in the event you choose to work on them. Some shadows freaking out on Kickstarter Island (looked weird but eh), a possible memory leak (hard to catch and fix, and takes a long time to impact anything and unless you leave the game running while doing other things), and something I only noticed when platforming in a special area is that running and jumping in sequence can delay or just work awkwardly.

    6. Ben on

      Level of sarcasm is good.

      Game is fun even with bugs -- Changes to duck disappearance time are much appreciated.

      As far as getting stuck goes, maybe make it so you can 'charge' up a jump, but the charged jump will automatically angle that jump orthogonally to the nearest wall(s). Can't use it to go 'up' a wall that way, see?

    7. Pierre Laporte on

      Thanks for the update ! ;) Good job ! :)

    8. Lars Mattes on

      Hey man, awesome to hear from you!
      The sarcasm is fine (I want as much of it as possible!!).
      I don't think the steam release was a mistake at all. Maybe you could have been clearer in the description and the beta release phase for backers was definitely way too short (you could have made the general release beta too till all the major bugs were sorted out). I think it's a good thing overall though. You need to get the game out to people to play it! Steam is the best way to do that. It's still rated "Very Positive" - tripple A games often don't get that good a rating.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan V

      Great to hear from you again. Hope things go well for you. We'll always believe in you.

    10. Diego Calero

      It's great to see you are fine, and yes for the question, the more stuff the better, a few bugs can always get fix.

    11. David Tucker on

      Did you know Frasier is actually a character from another show called cheers?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ryen on

      You just keep up your work, Farjay!
      Appreciate all the updates you are putting in and attention you are providing. Do what you want to/can. You've made a solid first game and are doing a fine job of delivering what was said to be delivered. So just keep it up :).
      Thanks again for making an awesome game!

    13. J.L. on

      Yeah, what the other bearsome poster here have, uh, posted - it is fine, and I still love the name, so there! Pay no heed to hotheads on Steam (they need to let some steam out, but not that way, that is for certain! Oh the puns!) but let us here be your Fan Cub. Er, Fan Club? Fan Cubs? All of it! (c:

      Did manage to get stuck once, but that's the way I explore all games - jumping and what-not wherever I am not supposed to, all part of the fun of exploring!

      Fix the worst bugs and don't worry too much about the smaller issues for now. Or, as the saying goes, 'Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff!' (c8

      Never lose your humour, by the way, it was what drew me to this project as much as the concept.

    14. Ron Sherrington on

      The game is fun, as is. Sometimes I want to kill hordes of zombies, or save the world - other times I want a nice relaxing walk through a forest, as a bear. Bugs can be annoying on these walks, so I usually eat them. The ones I can't eat can be fixed, as you get time.

      Bottom line is that you should have as much fun with the game as anybody else. Fix things as you can, and don't let other people force you to get stressed about it. The KS backers read the early updates, and new what to expect, and still we supported the idea. So you must have been doing something right. :)

      Oh, yeah, the poster about not taking photos while driving was fun. :)

      Also, Frasier is a good show, yes.

    15. Vee on

      I'm so glad you're gonna continue with Bear Simulator! I felt so bad, knowing those a-holes on Steam bullied you into wanting to give up. Bear Simulator is genuinely one of my favorite games and I can't wait for more updates, whenever you get to them :D

    16. Christian Montoya on

      First off I am SO SO HAPPY to see a new update! Now to answer your question: the game is somewhat fun to explore as-is. The bugs are not a huge deal except for when you get stuck, that really ruins it. Also not having a map is frustrating.

    17. Emmanuel Cron on

      ^-- Exactly! I'm so glad you posted an update! Your style is unforgettable. I'm definitely going to stream this game soon. Have to. It's what you do when you find someone that does work that you want to support!

    18. Max Glasner

      I just want to say it's good to see you back, buddy.