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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

An Update

Posted by Farjay Studios (Creator)

Well the game didn't have a great reception, has a stigma against it's name and there's plenty of other problems so making any updates or going further is basically a lost cause now. Plus not skilled enough to make the game better than it currently is or write better updates than previously.

Was really hoping the Steam release would go well but why would it, should have just gave the game to backers and not bother with Steam.

Also don't want to deal with the drama anymore. Can't ignore it because that causes more drama and can't do anything about it because that causes more drama.

It was really fun making the game, trailers, updates, websites, tutorials, blog posts and stuff, hopefully you all liked those things.

Am glad most of you guys are happy with the game though, unless you were just being nice >.> Really must thank you for the in-depth emails and comments, learned lots. Hopefully the game lived up to your expectations and had enough content to explore.

Will make another game update with Kickstarter Island included and some other fixes, leave a comment below of what you really want fixed. Will work on fixes and features until you're all happy and content then stop.

Must be doing this PC game dev thing wrong because it is way too hard to stay happy and productive.

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    1. Tim Colwill on

      Hey! You did a great job on this. I don't know what negative garbage you've been reading but you need to stop listening to that shit - Bear Simulator is exactly what you promised it would be and I'm having a great time with it. You did an amazing job especially considering this is your first project and you're only one person. This is going to look great in your portfolio if you want to pursue a more traditional game development career and I'm sure it'll sell well enough for you to at least buy yourself something great to celebrate. I am a bear and I'm having a great time. Thank you for enabling that to happen. I'm going to be telling my friends about Bear Simulator and will pitch an article or two around to various publications about it. Thanks again for the great work!

    2. Lars Bendixen on

      As a game designer I'll tell you that this was a more than impressive first try for you at making a video game. The steam community is often nothing more than one big elitist hate machine, so ignore the trolls, but learn from whatever constructive criticism you might find and write this game down as a learning experience.

    3. John Arnold on

      Don't let the haters get you down! You've made a good game and built a real community around it. It's easy to only see the negative comments, but as you can see here they are not representative of everyone. Game dev is hard work but it's worth it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Korbin Hill on

      Not much for me to say that hasn't been covered already by the other people here. It's a great game and it's everything I had hoped for! In all honesty I have a lot of questions I could ask you because of a game I'm with that's hoping to run through Kickstarter. You've made a success out of yourself so I know I can trust your answers.

      Also, in lieu of all the angry or dissatisfied people that've messaged you... I can guarantee the AAA companies see well over ten times that much on a weekly basis. It doesn't matter what you do, there will be people that don't like you or your product and will hate mercilessly for no good reason. That's what customer support centers are for, LOL! But seriously, customer support is so the people that can't deal with it don't have to see it as much.

    5. Missing avatar

      Monty on

      My advice as game creator (not computer games but larps, but anyway). You must do it because you love doing it. There will always be haters, people who does not like what you do and no matter the reason why. You will never make everybody happy. You must be happy yourself with your own work and be happy creating something, otherwise just go doing something else, or take break and try some time later if you will feel like it.
      I really like your creation and as far as first game goes this is really amazing and incredible game which has great potential and managed to deliver on vast majority of expectations that you communicated clearly and honestly. And your honesty is something that I like a lot about you personally because I really felt like your friend that you are confiding into, all your hopes, wishes, ambition, problems, insecurities and so on.
      Just read comments here on Kickstarter and screw Steam comments. Here you have the community that you made the game for. So here is the community you should aim to please if ever you want to please somebody except yourself.
      As far as my wishes go, I wrote it in the previous comment to previous update so just go there and check it.
      Doing anything for others is always hard and you will never be liked by everybody so just accept it and find your own happiness in your creativity.

    6. Alexander Rehm

      Hey, this was your first game, right? And for that you should be bloody proud! The game is unique, a fresh take on a genre, you designed it, you developed it, you put it on kickstarter and you got it funded!

      Okay, so what, it is a bit rough around the edges, so what? Have you heard of this company called Ubisoft? Have they ever released a game bug free? ;)

      Honestly, I like the game, and I am playing it, and I feel that I got my money's worth from KS.

      I'm proud of what you did, and I'm proud of having been part of it.

    7. J.L. on

      Just realised you _could_ have named it Bear MMO.

      Bear Massive Mauling Omnivore. (c;

      Love the name, love the game, love your humour. Keep up the good work. (c:

    8. Ron Sherrington on

      For your FIRST EVER game, you came up with a UNIQUE idea that was not just a cookie-cutter copy of some other big all-star game produced by a company with whole teams of developers. You got the idea FUNDED, and you pushed it through to COMPLETION.

      That's a lot to achieve, for one guy working on his own. Don't let the nay-sayers tear down that achievement. Be proud of what you did!

      And like J.L., I love the name. It shows some humour, and isn't all "see how awesome and grim-dark our language use is".

      The mechanics are simple enough that I don't need to play through a 100 hour tutorial, taking notes all the way, just to be able to wander about and hit stuff.

      Love the game. Wish I had more time to play it!

    9. GenericD on

      You have been very up front about what this game would or would not be from the beginning. I have enjoyed following your updates and I feel I have gotten what I paid for. Remember that you made this because you wanted to. You have made a good bear game about being a bear.

    10. J.L. on

      Hey now, your game is great fun for me and I think that you did a great job, considering this is your first foray into game creation. Making games is not easy but you did it - many give up along the way and don't finish it, but you did! Even many here on Kickstarter that I have backed never went anywhere. So that in itself is an achievement. You got a wonderful sense of humour and had an idea never seen before.

      Again, the name is fine, I like it a lot. It tells me it is about being a bear!

      So, Papa Bear, don't lose heart - instead take heart that you did something many fail at, you have far less bugs than many releases ( not mentioning names, but it begins with a 'B' and ends in 'atman: Arkham Knight' (c; ) and you even tweaked your game based on feedback. That is not many who do either.

      So find comfort in us cubs that stand with you and your highly entertaining game and don't let those mean vultures get to you. (c:

    11. Kevin on

      Well, I have 14 hours so far and still haven't found everything. I hope that tells you that I for one am not just really being nice ;) I enjoy the game a lot.

      And the only thing missing for me at this point is a proper map with way points and fast travel. I have searched every area 100 times (ok, that's exaggerated) I just can't find some thing anymore. So a map would really help with that.

      Other than that Kickstarter Island would ne nice as well as that last ???? region. Not sure if that one is already there or not.

    12. Sata Bear on

      Hey bruv, at first I was pissed off 'cause it took very long to get any notifications about the game, but now that I can play the game, I can say it's worth the weight! get it? 'cause bears are heavy? and it sounds like "wait" and like uh... yeah...
      Anyways, the game mecahnics are simple enough that now i can fulfill my wish of being a [virtual] bear! i will do a more detailed review and post it on Steam, but you keep your head high dude, and keep those updates coming, love the content mang.

    13. Toadman on

      Farjay, you're a cool guy. This is a cool game, and it's honestly the most fun game I've played this year. I backed a silly exploration game, and I got that with a bunch of added mystery and humor. You shouldn't let the vocal minority skew your own perception of your work. It might not be perfect, but the point is you tried, and the love you put into the game shows. I've been streaming Bear Sim a few times since the release, and my very (very very) small viewerbase thinks it's a charming, beautiful, mysterious and funny example of what one man and $100k can do(and who would also be super stoked if you were to come by and watch a stream maybe). Don't let steam bother you; there's 3,871 people here who think you made a great game and want to see more. As a brave Tim Allen once said, never give up, and never surrender.

    14. Missing avatar

      Trevor Collier on

      When I backed this, I expected a game I could have fun with for a few hours. That was not the case. I'll just say I brought Pokemon Blue on the same day as release and I was so drawn into Bear Simulator that I only touched Blue once. The game was a lot better than I was expecting, you really did a great job. Plus I'm quite excited to see the meaning behind the symbols and whatever the humans were doing, so that previous update where you said you might not do it anymore was disappointing. I really hope you do go for it and we get the see the story you have for us.

      Like others have said, you might just need to finish up the last few things like bugs and Kickstarter Island and just take a break from it. Hopefully after that you'll be able to return and do everything you wanted to do.

      Finally, I think it's possible that because the name has the word "Simulator" in it, people aren't giving it a chance or assume it's a s****y cash in on the trend and naturally assume it's like Grass Simulator or something, which it isn't. Not by a long shot. This game has heart put into it by someone who cares about what they're doing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kiefer on

      Stay strong, man. The internet is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. They'd tear you down even if the game was super damn solid.

      Here's my feedback good and bad:
      - Your writing is fun. It's got that Pendleton Ward looseness. A candor that transcends casual to the uber-casual, a levity that makes every discarded cereal box worth a look.
      - Maybe lengthen the bear's hitbox when he sprints and swings his claw. It's pretty hard to hunt rabbits and raccoons, but not because you can't catch up to them. Alternately, provide a UI element that indicates when pressing the attack button will cause damage.
      - I love the way there's no UI elements telling you "find the Big Foot" or "investigate the glowing red stuff." It's cool to see an exploration game where it's your job to keep track of what you wanna do. When games try to make it easier on you by providing logs, it just codifies the experience.
      - There's some mechanics at odds with the game itself, I feel like. You need Intelligence to eat stuff, and if you don't eat stuff you starve, and if you starve you die -- and seemingly, if you starve you come back with the same stamina you had when you died. Starvation gets in the way of exploration, a bit. But then, that might be because I couldn't get to intelligence 15 for two hours. Once I did, no more issue. But then I wonder what the point of the Stamina bar is?
      - Running as a bear is surprisingly satisfying. You done good on that, man. This might seem relatively minor, and it sounds like that. But it just feels good.
      - Night time needs some work, lighting-wise. The light looks wrong -- it should be bluer, dimmer. And while the shadows are way shadowy, they're definitely too shadowy for the game to be playable. I know that in Halo: Reach, they provided a Purple filter for multiplayer map editing that made it look like it was night time -- maybe replace the night lighting setup with purple-vision? Or make the shadows less grimdark

      Good and bad, I'm pretty happy with what I've got, so far. You should be proud of yourself, guy! Making video games is really hard. This is why companies make them, and even they need years and millions of dollars, and still screw up! If you wanna make something more polished, narrow your scope. Make a Smashy Bear or a Pac-Bear. That kind of thing. Thanks for the game!

    16. Ben on

      I wouldn't read too much into the negativity. Your game could literally give the player unlimited blowjobs and people would still find reasons to complain.

    17. Bormac on

      I know the negativity of a few can seem a lot louder than any amount of positivity, especially when it is about something you sank so many hours into, but honestly, you did a really good job on this.
      The best thing to do is to not take things so personally when people lash out, people do that on the internet all the time, its tiresome but that's what anonymity gets you. Your game is nice and you did a good job doing it, it is a lot of fun and from what I am seeing, everyone is enjoying themselves. Everyone I have spoken to that has the game really likes it. Please don't be so hard on yourself.
      The bears are depending on you after all!

    18. James Moss

      I've enjoyed the game so far for what it is. I'd encourage you to keep going and keep coding.

    19. Dan B. on

      Everyone that backed this game knew it would be a quirky and funny indie game and that's exactly what we got. Don't let Steam get you down. I'm glad I backed the game and I was happy to play it and I'd be happy to consider your next game too.

    20. mrxak on

      Post-release depression is a real thing in game development, by the way. I hear about it from other developers all the time. You work so hard for years on something and then finally put it out in the world and all that stress comes back and hits you like a tidal wave, along with all the other things maybe you've neglected in life because of how hard you were working.

      I'm sure none of your loyal fans will mind if you take a break from all this and take care of your mental health for a couple weeks. You can come back refreshed, and by then most of the negativity will have died down and all the people still playing it and talking about it will be the people who really like it and want to see you do more. Most small game companies I've seen will spend a week right after release fixing any game-breaking bugs, and then they'll go dark for a while to rest up before they tackle the little stuff or start adding new content. There's nothing that serious you need to fix right now, so take a break, you've earned it!

    21. Missing avatar

      A Schwarz on


      I want to be honest with you. You have made my dreams come true. I have always wanted a bear simulator type game. Ever since I saw this image ( I have wanted to play a bear simulator game.

      You sound dissapointed that you could not entice the majority of gamers with a game you built by yourself. You did amazing as a dev working alone. If you would like, I can send you the absolute shit game I made with some friends over about the same period you worked on Bear Simulator (email me at and Ill send you the Unity files.) Just so you can see how much better your game is compared to mine.

      Bear Simulator is one of my top indie games for 2016. Putting the game on Steam was a fantastic goal. Not a lot of Indie game get greenlit. Yours did.

      You sound dissapointed in your work, only because of the vocal group that didn't understand, and wasnt your target audience. But I want you to be certain of one thing: You made me happy. I stuck with you through everything, even your unexplained absences through the '14 and '15 Autumn/Winters. All I wanted was a Bear Simulator and you gave me that. I owe that to you.

      Please dont drop out. If you need more money to do the expansion you spoke about in the other update, I would be happy to support another KStarter campaign as much as I can. I am certain many others would be as well.

      Never give up, Farjay.


      (and bear lovers everywhere)

    22. David Osborn on

      hey man, try not to be so down, what you did was an amazing thing. you managed to crowd fund a game! and even if its not the best game, you still saw it out to completion and that's something to be proud of.

      Even if the game wasn't a resounding success, i'm sure you've learnt a lot since you started.

      I look forward to seeing what your going to do next :)

    23. mrxak on

      One other thing to learn from this, when you do your next game (please make another game, put it on kickstarter, send a message out to your Bear Sim backers, I'll back your new game), is yeah, hold off on Steam release until it's really polished and had your early backers testing it first.

      I kickstarted another game a few years ago, done by a much larger team, their first game as a company, and they were thinking about releasing it on Steam Early Access after a few builds went out. Their kickstarter backers begged them to hold off, and wait, because at the time the game really wasn't ready for the jerks on Steam. So they held off, and eventually put it out on Steam EA after the kickstarter backers were telling them it was much more ready, and it did pretty well on Steam after that. I guarantee you, if they had put out their game on Steam when they first planned to, they would've gotten murdered way worse than Bear Sim did by negative reviews and discussion comments by people who didn't buy it. It's (now) a fantastic game, but they still are fighting against idiots on Steam who don't even understand they're an indie company still actively developing the game, and are making all these weird and stupid criticisms that don't hold any merit based on no or limited experience with the game.

      Anyway, I have to think you learned a lot in making Bear Simulator. It would be a real waste to throw away that knowledge and give up making games because of a few idiots on Steam who didn't even play it for themselves. Remember that only people who have bought it can review it, but ANY raging internet kid who already spent all his allowance on microtransactions for some silly tablet game can upvote the negative reviews and downvote the positive reviews based on nothing more than some youtuber who played the game for five minutes didn't like it. You'd have to be crazy to try to pander to those people. Pander instead to us, your loyal fans with lots of play time, money to spend, and a very positive view of the game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Larkin on

      I’ve definitely been enjoying the game as I play more and more. You really ought not to be so hard on yourself. The humor and exploration aspects of the game doesn’t really come across in Let’s Plays which is a major cause of your heartache. Don’t give up hope and you have a quite good feather in your cap for making this game! If you want to take a break to destress that’s understandable, but I hope that there will be future updates.

    25. Christian Montoya on

      Sorry people have been so rude. I think you've done a great job so far for a one-person project!

    26. Farjay Studios Creator on

      Ok, been in a really weird mood for a while now and cannot snap out of it. Has been really annoying and it shows. Need to get back to my original sarcastic self and stop being so complain-y.

      Will try to make the next update funny and interesting.

    27. mrxak on

      Oh man, blocking people from the discussions who haven't bought it was the best thing you could've done on Steam. Thank you for that. Discussions are much more pleasant now and probably won't even really need that much moderation anymore. Hopefully a few more topics will come along soon and push out the trolls off the first few pages.

      It's a good lesson to learn, really, starting out in the game-making business (and I truly hope you'll stick with it). The only people you should be listening to are those willing to give you money. If they're not paying you for your work, then they're not in your audience, and they can just be ignored. Focus on making people happy who are willing to buy your game. Nobody else matters. As much as you may want for *everyone* to be in your audience, that's just not possible. I work in a creative field too, and trying to please everyone is foolish and impossible. Good news is you've found your core audience, and you can grow it if you keep doing what you're doing, making quirky, awesome games, and improving on the one you've already made. You do that not by changing it but enhancing it with new content and bugfixes.

      And seriously, go look at the amount of hours played by people who reviewed your game positively. People aren't just enjoying your game, they're spending days of their life dedicated to exploring the entirety of your work. People have busy lives, and a lot of things competing for their attention, so if you see people spending 12+ hours of their precious time on something you made, that's a big deal. If that doesn't convince you you have talent for this, I don't know what will.

    28. Vee on

      Please don't give up! It's hard to deal with trolls and people who expect an absolutely perfect game right off, but it's important to remember that this is a first attempt. It won't be perfect. There will be bugs. And worst of all, because it's a first and not perfect, people will rip you to shreds because they don't realize how much time and work goes into creating a game. They think they're entitled to harsh words and comments because they're expecting a big Valve or Blizzard game probably, where there was a whole team of people working on it 24/7 right up until it came out with few bugs.
      You're one guy. Please give yourself a break, regather and refocus and relax. Most of us I'm sure would love to see more with this game. I, personally, got exactly the game I was hoping it would be. I was hoping to see expansions to this game, like the metal door and that mystery door, but if you feel like you can't/don't want to we understand. Sorry this got so long, but it hurts me when artists like you, who worked hard on a game you deserve to be proud of, get beaten into a bloody pulp like you have been.
      Just please remember: we support you

    29. Stereontario on

      I think I'm just going to leave this piece of advice for you here. Just as a bit of background, I was once in politics for a brief period of time. The reason was because I set out to accomplish one goal and once I pulled it off, I got out. But in that time, the local media followed around my every move. There were times people weren't nice and there were times when they were outright toxic. The most important thing I learned was not to take things personally. It sounds hard. But once you realize that not everyone in the world is going to like you or things you've done no matter how positive and that people are people wherever you go, you'll do much better. You can't control them and you can't allow them to take up rent inside your head. You can only control what you do. My best suggestion, like so many others, is not to give up on your game. You can give yourself a short break to recover. But by all means, don't give up on it. If you ever decide to create another game after Bear Simulator, you are going to need all the support you can get and alienating them now by giving up will not gain you any supporters for future projects.

    30. Blackbear Bright on

      Hey you did an excellent job and I've enjoyed it from day one. Been playing pretty steady and am very pleased with it. It's great and I really appreciate being a part of it!

    31. Missing avatar

      joshua barczynski

      don't take this as a lose. you tried something new and succeeded. it may not be as good as you thought it would be but you still did it. people will always criticize you but may not even be able to do this much by themselves. You conquered a major step in development by yourself. take this as a win and keep going and learning more. just remember, it is very hard to ever succeed without failing. determination is what makes perfect

    32. Cassandra Sheade on

      Take is from Dita Von Teese: "you could be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world, and there will still be someone who hates peaches."

      You're wonderful, hard-working and I think your only flaw in this whole project was trying to please everyone.

      We love Bear Simulator and all the work you've done. Congratulations on hopefully the beginning of much more from you!

    33. Aidan Musson on

      Steam reviews are like youtube comments. 90% filled with jerks who just want to trash the game for the sake of it, You did a great job on the game, don't let the assholes get you down!

    34. Eric Munson on

      Hey main I understand where you are but it is not as bad as you think. Over 75% of steam reviews are positive. And a lot of the negative ones are people obviously being deliberately mean. Bear Simulator is a lot of fun, and the fact that you made it by yourself is amazing. It is exactly what I hoped for when I backed. This game simply makes me happy, which is a nice change of pace from lots of games I play. All the great jokes plus the environment that is fun to explore. I totally get it if you want to be done with the whole situation, the stress must be very real, but just know you did a good job and I would absolutely look forward to more from you. And I am not just being nice. I actually am recommending the game to my friends, which I don't often do.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ryen on

      I'm going to go right along the same lines that Richard Marsden did really well, but really that everyone seems to be saying. You have made a great game here. It's a first and you learned a lot along the way and sure, there are always things to fix. That's just how programming works. If you put out a perfect product right off the bat then you need to find yourself in head development of some major corporation to be making the real big money. It just doesn't happen. From the smallest to the largest, they all mess up.
      For example, the Diablo 3 release back when. It was horrible. There I was waiting hours on end and eventually had to give up and go to bed. Didn't get to play it opening night because there were so many issues with people trying to connect.
      What you've released is a great, fun, chill game about being a bear that can be picked up and jumped right into for a minimal cost. You've delivered what we backed and more.
      Richard Marsden put together a great list of things. There are kickstarted games with large teams that still haven't put out their game after more years than you have. You've accomplished a hell of a feat
      Not everyone is going to like a game, that's just how it goes, but people not liking a game does not mean that that game is bad.

      Definitely give yourself a much deserved rest/break once you've done the final touches on the game, but do not give up game development. It's clear you really enjoy it and really care about. If you were to put up a new kickstarter I'd back it in a heart beat knowing that you were going to really give it your all. It's easy to fall down when people start throwing rocks at you, merely out of reflex. It's more difficult to open your eyes and see that you've got a fine wall around you crafted from your own expertise and knowledge.

      You've done backers a great service and you've done any who actually give the game a chance a great service.

      Thank you for your diligent, hard work on this game and I sincerely hope that you do not stop creating. Take the refresher you could definitely use, but please do not stop.

    36. Kelly Berger

      The negative trolls on Steam are just jerks. Thank you for putting so much time and energy into this game. It has been awesome to see it develop and it is a good, fun game.

    37. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      Everything about this Kickstarter campaign and the resulting product made me happy. Everybody else below me has said everything I wanted to say and more, and all I can add is that I definitely want to see more from Farjay Studios. Especially if it includes a lot of super honest and humor-laden development blog posts.

      Hell, just publish a book where the narrative is literally just a devblog in print form.

      You da man.

    38. Ashley Hudson on

      I don't think I can add to the list. He did keep us relatively updated about the games progress allowing us to give feedback on possible changes.
      I don't watch Pewdiepie, I guess should watch his video on it. Though I'm assuming I won't be happy after I watch it..

    39. silentman on

      Hey. This was a really good first attempt. I want to see you try again. Please don't give up.

    40. Missing avatar

      Richard Marsden on

      This makes me genuinely sad. I can understand you being burnt out and needing to take a break, but the game is great, and most of the negativity is coming from a single source - fucking Pewdiepie. He even said in his video that he was disappointed because "he hoped the game would have stuff he could make a good video out of", basically ridiculous stuff he could scream at because that's his (embarrassingly one-dimensional) schtick. He isn't funny or clever, and my friend YOU ARE.

      You have the admiration and respect of the people that matter - your backers - and the haters are the typical ignorant masses who love pewdiepie (and previously Fred) and play CoD all day. Their opinions couldn't be any less important.

      Please don't lose heart. Here is a list of reasons we love you:

      1) Your communications have always been totally honest and transparent
      2) You understand what being a bear is all about!
      3) You delivered exactly what the backers paid for
      4) You never once acted high and mighty and stayed humble/modest throughout (unlike many other indie devs)
      5) You never compromised on your vision
      6) You never backed down on any of your promises
      7) You didn't greedily jam microtransactions into the game to make extra money
      8) You never added stupid gimmicks to try to appeal to the mass market
      9) You listened to the community about problems after launch
      10) You fixed most of those problems within the first week
      11) You're just one guy, you managed to do this all on your own!
      12) You have remained charming and funny throughout
      13) Unlike most kickstarters there have been no questions raised about financing, because the amount you received was modest for a full-blown game that took you years to make

      Can anyone else add to this list??

    41. Missing avatar

      Rhea Topolniski on

      I love this game. It has been fantastic and I'm trying to not play it all at once so I'll still have things to discover. I'm not sure where all the hate is coming from but I am enjoying being a bear to the fullest! You've done such a great job with this game and I'm so happy that I backed it and that you made it happen.

    42. Jon Bell on

      "Well the game didn't have a great reception, has a stigma against it's name and there's plenty of other problems so making any updates or going further is basically a lost cause now."

      Seriously? What kind of pity party is this?

      The game has 76% positive rating on Steam. That's not a terrible release by any stretch of the imagination.

    43. Missing avatar

      Zachary Daringer on

      Notice a trend: Most of the reviews are positive. These are people who actually own the game. Most of the discussion threads are negative. These are asshats who are trolling. Notice a difference? The asshats don't own the game, they take one look and don't even try it. The asshats can go straight to internet hell. Seriously, for a 1 man team and a first game, this is a damn good job- don't count yourself out just yet, you're doing better then you think you are.

    44. Alex on

      Remember: satisfied customers make much less noise than angry ones. For every negative comment you're getting, 5-10 people are probably having a really great time (or more).

      Also, in the cases where there is backlash: are people aware that you're a 1-person team?
      If the complaints are things like "I can get stuck in collision in one specific area," well, that's because you don't have a full-time QA expert. Big companies like EA have entire teams of people to check for weird edge-case bugs, and even they miss things from time to time.

    45. Andrew Elliot on

      The game exceeded the expectations I had when I backed the project. Thanks for releasing it.

    46. Steven G Saunders on

      Game Grumps is playing it, so that's good exposure. I wouldn't worry about the negativity, they are just people who don't want to be bears.

    47. Justin on

      I'm sorry about the negativity you're facing. Please keep moving toward your dreams.

    48. Missing avatar

      Amanda Smith on

      I think what you've achieved all on your own is great. I'm sorry about the negativity, and I hope that making the game was worth it. Good luck in future endeavours!

    49. Jacob Kohl on

      Creation is a burden and a process. It was your first project. Keep going if you can stomach it. You learned and it never hurts to learn more. Whatever you decide I enjoyed every single update you wrote and the game itself matched my expectations.