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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
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Game Update and Map Idea

Posted by Farjay Studios (Creator)

Been working on a update/patch that's out now on Steam. Here's the features of the update:

  • Updated Textures

A lot of the problem textures should be better. Things should be prettier. Leave a comment below if you want any more textures that need updating.

  • Inverted Mouse Option

Added an invert mouse option to the main menu. It's off by default. You might need to toggle it off if you already have a save game file.

  • Instructions

Added some goals/instructions on the wall before you exit your den:

Added a map Easter egg hinting that there are other regions to explore other than the forest:

It's in that tunnel next to your den.
It's in that tunnel next to your den.
  •  Removed intelligence barrier on foods in Arni Forest

There's no more needing intelligence to eat everything in the forest. You still need higher intelligence to eat foods in other regions.

  • Increased Tree Distance

There will be less popping with the trees. Performance and FPS might suffer a bit more now though.

  • Other

Fixed the area where you could get outside the boundaries of the coast region.

That's all that will be included in the update.


Been working on maps for each region.

Here's progress on Arni Forest:

Will probably add markers for things like your den, notable places and exits to different regions. Like this:

Not sure how to show these in-game but was thinking of having a map button for each region in the menu like so:

This map thing is just an idea for now.

Working On

  • Increasing hitbox size on animals
  • Better Field of Vision option.
  • Programming bug fixes and crashes


  • Make collectables/edibles stand out more
  • Adding a “Don't respawn me at my den when I get knocked out” option

Having trouble with

  • Fixing the getting stuck problem.
  • Shadow flickering.
  • Graphical flickering.
  • Some programming bugs and crashes.
  • Making a mini-map type thing where it shows your location.


Yes the title of this game is dumb, didn't realize there would be so much interest in this Kickstarter so didn't consider it much. Would be hard to change. Should have named it something else.


Download the patch via Steam. It should update your game automatically.

If you still don't have your gift page you have to email probably won't get your message otherwise.

Leave a comment below if there's any problems.

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    1. Farjay Studios Creator on


      To add you can get better beds too

    2. Farjay Studios Creator on


      The beds will heal you up to a certain percentage. For example if you have 200 health and a +25% bed then you will heal to 50 which is 25% of your health. Should probably explain that better >.>

    3. Ashley Hudson on

      If you rename it, I think Bear Adventure fits. It feels less sim like and more adventure like. Perhaps it's just me though.

      Still not really understanding the bed thing. It says +25% Health _ +50% Stamina. Which I as a player interpreted as, sleeping will re-generate this much health and stamina. Not set me at this percentage of health/stamina. Either no one else has noticed or they don't care? I noticed mostly because I ran out like the noob of a bear I am and only got 50% back even though I slept a few times which was a tad frustrating at first. x_x

    4. Missing avatar

      Angie on

      Good update there, and like the idea of having an option to tick a "don't respawn at den" option too.
      The name is fine, its what the game is about.
      I see some want a map and some don't, perhaps the option to tick whether you want the map displayed, or, perhaps having several sign posts around the environments that have maps with 'you are here!'

    5. Missing avatar

      Vincent Pellemans on

      I have a question about the game content: is all the game content intended was put in the game (the content that was in mind in the last years) or you had to deleted some features?

    6. Missing avatar

      Vincent Pellemans on

      I wanted to say that I love Bear simulator.
      This game is not impressive, but some patches and it may become the dream game!

      One thing you got really well is the atmosphere.
      At some places, it is really creepy.
      I would have like also to have more life in some places.

    7. Davis Baca on

      Don't you dare name it something else!

    8. Farjay Studios Creator on

      The graphical flickering is weird, can fix it by hovering the graphics but that makes things look even stranger.

      For the beds there's a percent which means if you are below a certain percent you'll recover to that percent. Could probably word this better and you can get different beds too.


      They were supposed to be dropping, the art is uploaded. Not sure what to do.

    9. Ashley Hudson on

      I still have some very noticeable overlay texture based issues. Particularly in the den where one object meets another. Really great update overall. Less tree popping. Which I like. I don't like that sleeping at the den does not recover me to full stamina and health. In fact it set my stamina to half when it was just over half. So either change the wording or fix it so sleeping truly does recover health and stamina.

    10. Charlie Mills on

      When will Steam Trading Cards be add?

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Marsden on

      Yes yes yes!! I knew you wouldn't let us down. Addressed most of the major problems in one go (invert mouse THANK YOU) within a week of release - most dev companies can't do that and you're just one guy, seriously impressed!

      As for the changes, removing the intelligence barrier is a good 'quick-fix' solution but being too dumb to eat stuff still doesn't make any sense. Also a big NNOOOOOOO for the map - bears can't read maps. The game simulates being a bear and having a map spoils that aesthetic. Even the instructions at the start do that a little though it is certainly forgivable as a one-off. Perhaps the instructions would work better as a bear smell that you left for yourself? Otherwise where did it come from? Unless part of the mystery involves the bear being a government experiment who can read English and they left the note there to give you orders....

      tl;dr awesome work but please no map

    12. Roy Evers on

      @Kevin check the fireplace in the hut. If still unsure, use violence :)
      As for the jumping puzzle, In the mountains, i loved that challenge! I was sweating all the way, but managed to make it in one try.
      I have a question to you guys, i cannot seem to find all six areas in arni. I have the garden and frog pond. Is it possible to all six areas? Maybe the map can help me...

    13. Nat on

      Title is good as is, goes with the feel of the game, no need to change it! Having a map would be AWESOME though, really looking forward to that. Really digging the new textures too! Thanks for your hard work!!

    14. Kenny Bailey on

      I like the game title. Bear Simulator. It's simple, fun, and identifies the game exactly.

    15. Kevin on

      Does anyone know how to get below the wooden house in the Arni forest? There are mushrooms and a pizza but I haven't figured out how to get there...

    16. Missing avatar

      Zachary Kline on

      Thanks for the map, that was my biggest point of frustration with the game (other than the jumping puzzle on the mountain which forced me to run back 5 minutes after every failure). My laptop is getting up in the years so it is probably partially my fault, but the jumping puzzle there and the one in the SUPER SECRET area later I just couldn't beat.

      I also have a question, is there an item or something which you needed to access Kickstarter Island? I was able to access the shack, get the beautiful painting inside, I have the squirrel, the sunglasses, and all the other good stuff, but when I get to kickstarter island there is only a pipe and a "bear"ier.
      Also personal request, could you put a bit of a delay on the ducks reacting? I think I have the technique of killing them (running and jumping above then swiping) but most are still too fast (or hitbox too weird) to hit.


    17. Daniel Dieterich on

      I tried so many times to get in touch with you, but didn't get any reply until now!!!
      I didn't get any gamekey or link; my name is in the backers-list but i pledged also for the game!!!
      Please provide me with my steam key!!!

      Best wishes,

    18. Missing avatar

      Samuel KOHN on

      How do you configure key bindings ? I can't play the game with default config as my keyboard is AZERTY not QWERTY. :(

    19. Wou on

      Not sure about the map thing, exploring blindly was part of the charm. Maybe put up some wiki for those desperate for help but having it accessible under a single button? That'd cheapen the experience I think.

    20. Murf on

      You rock man. Don't let the haters get to ya. Love the update!

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gibbs on

      Glad to see you working on your feedback, hopefully all the criticism hasn't upset you too much! I'm looking forward to a better version of the game.

    22. J.L. on

      Wait, what now? Change title? Pish posh and hogwash! I say your gem of a game deserves the title far more than a certain other game about a certain omnivore whose only title-related feature is the creature used.

      I LOVE the name of the game, it tells you that it is about a bear. Go with it, it rocks - just like your humour. (c:

    23. J.L. on

      Huzzah and hurrah and yay and butterflies too! (c:

      Let's all join paws and sing 'Bear necessities'. (c8

    24. Derek Kinney on

      May I suggest the M key for bringing up the map?

    25. Missing avatar

      Amanda Smith on

      Good work friend!

    26. Craig Lauer on

      Awesome! Good job! Great thinking in how to incorporate peoples comments/suggestions.

    27. Missing avatar

      Juniper Verrill on

      That was a perfect way to fix the intelligence issue. Really glad!

    28. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Does '4. Discover Mystery' in the Goals mean that expanding on and eventually implementing the reason for the Red Symbols/PATRIOT interior/campgrounds/ground metal door vault etc. is still a possibility at some point in the future?