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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
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Campground Teaser + Questions?


Have the campground region prepared (think it's good to go, tested it a bunch but there may be unforeseen problems) here's a trailer I put together for it, think it turned out neat:

(It also says it's "out now." but it isn't yet.)

Should this be released with a sale? There was a few that wanted that and it might be a good time? Not entirely sure how to go about it though and what kind of discount should it be? Need to figure that out or just no to a sale? (Steam stuff is kind of complicated -.-)

Comment if you have any ideas?

Anyway, updated the page for it on the website:

And here are some screenshots:



It has the campground region, crystal caves area and other things which you might find neat. This region is a little different from the others. It's also not quite as extravagant but maybe you'll think otherwise? :D

Will make a bigger update with when the update releases, this is just more of a teaser, questions thing.

Couldn't do the PATRIOT base though, it was too big/complicated of an idea and couldn't do it correctly. Rather have it remain a mystery than something disappointing. And the chickens act a little odd, probably not too big of a deal. Was having quite a few programming problems too -.-

Here's a Behind the Scenes thing:

Here's a little Behind the Scenes thing.


Pretty sure you need to be invited to Steam sales?

Still need to do the book and other things, was trying to set stuff up.

Yes this update is a little bland, having some problems -.-

Should probably also post this on Steam too.

Behind the Scenes Stuff


 Hi, first of all watch the people from Penny Arcade play this bear game:

It was funny seeing them trying to figure out things and what's going on (plus their reaction to the hat):

It's at the 9:00ish mark.
It's at the 9:00ish mark.

Like their comic so it's as exciting as when the Game Grumps played this bear game. Wasn't sure if they liked it or not though.

Anyways, still working on the campground dlc. Also have been redoing and working on the Bear Book. Here's things, behind the scenes stuff, most of which is left over stuff that won't be in the book:

Arni Forest went through a ton of revisions, it had a vacation house where you would have found a kitchen (with food), some storyline stuff (the humans there left behind some messages) and a bird animal buddy (which eventually became DJ Raven):

The pink color means the texture is missing.
The pink color means the texture is missing.

 There was also a hedge maze that was cut too:

 There will be more in-depth stuff about this including more in the bear book.

 Originally Bear Points were used as a gating system. At first you'd need a specific amount of bear points to travel to new regions. There would be “Barriers” blocking you from certain regions, kind of like “Note Doors” in Banjo Kazooie:

Things got shifted around a bunch and intelligence blocked food was used as a barrier system so you couldn't just travel around without building your stats up first. Bear points were originally used instead of Intelligence for food gating.

Intelligence had a different role, it was used to interact with the environment more. For example there was locked doors you couldn't open and books you'd need to read to gain new abilities and items like so:

You'd need to read a book and collect items to make a cat bed instead of just finding it. Plus there were other books for things.

That friggen shed went through a bunch of revisions. The main, original plan was it contained another key (inception sound here):

This would have given you special access to Kickstarter Island which was going to be an exclusive region? Changed this when people messaged wanting their friends and favorite Youtube people to see their island submissions without needing the secret code. Plus wasn't sure if it should have been an exclusive thing or not or what people were expecting, didn't know how to go about it really, kept overthinking it.

Next idea was to have a switch that would spawn frogs everywhere in Arni Forest:

You would have to kill them all and be rewarded with the fantastic frog picture. Thought this was tedious and kind of stupid.

Next was the frog picture in the shed, originally when you encountered it and if you grabbed it, it would have maxed your stats but if you said it sucked it would have killed you and force you to have it in your den.

 If you came across this in Kickstarter Island:

There will be context for it in the Bear Book.

You should watch this show called the Carbonaro Effect, it's pretty entertaining. It's not on Netflix though:

Here's a link to a Steam update that wasn't posted here about the campground update:

Was reading this comic called Hunter x Hunter but it went on hiatus just when it was getting good. Maybe when I finish the campground dlc thing it will come back just like it came back when finishing this bear game. (?!)

Will probably be updating some of the terrible animal models for the campground update (like the pig). But the ducks will keep their terrible models, grown fond of them.

Will have link directly to the youtube video instead of trying to make a fancy page for it since it doesn't seem to be working.

Kickstarter Island Posters + Another Update


The posters are in Kickstarter Island now yay. Here is one submission of a cat:

And here's another interesting submission which looks like a backer edited themselves which was neat:


Along with adding posters here is what's in the update:

  • Fixed the Alligators getting stuck to the ground
  • Fixed getting stuck in the secret region.
  • Nerfed the secret region.
  • Fixed the teleport shroom for Kickstarter Island not appearing.
  • Fixed the Spooky Computer and Gravestone not working correctly
  • Fixed the framerate issue.

Game Update (Fixes, additions, and upgrades)


First off, really liked how the design of that title ^ turned out. Tried something new in photoshop.

Anyway there's a new game update out, it contains fixes, updates and added stuff.

  • Fixed the bug with the Web Orb Door.
  • Fixed the bug with the evil mushroom.
  • Fixed the “Fade in/out” layer not stretching at higher resolutions.
  • Fixed a ton of spelling errors. (Forgot to change the marking where Dan Mole refers to himself as Mole Dan though, next update >.>)
  • Added colliders to a bunch of things that was missing them.
  • MAYBE fixed the shadow and texture flickering. MAYBE. Email if it's fixed for you or not, would be interested to hear.
  • Made hitboxes bigger on all creatures. (Made pathfinding worse though)
  • Fancied up a ton of textures.
  • Made the “Unstick” button work waaaaaaaaaay better so if you get stuck all you have to do is press 5 and it will unstick you. (Don't abuse this to get places where you aren't supposed to pls)
  • Hella adjusted the lighting in each region. Made the mountain night brighter, toned down the brightness at the beach, etc. etc.
  • Readjusted everything at the ocean plus added more things.
  • Added a lot more invisible walls to prevent people from getting where they weren't supposed to.
  • Added a “Return to Den” button. Click it to return to your den no matter where you are.
  • Added fast travel shrooms in your den. When you visit a region a new mushroom will pop up in your den.
  • Added some references to the upcoming Campground update.
  • Added a sponge to be found under the sea. -.-
  • Tried to make the graphics better but it cause an extreme performance drop, then tried to revert it but it still left a bunch of performance problems. There might be a fps drop for some.
  • Probably introduced a ton of programming bugs after trying to reorganize script stuff.
  • As stated before the animal pathfinding is worse with the bigger hitboxes, hopefully it's worth it.

 People are inquiring about this symbol:

For a hint check the door in the cave. Also it isn't the symbol of the evil chickens.

Also movie recommendation, people should watch this movie called Legend.

It's friggen weird and Tom Cruise has long hair in it plus there's unicorns and a weird evil guy played by Tim Curry. Directed by the same guy who did Alien!

Lastly will try to put the game on sale. Not sure how to go about it but we'll see.

Campground Update Preview #3 + Bug Fixes Coming + Features


Still working on the Campground update. It will have the Campground region open, new items to find, a new animal buddy, new areas, more story stuff, bug fixes and new features that were requested. Let's take a look at some of these new features.

New Features:

  • Fast Travel!

Lot's requested Fast Travel so here was my idea for it:

When you visit a region a mushroom will pop up in your den. Eat the target mushroom to Fast Travel/Teleport to that region.

  • Easy Mode:

This will be on the main menu. It will max all your stats so you don't have to build up to explore different regions.

Bug Fixes

Fixed many bugs including the one that affects the spooky mushroom and the door in the cave with the orbs. It was really dumb what was causing that stuff to malfunction -.-

Also fixed the ability to swim through some coral in the Coast region.

Blog Post

Here's another blog post about a cheap pop-culture reference.

Wrapping Up:

  • Got over 500 emails from Russia fans over the course of a couple days which was neat, behold a sample!:


Made a blog post about it and someone translated it to Russian which was cool.

Still have to finish the PATRIOT base and a lot of models/textures but all this and more is coming in the next update. Here's the teaser for it again:

 Remember to email if you have any questions or what not: