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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
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Farjay Studios

3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

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Update: New info, Upgraded Graphics and Features.


I'll be writing updates and posts more professionally from now on, won't do the joking/sarcasm thing anymore.

  • Spent the past week organizing all backer info, emails and etc. Finally have everyone sorted into groups which I can email you your digital rewards. Those who didn't respond to the survey I'll be messaging with the email used to back. Don't know when yet, going to take some time.
  • Updated the goat this past week to it's final model as well:

Should it have white fur or no?

Still need to update the duck, fox, chicken and a few other ones. Most of the models are fine though.

  • Looking into getting the game incorporated with Steam's modding system so people can mod it if they want, don't know how it will work out yet. Seems to be a popular request though.
  • Redid the Health Menu:

Is that one better? I liked the current minimalist one but not many like it. This one has a nature wooden theme but it blocks out a portion of the screen.

  • Updated the last two regions on the game's site:

Plus I updated almost everything on the site, centering things, adding shadows and different images while fixing spelling errors, let me know what you think.

  • Deleted some of the stupider pages of the Bear Book thing so it's only 20 pages now, will try to put it along side the game via Steam. Probably be $5 for people who wanted it but didn't back. Printing them magazine style for the people who are getting a physical copy.
  • Want the game to be $15 since that's the average for indie games but it's not certain yet. The campsite/crystal caves/evil chicken update will be free for everyone.
  • Just going to send the ambient soundtrack to backers who pledged for it and won't do anything else with it.
  • I played through the game 4 more times and didn't find any bugs during the last 2 runs. The only problem is people might find a way to get stuck in the map or go to an area you aren't supposed to go. Added plenty of invisible colliders to combat this but don't know if it's enough.
  • There's also an audio problem that mainly effects the OSX/Mac version. Have no idea why but clips just cut out or don't play at all. Kind of disappointing because I spent a lot of time with it and sound plays a big part in the game.
  • Had to remove all of the fancy custom particle effects, they were causing too many problems. Replaced them with adequate substitutes but they aren't nearly as nice. Also kind of disappointing.
  • For the digital backer rewards - the key, squirrel, skin, and sunglasses, I'll send you a secret code with instructions on how to enter it. Tried to make this a simple, explainable process and not use generated keys which was bound to create problems.
  • Lowered the bob on the camera when running. Got lots of complaints it was too much and could make people motion sick/give headaches.
  • Still don't know why the trailer's gameplay is so fuzzy, never had that problem before. It's probably the new way of recording I was using which didn't work out, have the settings wrong or something. Will go back to my old method of recording footage when making a launch trailer.
  • For the early preview version I'm still trying to figure out the best way to send it out, there are several different ideas I have. Going to try and do it through Steam.
  • Also is this a good icon for the game?
  • Been making posts on my blog about features and backer submissions.
  • Just ordered all the physical rewards, including extras and ones for people who didn't fill out the survey yet. Couldn't get all the different T-Shirt sizes though but it's pretty close. Should be getting everything in a week in a half then I'll be organizing everything into packages and shipping them out at different intervals. Will post pictures of putting things together since that might be interesting to see.

Sorry for the wait on everything, tackling one thing at a time and some things aren't going as I expected them to.

Also the rabbit is fine, was just trying to be funny previously:

Greenlight, Fish, Trailers and Bear Arms


Ok so got an interesting email from Steam a bit ago:

Apparently the game has already been greenlit which was really fast? Thought it took way longer than a week. Anywho thanks for voting everyone you are cool cats. Made a Greenlight poster too that I was going to use as a promotional thing but I friggen forgot to post anywhere and now it's useless so I'm posting it here:

Now I just have to figure out things... Steam things. Like incorporating in the achievements and trying to convince Valve to let me add a “Bear” tag.

Other than that, re-uploaded the trailer in an attempt to fix the sound and graphic problem which are two very important components to a video. Fixed the sound but the video is still fuzzy so that's just great:

Also made a new trailer, a teaser trailer, which is a recut of the other one with redone/added footage:

Used cheesy music that sounds like the Oscars which was a great idea and fits well with a bear game. Plus I'm prepping for the future when the movie based on this game inevitably gets nominated for an Oscar.

Don't know which one is better though. I'll prob use the teaser trailer for Steam and the extended trailer for my Youtube. Forgot I made a Lost trailer as well which should be added to the Steam page, but the area in that video isn't in the game anymore so maybe I shouldn't add it to the Steam page..?

Anywho moved the bear arms back so they aren't sticking out so much when standing plus made them move more along with an alternate idle animation that triggers randomly to spice things up.

You can see how it looks in the new trailer, the first scene. Think it looks better than before and less noticeable. I prob should redo all the screens with the new bear arm position but bleh

Other than that, I figured out a good solution to the fish, BEHOLD:

See, added a lore reason as to why they don't move. There will most definitely be reviews like: “The fish don't move! 0/10!!!!” but I'll be like: “Hey brah it's Bear Sim canon that the fish don't move.” It's the perfect plan.

I know people love their facebooks and myspaces and instant grams so will try to get the social media stuff better.

There's now only 150ish people left who haven't filled out their survey, the Greenlight page really woke things up so it's getting there slowly. Kickstarter does a fantastic job of organizing info though, it makes a sweet list of all the info from each survey of each tier and lets you export it so I must wait until everyone fills out surveys. Don't want to individually email each absentee yet, that's a last resort.

Some are also asking to upgrade their backer tiers and newly interested people want to know if they can still back at tiers, really wouldn't mind doing this but don't want to organize it ya know? Also the digital rewards (Key, Squirrel, Mystic skin and Sunglasses) are backer exclusive and won't be offered anywhere. Made them “Kickstarter themed” anyways.

Also want to offer the Ambient soundtrack thing for free to anyone who buys the game but don't know if that would be fair to people who backed at the tiers which offered the soundtrack as a reward? Thoughts? Good Idea/Terrible Idea/Alternate Idea?

And lastly made a blog post about implementing some ruined nature backer submissions:

Have a few more of these blog posts planned along with the two remaining region reveals and I have some stupid tutorial posts ready. My twitter auto-updates whenever there's a post on my blog so there's that. Should probably do the same for facebook as well.

ok that's it for this fantastic update about fish and trailers and bear arm changes and green lights and ruined trees thanks for the readings

Lot's o Questions


New update. So the Greenlight submission seems to be doing well but didn't explain what Steam Greenlight was properly beforehand so I shall right now:

Greenlight is where you put your finished game and people vote if they want to see it on Steam, it shows Valve whether or not it would be a good fit.

Really want to get it on Steam so it makes it easier to send keys to all backers, update it easier and use the achievement system.

Also the game is done, I played through it about 4 times already testing for bugs but there will most likely be something I missed, hope it isn't too buggy. Added some surprises so it would be saddening if they get messed up because of a bug.

There are 4 different graphical settings to choose from, Simple, Medium, Best, Ultimate depending on your computer. It also runs at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Now onto questions and ideas that could use some input, there's a lot of 'em so turn back now if you have a question phobia:


  • There's been questions about the bear arms, I've grown fond of them and I think it adds that unique flair/character to the game. I could animate them more but if I make it too “movementish” it would be distracting/annoying/repetitive that's why I think it's better to make the resting animation subtle. I guess they could be moved back further?
  • I can put fish in but just make them static/non-moving/swim in simple patterns, better than none?
  • How is the website? Haven't had much feedback on it. Are there any graphics I could spruce up?
  • Does this page explain the game well and is the guide easy to understand?
  • Accidentally used the preview (low quality) version of the theme song for the trailer, can anyone tell?
  • Should I make a second trailer or redo the current one? I really don't like how it turned out so fuzzy.

Other things:

  • I wasn't thinking about this during development so don't think it would be easy to add a separate language option. Usually you should keep all text organized instead of mixing it in with several different scripts. >.>
  • People have been asking about modding but I'm sure modders know more about that than me, am I supposed to do something special or can modders just figure it out? You don't need my permission to mod it if you want if that's what you're asking.
  • Still not 100% on how to send out the early access copy, I want it to be an easy process for everyone so I'm trying to figure out the best option. Still have time though since not everyone sent in their survey yet which ties into the next thing:
  • All surveys were sent out to every backer, if you have a separate email check that or your spam box, it should be there. People have been checking and finding them, just look carefully, shouldn't be any reason why it wouldn't send one to you. I don't think they can be resent.


  • Some have been asking about wanting a shirt/poster. Something I could do is get a site/company dedicated to shipping/making shirts and posters. These shirts would be a design different from the ones backers pledged for which is a “Backer Edition” design and the posters wouldn't be signed. This should work no?
  • If someone/a group wants to help and has experience running a Facebook page then I am all for it. What you would do is keep it updated, I would send you images/promotional things to post and just upkeep it by deleting spam and stuff. I was never a fan of using Facebook seriously so I'm like bleh when it comes to it.

Also I should probably explain my process of doing things, I focus on one thing at a time. First I did the Kickstarter campaign, then I developed the game, next was adding all the backer submissions (still haven't completed this yet), now I'm doing the Greenlight thing, after this I want to ship out all the physical rewards, then I am going to do a launch/release promotional thing, next I'll probably have to do a giant bug fix after people play the game, then the Campground update. After all that is done and everything is peachy I want to do more updates (like a polar bear one). 

Made a new region update, the mountain region:

After this one is the Coast, then Caves, Kickstarter Island and Spooky Woods is saved for last. A final question is do you like these region update posts?

Wrap up notes:

I keep making grammar mistakes and I can't fix them since some things won't let me edit so it makes me look not smarted (╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

Have lots of messages to go through so it might take time if you send one, also I'm glad only half of them are about polar bears instead of the usual 90%

Greenlight Update! :O


Hello first of all look at this bear emote: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

In less exciting news I finally got the game to a state where I'm happy with it so yey. Now comes the part I was looking forward too, making all the promotional things for it. First look the new trailer:

I cannot seem to figure out how to NOT make it so fuzzy when recording gameplay. Recording at the highest bitrate and double the resolution still makes it look low quality, I don't get it. Other than that how is the theme song? I think it matches the theme of the game.

And the game is on Steam Greenlight pls vote:

I think I included enough for a decent Greenlight pitch? Got a trailer, screenshots, game website, info. Here's the game's website with more info and pictures(!):

I used a modified template and the good news is that it should never go down/be unavailable because it's hosted on tumblr which I think is a good idea? It's actually almost exactly the layout of the site I was making in Muse except it actually looks/works decent, plus I can make news posts there and share posts from via my studio blog site. Also it's mobile compatible YEAH

The site has enough info right? I want new people to know about the Kickstarter part with the backer submissions and also that the game is mainly an exploration game. What kind of vibe does it give you is my question.

There's also only one region page up, I want to update the others as like a promotional thing leading up to the game's release but I don't know how long it would take so it might not be a feasible idea?

Other Things:

  • I tried but the fish still won't work the way I want them too, I even messed up the pathfinding for the other animals which was a pain to fix. I'll probably do a “Fish Update” in the future to coincide with a new region? RIP in peace fish for now.
  • I had to make a new Coast region recently after realizing the one I made was going to be a nightmare to try and test/debug since it was too big with underwater caves and stuff. The new one isn't as good but there's no other coast region to compare it to so it works out. I can always finish the old one and release it in the future but it's going to take some time.
  • Going to be showing off backer submissions in blog posts and added a few pages to the Bear Book. I asked backers if I could share this and thankfully almost everyone said yes but I can understand why some said no which is why I asked first. I'm friggen thoughtful let me tell you.
  • A thought I had for Kickstarter Island was to do like a charity raffle thing to fill up some extra spots? I can add more pictures to the museum, more stars to the walk of fame and more photos to be edited into the island. I wouldn't know how to set something like this up tho so it's just an idea.
  • For the Bear Book I'm going to put it on Amazon, I think it's high enough quality for that. Probably list it with a price of like 7$? Seems reasonable? Yes/No? I'll could also try and add it into the humble bundle widget to put on the site?
  • For the early preview version, it's done, you can make youtube videos and stuff for those who asked, don't know why you would even need to ask it's not like I'm going to say no? Just need to wait until everyone completes their survey now.
  • I don't know what to do about forums anymore, I wanted to use reddit but quite a few of users on reddit are really angry? If someone wants to make a forum, a steam group or something and moderate it I can add a link on the game site, if not I prob just won't bother.
  • Also I think I am missing some things, I don't know if I have to get it rated? Do indie games need a rating? Also I think I have to register things? Man why can't I just make a bear game without doing all this other stuff.

Anywho, still adding backer things to the game and still need to ship out stuff. Since I made that last update more people have completed their surveys so I assume they were just lost in their inbox? I will def make hype update if the game gets greenlit and will cry for days if it doesn't.

ALSO a question: All this so far looks like I made decent use of the extra funding right? I still want to update some of the less savory animal models, but it looks like a legit indie quality game right?

Quick question


Quick question but I'm having a problem which is not everyone has responded to their survey. I can't render the Backer Credits, order things, organize things, finish the site, Bear Book nor Kickstarter Island. I sent them out at the end of May and I think I waited long enough, maybe some people didn't get them?

Granted I should have sent them out earlier but my reasoning was that what if people changed their minds on submissions and wanted to change, or addresses/emails/names changed plus I didn't fully understand the survey process but apparently is was ridiculously easy and I wanted to finish the game up first so I could have more fun implementing all the submissions.

So I'm kind of stuck, I have the Greenlight page, a trailer, the website and the early preview version all ready but only around 80% of people sent in their surveys. I really want to do the greenlight thing but I also want people to play the early preview version but I can't send it to anyone until everyone responds since it wouldn't be fair D: It's quite the predicament.

Also another problem was I forgot to ask for t-shirt sizes from people which was stupid of me?

In other news I figured out the shipping digital rewards, I'm just going to try and get a widget from the Humble Bundle which would be sweet. Also I updated the game to the newest version of the game engine which worked out a lot of bugs which is awesome?

Anywho here's another screen because this update would be just boring text without one: