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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

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Backer List Update + Important Info


Here is the new updated Backer List with the names added and changed and what not:

Will transfer to it's main url:

When everyone is good with it.

 Been trying to get better at email and support so if you:

  • Don't have a gift page.
  • Your name isn't on the Backer List or want a change.
  • Still didn't get your pledge back from before.
  • Have an important question!?

Email here:

Remember, if you are in the KEY + GAME tier and have a large backer number you probably aren't going to automatically get a link to your gift page and will have to give it to you manually. Doing the resender and all that explained before won't work.

Also don't think everyone who wanted their pledge back from the previous times got it so something went wrong. Want to do this manually too so again just email above. Will have to delete and deactivate some things before finalizing/unlocking things, so need to figure this out.

And is very important to include your backer number, email on your account and your tier. Makes it a ton easier to look you up. Yes it's quite annoying but there's too many people and erry time I set up something to do things automatically there seems to be problems galore.

If you sent an email and never got a response something must have happened because tried to respond to every one. Trying to get better at support/email.

Must figure out all these things before unlocking rewards and unveiling stuff and definitely need to make sure everyone has their gift page.

Yes it was kind of a boring update (but necessary!).

Problem Solved?! + Email/Messaging


Ok well that was quite a thing going through all those emails trying to fix things, there will probably be more coming in but anyways, think I know what the problem was now!

Here's what I observed. Almost everyone who didn't get a link to their reward page was:

  • In the first backer tier.


  • Had a high (2000+) backer number.

The first tier had the most emails, so what I think happened was the list of emails I uploaded was so large that it stopped processing some after a while. There was almost no problem with the other tiers. This may or may not have been the reason but it seems the most plausible.

What I should have done was broken up the list of emails into smaller list files and uploaded them separately.

So is everyone good now? If there's anything you are having a problem with just email the address on the bottom of this update or the one in the previous update. If you never received a link to your gift page then it is probably not coming so you'll have to email and I'll just manually give you one.

Clearing up the Gift Pages

Got a lot of questions about this, so will try to explain better. Not everything is unlocked on your gift page yet, here's an example using the soundtrack + book page:

This is what everyone's page looks like right now (with just a wallpaper):

 Here's what things should look once everything is unlocked (only for the soundtrack + book people, others will look different):

 Kind of rushed making those images but does it make sense?

Also the wallpaper was just an extra thing, should have explained that better rather than just adding it like that.

Did everyone who emailed in that last update have a good email experience? (Shut up that doesn't sound cheesy.) Did you get swift and informative responses?

After trying that now trying to work on professional email/messaging by setting up an all encompassing email here:

It's in image form for reasons.
It's in image form for reasons.

Email here with any questions or what not and I'll try to respond/fix things. Just make sure to include your backer number, email and first name only.

Need to do a better job at this as have been doing abysmally with it.

Another Secret Update + New Support Email


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Reward Page!


You should have received an email to your reward page (or it may take a day or so, not entirely sure) I only tested it with a few emails, not thousands so it might take longer. They were sent to the email on your Kickstarter profile not the one I asked for in the survey.

Right now there's only a mysterious wallpaper on each page. In time I'll unlock/upload other things on each page for download including a unique Steam key.

So if you're able to download the wallpaper that means you'll be able to get all the rewards when they unlock including a Steam key.

Did everyone get the right reward page? Does it show you the rewards that were on your backer tier? There was a lot that could go wrong so hoping there isn't any mishaps.

Setting up the gift pages was actually kind of fun and now I know what an MD5 hash is which is very exciting and I'm sure everyone is extremely interested to hear that too.

Made a blog post reviewing some shows I watched while making this bear game:

I might do more review blogs.

!! IMPORTANT: I am going to help those who don't have their name on the Backer List, I shall get to it. Need to get all the missing names for the Backer Credits too. !!

  • Was preventing myself from watching the last season of Breaking Bad until I finished this freaking digital distribution thing. (Yes I know it's strange to not have watched it yet) So hopefully it worked and I can watch it.
  • Might be adding a few extra random things to the gift pages as well. Have a neat idea for a phone wallpaper.
  • I am being kind of confusing in updates, have a bad habit of assuming everyone knows what I'm taking about.
  • Dealing with business side of things has been extremely unpleasant, destroying my motivation, had me over thinking things too much and is making me grumpy

Random Recommendation

Been playing through old city builders, namely Pharaoh and Cleopatra. You should give it a shot, they are quite fun and educational too so it's like you learn stuff about Egypt, irrigation, building pyramids and more.

They're really old though so it's kind of hard to actually get them to run properly.

How to Get to the Shed (Spoiler)


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