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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

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Update #10: Some news


Some good news, think the distribution problem is finally solved. If it works out it will be by far the best way to distribute the preview copy, the Steam keys, the book, the soundtrack, basically all the digital rewards which will be done by a company I'm sure most gaming people are familiar with, so that's a big relief. More news on this if it's finalized, hope it works out.

Steam Stuff

Onto Steam stuff; got all the Cards, Emotes, Backgrounds and the badge done. Here's a preview of one of the backgrounds you can unlock for your profile:

  • Might show off the emotes, cards and badge or just wait until people can unlock them, they're neat.
  • Haven't finished the achievements yet, still need to test them to see if they all work properly with Steam. Also haven't worked on mod support with the workshop yet.

Other Stuff

  • Got all screenshots finished, tried to get an adventure theme from them. Here's one of Kickstarter Island I liked:
  •  Here's a list of the soundtrack's ambiance files:
  • Blurred out the spoilery ones. Edited to make them all loop too so you can listen to them without any pauses, they're all .mp3 files. Also there is no jungle region, planned one but it didn't work out so just threw the ambiance in.
  • Finished the launch trailer, it won't be fuzzy and it's just a simple, short gameplay trailer with similar scenes to the last one. Kind of gave up on the cinematic ones.
  • To add to this, the previous trailers seemed kind of battle heavy when the game is more explorish with fighting on the side.
  • The physical rewards and digital rewards were all limited edition so can't offer them anymore.


  • Can't ship things yet. You can edit your address in case it changes.
  • Fish animations really suck, just made them static again.
  • No idea what I did to the cat but I really messed it up, haven't a clue how to fix it. It can be really buggy.
  • Printing the books has continued to be a complicated task which is strange since I only need like 15~ copies. The place I wanted to print them you need a minimum while other places aren't that high of quality.
  • Social media stuff is still terrible along with messaging. Haven't got around to organizing it yet.
  • The documentary thing from the stretch goals is really bad, will probably redo this after the game is out and all the Kickstarter stuff is done.
  • Still need to make the running around with a bear suit on commercial. Haven't got around to it yet.
  • Don't have all the backer info organized 100% yet.

Wrapping Up

That's it for now, really been having trouble figuring out distribution. Need to have the preview people play it first while getting everything organized correctly, this is what I want to happen:

1: Preview people will get the preview copy via email.

2: Wait a bit for them to preview it.

(Hopefully there won't be many bugs and it's fun, ready to be fully released)

3: Send the full game/Steam key to all backers along with digital rewards via email.

4: Then send the physical rewards, show the backer credits, finish up everything else.

Seems like a good plan.

Also does anyone want wallpapers and stuff? Like desktop/phone wallpapers, Twitter/Facebook headers, etc?

Physical Rewards: Shirts, Totebags, Bear Cards?!


Well that was an ordeal but finally got all the physical rewards together. Had to go with different printers for everything and it was kind of a mess but it all worked out in the end?

Designing art for print is a different thing from making stuff for web, images can look quite different when printed and you have to deal with CMYK and all that. I'm actually quite shocked everything turned out semi-good. SHOCKED.

Tried to get shots of everything outside for the nature setting but saw most of the pictures turned out blurry/too reflective so retook almost all of them indoors.

  • Anywho starting off with the bear card:

They turned out pretty neat and went through several designs before liking this one. My original designs were absolutely awful compared to this one and it would be best if they stayed hidden forever.

Also it's important to note that I got tiny envelopes for them(!)

Will probably make a blog post about these bear cards, seems like a good idea?

  • Next are the posters:

They are really glossy with nice paper and I don't need to fold them when mailing them which is great news. Also got a sweet metallic pen for the signing.

  • Here's the game case:

Available only for the “comodore 44” and rated “B for Bear” it's pretty pointless. Was going to put a disc inside with pictures of bears or something but it didn't work out.

  • Bonus reward(!!!): To compliment the pointless game case, a cd case:

This is something extra. Don't know if I have enough jewel cases but everyone who pledged for a physical reward will get the cd art.

  • Here are the stickers:
  •  And a close up of the glorious one:
  •  T-Shirt!:

The design turned out neat no? Give it sort of a limited edition feel?

  • Now the tote bag which turned out far greater than I could have hoped:
  •  It even has pockets inside for your phone:
Yes I know my phone is blue and the screen is smudgy.
Yes I know my phone is blue and the screen is smudgy.
  • Also made these certificates of authenticity for them because I had extra sheets of this fancy paper:
  • And here's a preview of the personalized prints:

Took forever to find the right frames for them. Then I found out they were the wrong size frames so I had to cut and reprint things to fit.

  • Since everything was friggen glossy and I kept getting fingerprints everywhere, had to wear gloves putting everything together which was odd:
  •  Finally here's what everything looked like in their boxes:

Don't make fun of my green rug, don't be mean.


  • The symbol on the bear card was supposed to look like it was painted on but it just looks like a smudge. Probably should have used a different photoshop brush to make it look more painted but ehh.
  • Probably should have got more stickers.
  • Didn't get the bear books yet, trying to get them printed has been bleh.
  • With the shirts I was going to put the title on the front but thought it would have looked dumb but now kind of wanted to do that, again ehh.
  • The game case artwork could have been moved over some. It looked right when designing it but probably should have done a test print first.


  • There's also some extra things included but they are a surprise.
  • I'll let people know when I'm about to ship things so you can update your address.
  • Everything is just about done now, had to do a lot of boring things first. Just need to put the last touches and everything will be peachy.
  • Lastly here's a blog post about invisible colliders/walls which caused me great annoyance:

Invisible Walls in a Bear Game?

It's kind of boring but some people might find it interesting?

Update #8: Some More Things

  • The fuzzy texture was updated so now displays shadows which didn't previously. Also works on Linux again:
  • All three ports (Windows, Linux, Mac) seem to work well except for the sound bug on OSX which I don't think is ever going away.
  • Made a blog post about pixel art:

  • Preview of one of the achievements/quests:
  •  Here's a sample of what the game looks like at max settings and lowest settings:

Max Settings:

Lowest Settings:

It's more obvious in-game but you can see how the textures and lighting changes.

Kind of a short post.

Update #7 - Improvements, Bear Card and Social Media


I know these updates are a little boring/tedious but not entirely sure how to make updates interesting when no one can play the game yet. Trying to make sure the game is good first so updates will be funner to make and can respond to things easier.


  • Spent yesterday making new Achievement/Quest icons to replace the original graphics I was using which were kind of a mess and a lot of them were premade graphics:

Made the new ones in a pixel art style. Been a while since doing this kind of thing but it wouldn't be an indie game without pixel art. Here's a preview of them:

The last one looks kind of odd, it's supposed to be a bear going Super Saiyan. This is the original non-pixel icon which was awful but kind of hilarious:

Most of the original ones were good but they were a mix of different themes, wanted them all to share the same style plus pixel art is kind of fun to do so it works out. These should also show up on the Steam page too.

  • New HUD graphic:

It's kind of fancy but doesn't stick out or block the screen very much. Toyed with adding a border around the bear face cam but it made it all jittery for some reason.

  • Continuing to improve various textures. The newest engine update made things look a lot better.
  • Animated a bunch of different patterns for the fish so they're pretty okay now. Will be showing all the new stuff with the new trailer(s?).
  • Made a promo for the Bear Card:

Went to the park for the nature-y setting are people were wondering why I was taking a picture of a card on the dirt. Told them it was a promotional thing for my bear game and they were like what


  • Getting things printed continues to be annoying. Got pieces of everything but not everything yet. For example I have the game cases but don't have the artwork for them. Still having trouble with printing the bear books, the place I printed them from turnout out kind of blah so going to redo them.
  • Still trying to figure out the best way to distribute digital stuff.
  • Kind of want to remake the website since it seems too simple.
  • Also still trying to get better email/pm support. Really should get an assistant or something but that seems kind of ridiculous for a person making a bear game.

Social Media

What kinds of things do you want to see via social media like Twitter/Facebook and what do you want to see as blog posts?

Kind of ran out of ideas for blog posts and am saving a bunch of stuff for the bear book thing, did anyone like the tutorial posts or should I try something different? Was thinking about writing a post about making pixel art or maybe about invisible colliders?


Still want to do a twitch stream, will probably do it when making the Campground update to this game. Must get everything done first for all the Kickstarter things.

Made a promo for the backer credits:

Keep getting messages people made mistakes on their surveys, try to see if you can edit your surveys. Not 100% sure if you can do it or not but try so I can reorganize everything again.

Lastly there was one person who backed at the “Ruined Nature” tier but I couldn't use your tree message and you needed some time to come up with a new one. Can you PM your new message here on Kickstarter? Use the title “NEW TREE MESSAGE” all caps so it will stand out.

Update #6: More Info


 New Things

  • Here's what the new multiplayer menu looks like, except the input part is kind of bland:
  •  Been making new screenshots, really like this one:
Also made a new screen identifier for screenshots, makes them look a little more official. You can see it in the corner.
Also made a new screen identifier for screenshots, makes them look a little more official. You can see it in the corner.
  • Here's the new promotional poster for the Kickstarter Island region I made yesterday:
Tried to use a "Modern" color scheme to make it look all fancy.
Tried to use a "Modern" color scheme to make it look all fancy.
  • Added a few more pages to the bear book thing, here's another sample from one of them:


  • The fuzzy fur texture doesn't work on Linux, no idea when it stopped because it wasn't that long ago when I last tested the Linux port. Mac version still has a sound bug, it seems the longer you play it the more the sound clips stop working.
  • Accidentally messed up the cat's animation when making a previous blog post so it sort of pops now.
  • Noticed I didn't place a lot of models correctly so some of them are hovering:

Tried to fix the ones I could notice but probably missing some.


  • Didn't make a blog post, couldn't think of anything to make one about.
  • Rewrote the Steam page to be more "Official", how is this:

Steam Page Description:

A game where you live life through the eyes of a bear. Eat things, go on an adventure and discover horrifying things about your forest home.

  • Explore 7 different regions from the regular forest, to the mountain top or maybe take a long walk on the beach. But don't go to the Spooky Woods, none have braved that task and came out with their sanity intact.
  • Fight against an array of villainous creatures that dare try to stop your bear way of life, from the horrible bunny rabbit to the dreadful frog.
  • Find things to eat like bugs, mushrooms, plants or various bits of food left by humans. All of which increase your bear stats.
  • Collect cosmetics, find curious things to decorate your den, discover strange and confusing bear beds. All very realistic bear behavior.
  • Discover secret areas and things but keep them secret ya hear?!
  • View your bear through the Bear Face Cam. With it you can display your bear reactions(?) and hats(??).
  • Befriend animal buddies who will move into your den. But don't eat them, that's mean.
  • Read the markings left by other animals after upgrading your nose.
  • Plus more! *

* “More” includes quests, boss creatures, bear abilities, unlockable bear skins, trophies, collectables, fish and diving.


Also want to add bullet points for multiplayer and mod support but it's not a sure thing yet.