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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

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Quick Clarification


Sorry I didn't explain everything well at all and over thought things.

Basically if you are happy with everything and filled out your survey no problems, you are good to go so just ignore my over-complicated plan. I have everyones info organized and ready to send off to the Humble Bundle so you can get your rewards.

I just needed to figure out what to do about those who didn't fill out their surveys or had trouble with them. This is my main concern at the moment.

Man I have a bad habit of over-complicating things.

Update #12: Important Info + Mobile?


Ok so there was too many problems with surveys and support but since everything is mostly done now with the submissions in game and emails/rewards organized, now is the time to unveil this:


Made an auto-support email with a bot of sorts using this.

What this means is if you made a mistake on your survey, didn't get your survey or wanted better messaging support and don't want your reward anymore all you need to do is send an e-mail exactly like this to the address above:

Important note: Don't add anything else to the email, just fill it out like that or else it probably won't work. Also don't send anything else, it won't pick up anything other than emails in the format above.

Basically write an “x” in the subject line. In the text area write your backer number first, then type the email associated with your Kickstarter account (double check to make sure), lastly put your Paypal email if you have one or just leave it blank if you don't. This is kind of an odd way to go about this but can't think of another way to go about it.

Can't make changes or do special requests and will just have to input what you wrote on your survey so if you don't want your reward anymore because of this just send an email following aforementioned steps. Also you can do this if you didn't like how it took so long, any reason really.

This is for backers who don't want their reward anymore. For those who do just ignore this update though there is something about a mobile game down further. This contradicts the giant red banner above but anywho~

Need to figure this out now before sending out rewards. What it will do is crosscheck info on the email with the Kickstarter info which will then mark you off from the list. After this is done I'll send the edited list off to get all the digital things ready.

Think this is the best way to go about this? Really wish there was a way where a way to do this through Kickstarter so you could just push a button and give back a pledge.

Didn't think it was feasible to keep up with so many backers and the attention so put an amount aside specifically for this. Tried reading up and the gist I got was if you wanted to do this first wait until you ready to send things out in case something came up or other unforeseen happenings.

The bad news about this is that you can't get the full amount back due to fees. Also depends on how many backers do this if that makes sense.

Going to try and find a financial group to handle this if there are a lot of requests but if not will probably just do it myself through Paypal. Don't know what to do about those without Paypal so will have to figure something out. Will make a small announcement about this later and when it will happen which depends again on how many backers do this. Plus need time to crosscheck manually to make sure there isn't any shenanigans with people pretending to be backers.

Some notes: You can do this even if you already filled out a survey, even the submission and physical reward tiers, can just delete your thing from the game and just not ship things. It won't be a hassle at all so don't worry about that.

Summary: If you don't want your reward anymore do that email thing explained above. Any backer can do this.

Can't keep up with things anymore and have missed too much plus suck at support, getting help and took way too long making things. Think this would have gone far better with the original goal and like 300-400 backers. Granted, probably shouldn't have done stretch goals but there were complaints that there wasn't any when it went over the goal, then there were complaints that they were too stupid so I don't know.

Got the game done with the whole casual exploration thing going on so that's good.

Going to try and have it automatically do other things for when people want to report a bug they can just email it with the title [bug report] and similar. Just going to see how this works out first.

Made a mobile game using my old version of this game by just sort of porting things over. Added a lot of story things since it's supposed to tell the story about why things are the way they are in the main game (why there are no people around), sort of a prequel or prologue.

Yes I know this sounds dumb and excessive but wanted to do something with the first version instead of letting it rot. Still needs a ton of work but this is what it looks like at the moment:

Tried to finish this before the greenlight thing but couldn't get rid of the shoddy knock-offs and some other problems so put it aside.

It's mostly just wandering around with a few different regions and reading things, tapping on creatures to attack them or tapping on food to eat. Does have a neat control scheme and a mini-game but it isn't anywhere close to be done anymore - almost all of the art needs an update.

This should be the last update before the one giving a link where you can download your rewards and announcing a release date.

Yes updates were kind of lame, not nearly as good at explaining things as previously thought.

But anyways, will wait a bit to make sure all backers read this, made sure to check the box to send it to everyone.

Update #11: Humble Bundle + News


 Good news everyone

Humble Bundle is taking care of distributing all the digital rewards and the game is going to be on their store which is neat. Most people are familiar with Humble Bundle right? They do game bundles and are humble and also offer a sending out digital kickstarter reward service which is just what I needed. See my original idea of sending stuff out was a mess of nonsense that I wasn't entirely sure how was going to work.

So how this is going to work is you know the email I asked for on the surveys? I organized them all and will be sending them to the Humble Bundle people. When the time comes I'll give you a link where you'll need to enter that same email and then you'll get a download of your rewards. Simple and efficient.

The soundtrack will be mp3 files and the book will be a PDF. The digital rewards (e.g. the sunglasses) you'll get a special code with instructions on how to enter it. Also made some wallpapers and stuff to go along with it a kind of bonus.

This is a pretty word-y update and I suck at grammar so forgiveness is needed for any errors.

So I got the game done, book, soundtrack, all rewards, fancy credits, almost everything except the website is kind of too simple and had problems figuring out distribution and getting the survey situation figured out. Really didn't know what to do about backers not getting their surveys and other errors, why couldn't it just work out ୧༼ಠ益ಠ ༽୨

Was really banking on surveys going smoothly since all I needed was your info and submissions as I had everything was ready to have stuff edited in but of course why wouldn't there be problems. And man I am not good at community stuff, social media or messaging, just missing far many things.

It'd be sweet if I could figure out a situation where I could make games and do the promotional things for them, just focus on that while others take care of all the business, taxes, social media and organizational things, etc. That'd be fantastic and it would make it way easier for me to do all the fun community things I want to do like Twitch, Twitter and stuff.

 Made a blog post about a texture, A Stolen Texture:

Actually wrote this a while back but never posted it because I thought it was dumb, still think it's dumb but it might be more interesting than previous blog posts which were incredibly bland.

Finally happy with a launch trailer, tried to emulate movie trailers of today with fancy sound effects and dark/edgy tones with this one. Here's a preview:

Tested it this time so there wouldn't be any fuzzy shenanigans. Used similar footage to the previous trailers so it's kind of a remake. Really want to unlist the previous trailers because I hate them.

 Bad news/problems are always fun:

  • Support and messaging is still as terrible as ever. Working on something new which I hope will work though, need to get this all sorted out before sending rewards out.
  • Cannot get multiplayer to work well. Could just give out the code I wrote for it and see if modders or anyone wanted to do something with it but I didn't comment anything at all so it's a mess to understand and people will probably just laugh at it and that wouldn't be very nice
  • Had to use the default models for some of the animals instead of their upgraded models. A few them are a little goofy looking but they do look like what they should look like, they're just a little awkward is all.
  • I think you're supposed to edit your Kickstarter page with a link at the top that leads to your game once you actually release it. Other KS people are doing it but not entirely sure how to go about it so ehh
  • Still haven't programmed the achievements and game into Steam yet, it's like the last major thing I need to do too.
  • I must mention how great of an idea it was to not offer a paypal pledge option, that would have caused all sorts of problems had I did it.
  • Got a P.O. Box? It seemed like a good idea that would come in handy in the future.
  • Got shipping for the physical rewards all figured out. I'll make an update before I ship things so you can update your address beforehand if needed. It will be sometime after the game is out.

Here's some more pics of putting together all the physical rewards, it's kind of interesting?

A few of the bear cards and stickers.
A few of the bear cards and stickers.
Look at these tiny envelopes for the bear cards
Look at these tiny envelopes for the bear cards

 Also the stickers came in sheets so I had to cut them like so:

Also I just signed all the posters, made a mistake on organizing something so hope it's not that big of a deal.

  • Watched this show called Black Sails since it was about pirates and it's amazing. Really made me want to make a pirate game, that'd be so friggen fun.
  • There's this cartoon “We Bare Bears” I've watched a few episodes of which is p sweet.
  • For people who play Hearthstone, look at this arena draft I got:

 Went 12-1 which is amazing because I usually go 1-3

So anyways all I need to do is put the game up on Steam and test it to make sure it downloads correctly and all that, then send all the emails to the HB people and everything should be good to go. Still working with the HB people though to set everything up.

After that I'll release the Backer Credits, Site Name Page and make the campsite region.

Also - I don't think everyone is getting a link to these updates so that's not good

Update #10: Some news


Some good news, think the distribution problem is finally solved. If it works out it will be by far the best way to distribute the preview copy, the Steam keys, the book, the soundtrack, basically all the digital rewards which will be done by a company I'm sure most gaming people are familiar with, so that's a big relief. More news on this if it's finalized, hope it works out.

Steam Stuff

Onto Steam stuff; got all the Cards, Emotes, Backgrounds and the badge done. Here's a preview of one of the backgrounds you can unlock for your profile:

  • Might show off the emotes, cards and badge or just wait until people can unlock them, they're neat.
  • Haven't finished the achievements yet, still need to test them to see if they all work properly with Steam. Also haven't worked on mod support with the workshop yet.

Other Stuff

  • Got all screenshots finished, tried to get an adventure theme from them. Here's one of Kickstarter Island I liked:
  •  Here's a list of the soundtrack's ambiance files:
  • Blurred out the spoilery ones. Edited to make them all loop too so you can listen to them without any pauses, they're all .mp3 files. Also there is no jungle region, planned one but it didn't work out so just threw the ambiance in.
  • Finished the launch trailer, it won't be fuzzy and it's just a simple, short gameplay trailer with similar scenes to the last one. Kind of gave up on the cinematic ones.
  • To add to this, the previous trailers seemed kind of battle heavy when the game is more explorish with fighting on the side.
  • The physical rewards and digital rewards were all limited edition so can't offer them anymore.


  • Can't ship things yet. You can edit your address in case it changes.
  • Fish animations really suck, just made them static again.
  • No idea what I did to the cat but I really messed it up, haven't a clue how to fix it. It can be really buggy.
  • Printing the books has continued to be a complicated task which is strange since I only need like 15~ copies. The place I wanted to print them you need a minimum while other places aren't that high of quality.
  • Social media stuff is still terrible along with messaging. Haven't got around to organizing it yet.
  • The documentary thing from the stretch goals is really bad, will probably redo this after the game is out and all the Kickstarter stuff is done.
  • Still need to make the running around with a bear suit on commercial. Haven't got around to it yet.
  • Don't have all the backer info organized 100% yet.

Wrapping Up

That's it for now, really been having trouble figuring out distribution. Need to have the preview people play it first while getting everything organized correctly, this is what I want to happen:

1: Preview people will get the preview copy via email.

2: Wait a bit for them to preview it.

(Hopefully there won't be many bugs and it's fun, ready to be fully released)

3: Send the full game/Steam key to all backers along with digital rewards via email.

4: Then send the physical rewards, show the backer credits, finish up everything else.

Seems like a good plan.

Also does anyone want wallpapers and stuff? Like desktop/phone wallpapers, Twitter/Facebook headers, etc?

Physical Rewards: Shirts, Totebags, Bear Cards?!


Well that was an ordeal but finally got all the physical rewards together. Had to go with different printers for everything and it was kind of a mess but it all worked out in the end?

Designing art for print is a different thing from making stuff for web, images can look quite different when printed and you have to deal with CMYK and all that. I'm actually quite shocked everything turned out semi-good. SHOCKED.

Tried to get shots of everything outside for the nature setting but saw most of the pictures turned out blurry/too reflective so retook almost all of them indoors.

  • Anywho starting off with the bear card:

They turned out pretty neat and went through several designs before liking this one. My original designs were absolutely awful compared to this one and it would be best if they stayed hidden forever.

Also it's important to note that I got tiny envelopes for them(!)

Will probably make a blog post about these bear cards, seems like a good idea?

  • Next are the posters:

They are really glossy with nice paper and I don't need to fold them when mailing them which is great news. Also got a sweet metallic pen for the signing.

  • Here's the game case:

Available only for the “comodore 44” and rated “B for Bear” it's pretty pointless. Was going to put a disc inside with pictures of bears or something but it didn't work out.

  • Bonus reward(!!!): To compliment the pointless game case, a cd case:

This is something extra. Don't know if I have enough jewel cases but everyone who pledged for a physical reward will get the cd art.

  • Here are the stickers:
  •  And a close up of the glorious one:
  •  T-Shirt!:

The design turned out neat no? Give it sort of a limited edition feel?

  • Now the tote bag which turned out far greater than I could have hoped:
  •  It even has pockets inside for your phone:
Yes I know my phone is blue and the screen is smudgy.
Yes I know my phone is blue and the screen is smudgy.
  • Also made these certificates of authenticity for them because I had extra sheets of this fancy paper:
  • And here's a preview of the personalized prints:

Took forever to find the right frames for them. Then I found out they were the wrong size frames so I had to cut and reprint things to fit.

  • Since everything was friggen glossy and I kept getting fingerprints everywhere, had to wear gloves putting everything together which was odd:
  •  Finally here's what everything looked like in their boxes:

Don't make fun of my green rug, don't be mean.


  • The symbol on the bear card was supposed to look like it was painted on but it just looks like a smudge. Probably should have used a different photoshop brush to make it look more painted but ehh.
  • Probably should have got more stickers.
  • Didn't get the bear books yet, trying to get them printed has been bleh.
  • With the shirts I was going to put the title on the front but thought it would have looked dumb but now kind of wanted to do that, again ehh.
  • The game case artwork could have been moved over some. It looked right when designing it but probably should have done a test print first.


  • There's also some extra things included but they are a surprise.
  • I'll let people know when I'm about to ship things so you can update your address.
  • Everything is just about done now, had to do a lot of boring things first. Just need to put the last touches and everything will be peachy.
  • Lastly here's a blog post about invisible colliders/walls which caused me great annoyance:

Invisible Walls in a Bear Game?

It's kind of boring but some people might find it interesting?