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Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear!
3,871 backers pledged $100,571 to help bring this project to life.

Campground Update Preview #3 + Bug Fixes Coming + Features


Still working on the Campground update. It will have the Campground region open, new items to find, a new animal buddy, new areas, more story stuff, bug fixes and new features that were requested. Let's take a look at some of these new features.

New Features:

  • Fast Travel!

Lot's requested Fast Travel so here was my idea for it:

When you visit a region a mushroom will pop up in your den. Eat the target mushroom to Fast Travel/Teleport to that region.

  • Easy Mode:

This will be on the main menu. It will max all your stats so you don't have to build up to explore different regions.

Bug Fixes

Fixed many bugs including the one that affects the spooky mushroom and the door in the cave with the orbs. It was really dumb what was causing that stuff to malfunction -.-

Also fixed the ability to swim through some coral in the Coast region.

Blog Post

Here's another blog post about a cheap pop-culture reference.

Wrapping Up:

  • Got over 500 emails from Russia fans over the course of a couple days which was neat, behold a sample!:


Made a blog post about it and someone translated it to Russian which was cool.

Still have to finish the PATRIOT base and a lot of models/textures but all this and more is coming in the next update. Here's the teaser for it again:

 Remember to email if you have any questions or what not:


Fan Stuff + Some Updates/Questions + Campground Update Preview #2


Sorry again for the previous negativity, got burned out among other things. Hopefully this update is neat though.

Still having trouble with a lot of things and keeping up with stuff, wanted to make an update like this though. Here are some neat things people have been sending.

First off, this is cute af:

(no I did not just call it cute, you are mistaken my friend)

That Markiplier person has a pretty awesome voice and is quite entertaining, he should be a commentator or something. ...Wait a minute...

Here are a few neat playthroughs, not good at choosing things so picked the first two that were sent via email by fans of these people which were enjoyable:

And this one:

This bear game also has fans from different countries which is p awesome. Need to make different language options for it now.

Have been getting a lot of emails from Russia, mainly fans of a person called Kuplinov which is cool. :O

Also got a lot of emails from France players and fans of a Korean gamer person called Great Library, which too is very cool.

Trying to move all the text into a single script file so it's easier to make different language options, it's quite a task though.

Am missing things. Will try to make another one of these fan updates when able but need help gathering and organizing stuff. If you want to help with this email here:


Or leave a comment below instead of emailing if you want. Please send stuff that you enjoyed, be they lets plays or what not. Need help picking things out.

Again, will try to make another update dedicated to stuff like this and design fancy graphics to go with it if people want. Maybe add commentary to each thing?


If you want the updated title thing here it is:

Might make a fancier one though.

Here's a blog post about a reference probably no one got because it maybe was a little too obtuse:

(Am I even using the word obtuse correctly -.-)

  • There is a bug with the spooky mushroom and the door in the cave, not sure what's wrong or what's triggering them yet, trying to get people to send me their save file so can test it. Also will try to make the night time brighter, especially the mountains but the spooky region stays dark. Tried to add a darkness slider but wow that was glitch-tastic.
  • A few game companies offered to port this game to consoles? Might b cool.
  • A few other companies offered to make toys/stuff for this game? Might b cool 2.

Still trying to figure lots things out but am trying to keep updates going in-between. Things just have to be complicated no?

Anyways, here's another preview of the Campground update:

It opened?! Want the campground update to tie into a lot of other stuff. Hopefully can do it all well.

Have an idea for a Swamp region that will have a frog storyline among other things. Hopefully can make that too.

Having trouble with the files for the Bear Book and setting up stuff. Here's another preview in the mean time, this is a part of the "Behind the Scenes" section:

A few people offered to handle social media stuff, trying to figure that out too.

Already have a blog thing but was thinking about getting an instagram thing since I like taking pictures of stuff?

Need to make the game's website better, it's kind of bland. Dreading getting back into html/css stuff again though -.-

Have no friggen idea what to do with Steam community stuff, like zero

Forgot the password to the WhereIsThatSquirrel email account that was on that help board at the lake, wrote it down on an envelope somewhere, just have to find it and check to see if anyone sent anything to it. Hopefully didn't throw it away >.>

Finally finished the last season of Breaking Bad, it was pretty amazing but the writers really seemed to hate Jesse. THE JESSE BULLYING WENT TOO FAR

Hopefully there's no spelling or grammar errors in this update >.>

Campground Region Preview + Other Things


First of all look at this trailer, it's an early preview for the Campground update:

This campground thing will most likely include the evil chickens and Crystal Caves too. That gameplay footage part might also not be a final thing either. Not sure how long it will take, need to figure out a bunch of things first.

This trailer though was the funnest one yet to make, especially editing the sound which turned out swell. Except for the gameplay footage it was made in After Effects.

Trying to do a “Making Of” with this update that shows what goes into making a region. Might be interesting?:

This is part 1, not sure how many parts to it yet.

  • For maps, probably just going to make a map of each region and offer them on the game site.
  • Will try to fix the Steam overlay problem.
  • Also working on adding a respawn button that will pop you up when/if stuck.

Have been watching waaaaay too many shows lately, here's a review of some along with a sandwich and game review:

Recess: This cartoon is friggen awesome. It has really good characters and entertaining stories. You should really give it a watch if you haven't.

3rd Rock from the Sun: Hadn't really thought much of this show but after finally watching it realized it is pretty good, the actors really make it work. All of them are great and the guy who plays Dick is absolutely hilarious.

Also been playing a city builder called Tropico. You are in charge of an island and it involves politics and stuff, it's pretty fun and funny. So if you like being an dictator, tropical settings and city building you should give it a try. Only have been playing Tropico 3 but heard 4 is similar.

Lastly if you mix avocado, tuna fish, lemon juice, onions and salt and pepper it makes a fantastic sandwich mix. Plus avocados are really cheap now, like 50 cents at the store. They are usually like 2 dollars and who's going to pay 2 dollars for an avocado come on

Went to the pet store to get goldfish and looked at the cats they had for adoption and there was a female orange tabby which is rare. Really should have gotten it

There was also a person there who brought in their bird which sat on their shopping cart which was odd

The last time went there someone brought in their pet Lynx(?) cat which was odd too

But that's enough pet store adventures

Kickstarter Island + Better Update + Campgrounds Preview + Game Update #2 + Soundtrack + Frasier Review


Sorry have been way too complain-y again lately, there's something going on irl but eh. The Steam release problems didn't exactly help but still, NO EXCUSES.

First off, am fine doing the work and behind the scenes stuff but can't do the community things except updates and email, is that fine? Not trying to be mean, it's hard to explain. Need to get better at email though, got backed up again and will try to reply to them this weekend.

Was quite a dumb idea to plan to put this game on Steam and it p obviously was. Only backers knew this game wasn't going to be a AAA game and was going to be slower and a more casual exploration thing since you read the earlier updates. Was also a stupid title to use since the "_____ Simulator" games are supposed to be wacky. Tried to make it part funny and part semi-serious but eh.

Can't do this as a full time thing as planned, so have to continue as a hobby. Not sure how this will affect things but need to figure something out now -.-

Tried to make this update fancy to make up for previous unpleasantness. Check these sweet new header designs for example:

 Look at that sweet blue and red stroke effect. PIXAR QUALITY RIGHT THERE

 Kickstarter Island is open, here's the sweet promo pic for it:


It's at the Salty Rum Lagoon, should be easy to find. Also the "Adoption Trees" are a little lame, will try to update them. Was having trouble >.>

Be sure to find all the rocks, butterflies, stars and pictures to get that achievement BUT the posters aren't in yet so no Posters yet, more info below. If your submission (rock, art, etc.) isn't in email here:



(and if you are having technical problems, will try to work on that.)

Included with the Island is the second game update which includes:

  • Spelling error fixes (probably missing some still)
  • Bigger hitboxes on some animals
  • Placed barriers where you get get outside of the map
  • Increased time before ducks would disappear into the void. Easily the most important part of this update, really makes the game playable.


  • Getting Stuck:

Can not figure out how to fix the getting stuck in places. There's one fix but the problem with it is it allows you to walk up walls which isn't a good?

  • Better Control Input:

Not sure how to go about this programming/menu wise.

  • Card Drops:

It's odd that Steam Cards aren't dropping, the art was all uploaded and approved.

To Do:

  • Better Control Input
  • More/Better Options for the menu
  • Programming/Sound bugs
  • Campground Region
  • More?!

Have been hard at work on the new region, the Campgrounds! :O

It's mostly planned out and got all the textures put together as well. Here's a sneak peak of the grass texture:

Please, try to contain your excitement.

 Finalized (maybe?) the Backer Credits and made a special page for them:

Hope everyone is on there >.>

Here's a tutorial for how the background of the page was made, posted this before so think of it as a refresher:

 And how the Backer Credits were made, first step picking out some base images:

 Second step was editing the images to bring into After Effects:

Finally putting them into layers and animating them:

Also there were questions why the butterfly only has 1 antennae, think of it like it's a metaphor for something poignant. It has layers to it man.

There's a lot of complaints about being too sarcastic with things so was rethinking the Kickstarter Island poster submissions.

Here's an example of one:

Would stuff like that be fine or is it too mean?

ALSO! Would the person who didn't get their tree carved message in please email with your new message so I can put together your personal print and other physical rewards? Also that tree person who wanted a message on their tree, it was moved to the trees next to the pond, email if you can't find it.

Finished watching all seasons of a show called Frasier. It looks and sounds boring but it's pretty well written and generally relaxing to watch. One complaint is what the heck is going on with this hair:

It's on Netflix, watch the episode "The Ski Lodge" as a good example of what one of the show's best episodes are to see if you would like it or not.

Still have to ship things, it would make the in-game references kind of pointless if not.

The soundtrack should be on those specific gift pages now, so you can listen to the haunting whispers of the Spooky Woods while grocery shopping to make it a horrific experience.

If you're having trouble click the "Windows" tab on your gift page, the digital rewards are there.

PROBLEM: Freaking forgot to move the friggen smoking pipe into the Musuem, will fix in next update, just ignore for now.

ANOTHER PROBLEM: Can't make an announcement about the update on Steam, it keeps giving an error so don't know.

QUESTION: Is the game fun to explore even with the bugs, would it be fine if just make expansions/regions as is?

*Edit: Just noticed the fancy Backer Credits page isn't showing the Youtube video in the gray square, it was working yesterday but not anymore. Not sure why =/

An Update


Well the game didn't have a great reception, has a stigma against it's name and there's plenty of other problems so making any updates or going further is basically a lost cause now. Plus not skilled enough to make the game better than it currently is or write better updates than previously.

Was really hoping the Steam release would go well but why would it, should have just gave the game to backers and not bother with Steam.

Also don't want to deal with the drama anymore. Can't ignore it because that causes more drama and can't do anything about it because that causes more drama.

It was really fun making the game, trailers, updates, websites, tutorials, blog posts and stuff, hopefully you all liked those things.

Am glad most of you guys are happy with the game though, unless you were just being nice >.> Really must thank you for the in-depth emails and comments, learned lots. Hopefully the game lived up to your expectations and had enough content to explore.

Will make another game update with Kickstarter Island included and some other fixes, leave a comment below of what you really want fixed. Will work on fixes and features until you're all happy and content then stop.

Must be doing this PC game dev thing wrong because it is way too hard to stay happy and productive.