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A genre-breaking series of film vignettes, sending your emotions on a complete and utter thrill ride.

A genre-breaking series of film vignettes, sending your emotions on a complete and utter thrill ride. Read More
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We're Gabriel Gomez & Julien Melendez; two 20-year old filmmakers from Brooklyn, New York. Over a year ago, we began sharing a vision of a television show. We referred to it as "the live action Robot Chicken"; A collection of random, sporadic, and downright bizarre skits. We spent time intensively watching and studying projects such as Robot Chicken, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Grotesco, and the like. Researching, if you will. Through this, and our own original idea, we found our form and design for All Of The Above.

The reason we are utilizing Kickstarter is simple - All Of The Above is the idea we think will be a success and truly innovative work. Sure, we've both acted, filmed, written music, screenplays - and we've put our all into those too, but as all artists say, "This time is different." And it is.

We wish to create a very stylized, uniquely-formatted show consisting of little [absurd, hilarious, terrifying, depressing, and everything in between] slice-of-life "vignettes".Totally in and of itself, avant-garde, blah blah blah...what we have is a complete vision based around our theories of: 

1) the average audience's increasingly low attention spans (with the demise of the physical record and the rise of fast forwarding capabilities, iTunes shuffle, etc.)

2) a visual, filmic version of a short-story book

3) sending an audience's emotions for a complete and utter thrill ride 

Some will find a certain skit funny, others downright saddening. Its up for interpretation and impulsive ponder. There is no right and wrong.

This is a project that has already received money for through IndieGoGo for the production costs. What we we're asking from you is funding for post-production.

Wait, why?

All Of The Above has the ability to communicate proverbial snippets of everyone's day-to-day life. It is genre-less and boundary-breaking, complex while maintaining simplicity, and could truly inspire a new form of film making and visual storytelling altogether. These short 'vignettes' could reach and inspire artists to return to simplicity, and give general audiences the means to appreciate the ordinary, the realistically odd, and the downright bizarre. We have thought about this for a while, and we have now paired that feeling with our adamance and passion for film making. Our preparation and vision is finally coming to ahead, and we want you to be a part of it.

Cinema has become lofty. Hollywood often treats their audiences as slightly-dumb walking dollar signs. There is now a gap between audience and storyteller – one in which the audience doesn't need to invest in the film, separating their emotions from themselves and using film as a scapegoat. Our wish for All Of The Above is to let audiences laugh, weep, feel estranged, sexy, gallant, and... well... all of the above.


Your generous funding will go directly and only to the post-production of All Of The Above's pilot/first episode:

-Post-production "equipment"! Adobe After Effects and other assorted softwares. To truly stylize AOTA and make something unique, we need impressive post-production and editing equipment.

-The pilot's "for your interpretation" screening! Most theater-rentals throughout New York City go for no less than $800. We might be able to receive a student discount, but this is incredibly vital to this project's success.

I'm broke. Can I still help?

Of course! Just get the word out there and tell everyone you know! Follow us on twitter (!/aotastudios ), Like us on Facebook ( ), or simply contact us with a thumbs up!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    You're awesome! You'll receive all of the above (hah!) plus a 15-minute one-on-one Skype conversation with the directors; date and time of your choice (Christmas at 4:35 A.M.? No problem!)

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    You're beautiful! All of the above (haha!) plus a personalized, AOTA-style portrait of YOU drawn or painted by the directors. (Send us a picture and we'll use it as a reference!)

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    You're absolutely incredible! All of the above (tee hee!) plus a director-signed DVD copy of the pilot and a half hour guitar lesson (Skype lesson, if you're not in NYC) from one of the AOTA creators, Julien Melendez.

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    You're amazing, we can't handle it! All of the above (tee hee hooooo!) plus a ticket to the premier screening of the pilot in New York City, your name listed as a Producer of the series, and an incorporated line (written by you or not!) of your choice!

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    YOU'RE THE BEES KNEES! YOU'RE STUNNING! WE LOVE YOU! You get the whole shebang; all of the above (OHHAHAHAHA!!!) plus your name listed as an Executive Producer of the series, a lunch meeting (on us!) with the directors, and a vignette based on a prompt written by you!

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