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$70.00 pledged of $7,500 goal

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And so, here we stand at the edge of damnation; looking into the Hell that the Devil, itself, created.  Fire rains down from the skies. Ash flows into our lungs and stains our skin. A faint memory of what we have had and what we have lost now leaves us bitter, cold and alone. There is no future for us to look forward to. All that is here is the end of it all. We’ve cried too many tears; no emotions are left. We have one another, but in the end we will all die strangers, never truly showing each other who we really are.

Better days are far behind us. The sun lies behind a blanket of clouds, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen it. Blue skies were ravaged by electrical and fiery storms. The wind now flows with an uncomfortable heat attached to it. Crisp architecture is all that remains of once proud cities. Streets have become cluttered with the skeletons of automobiles. There is nothing left. When I say nothing, I mean nothing.

The remaining survivors have banded together to continue the search for more. The Apocalypse is everything we’ve ever learned about. Planes plummeting out of the skies, people becoming the savages we knew dwelled within ourselves; once caring hands now destroying everything they’ve ever worked for.

When saints become sinners and sinners become saints, faith becomes denial and the hate becomes trivial.

The Apocalypse made everyone rethink their own existence. Members of the church went crazy when they weren’t “accepted” by God, sending them into a downward spiral of debauchery and sin. On the other side, convicted felons lent out their helping hand hoping that when their time came they’d be let into Heaven. The world is a fucked up place and only a disaster of epic proportions can make one see who an individual really is.

To Hell and back we’ve gone and found nothing.

The End is near.

I need to find her.


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