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The TRANSMETROPOLITAN art book, benefiting the comics art community with donations of books & funds to the CBLDF & The Hero Initiative.
The TRANSMETROPOLITAN art book, benefiting the comics art community with donations of books & funds to the CBLDF & The Hero Initiative.
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Hello Supporters!

At this point, most of you have likely received your books, as most orders went out in the first wave of shipping, direct from the printer.

Now the second wave begins, which will be handled from the CBLDF offices in NYC. This brings us to two updates:

1. If you have not received your book, you have either been sent an e-mail requesting address confirmation, or there was another problem in initial shipping. If you have not heard from us, please e-mail to let us know that you are still waiting, and we will track your shipment.

2. There have been many comments and messages about damages. We are eager to address these concerns, and make sure that all contributors to this project are happy with the results. If your book and/or slipcase is damaged beyond your satisfaction, please e-mail with the subject line "transmet damage". We will work with everyone concerned regarding replacements, and hopefully we can solve any problems despite the limited nature of the product.

This project was conceived, organized, developed, finalized, and shipped by volunteers. We appreciate their hard work and effort more than a mere mention in this post can convey. This was a labor of love, and all effort is extremely appreciated. The office staff of the CBLDF is happy to take the reins of shipping and customer service, with a tip of the hat and a round of applause for everyone involved up to this point.

Thanks for your support!

FINAL UPDATE: Links & Contact info

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Please note, the slipcased edition is not available for purchase at this time. 


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Shipment Day: is now May 31st..!


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Contributor List Update & Announcements

Our very exciting contributor list* has become even more awesome with the additions of..... (drum roll please) ....

John Aggs  --  John Aggs, from West Sussex, is a manga-style artist who started out in webcomics, and in 2007 won the Grand Prize in the TokyoPop Rising Stars of Manga awards. He drew "John Blake" (written by Philip Pullman), wrote "The Boss" (drawn by his mother, Patrice Aggs), and wrote and drew "Robot Girl" for The DFC in 2008-2009. He currently draws the webcomic The Silver Silhouette for the fashion website Modelinia. 

Matthew Borgatti -- Matthew Borgatti is an artist, designer and maker of stuff.  His work most recently appeared on BoingBoing:

Katie Cook  --  (We thought Katie might not be able to participate.  We're so glad she found some time..!) Katie Cook is a popular indie comic artist and illustrator living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She likes things nerdy.. and cats. You can find more about her and her work at   

Farel Dalrymple  --  Farel Dalrymple was the artist on Omega the Unknown with writer Jonathan Lethem for Marvel comics. He created the original series Pop Gun War, originally published with the help of a Xeric grant and won a gold medal from The Society of Illustrators. Other work includes Strange Tales for Marvel Comics, Papercutter anthology for Tugboat Press, and Bizarro World from DC comics with writer Dylan Horrocks.  Farel is a co-founder, associate editor, and contributor to the comic book anthology, Meathaus. He is currently residing in Portland, Oregon where he working on his next book, The Wrenchies for First Second.

Art Grafunkel  --  Art Grafunkel (AHT gra-FUNK-ul) lives in Belgium, and is a husband of one woman, father of two children, lord and master of three chickens and a cat, professional graphic designer and mercenary illustrator. 

Charles Hall  --  Born In Virgina, raised in New Orleans, currently working in Louisville, Charles Hall is an artist who has worked on numerous sketch card properties including but not limited to Marvel, Dexter, and Star Wars.    Charles has worked in many different mediums but is most known for his oil painted sketch cards.  Find more of Charles' work at

Clint Langley  --  Inquest award-winning artist Clint Langley has 20 years specialising in comic/graphic novels, book covers, storyboards and conceptual art for film, computer games and adverting. He is currently working with Pat Mills on American Reaper for Repeat Offenders and Zingu films (Moon/ Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels). Companies he has worked for include:  Sony, Acclaim, Fasa, Hasbro , Games workshop (Warhammer), White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering) and Blizzard (World of Warcraft).  He has done cover art for Marvel include Ghost rider, Punisher, Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wraith, Thunderbolts, The Phantom Reporter, Punisher, The Destroyer and Realm of Kings.  Art of Clint Langley is published by Black Library.

Richard Pace --  Born in the snow-covered wastelands of Manitoba to feral French-Canadians, Richard Pace learned to use sharpened wooden sticks in the daily fight for food and warmth in the near constant -40 degree weather.  Upon reaching manhood, he fled the domain of the Ice Czars for the balmier climes of Ontario where he still survives using pointy sticks and teaching the young to use their own pointy sticks, although they're often made of plastic and silicone. You can witness his struggles online at   

Eduardo Risso  --  An Argentine born artist, Eduardo Risso is best known in the United States for his work on the Eisner and Harvey award winning Vertigo comic: “100 Bullets”.


* Regrettably, the following contributors listed on the project page will be unable to participate:  Ryan Dunlavey, Kristian Donaldson, Rantz Hoseley, K Thor Jensen, and Pete Woods.  Thank you for your understanding.