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Send Miss Angelina to Belgium to record her debut album!'s video poster

Help Miss Angelina record her first album with renowned International producer/DJ Boddhi Satva! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 3, 2011.

Help Miss Angelina record her first album with renowned International producer/DJ Boddhi Satva!

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You know Miss Angelina as the sassy lady rapper from NYC and Miami. You've seen her with Tony Touch on their web show ¡GLOBAILE!, giving you all of the hottest trends in music and dance from all around the world - but now she really is going global to record her own music! Miss A has been given the opportunity to head to Europe to record her debut EP with the help of Boddhi Satva. Boddhi is an international DJ, producer, and recording artist on Vega Records, the legendary Louie Vega's dance music label. He has offered to produce her debut - so it is sure to be full of hot beats to get you dancing in 2011.

Here's where all of you lovely people come in! We need a grand total of $2750 to make this project a reality! The production company that is working on bringing ¡GLOBAILE! from the web to television has insisted that Miss Angelina needs her own professional quality music project to help attract TV networks. So with your help, not only can Miss A make great music, but she'll have a better shot of bringing ¡GLOBAILE! to TV sets worldwide! We've raised as much as we can on our own, and your donation will help to cover the studio time, mixing, mastering, and airfare needed to make this magic happen. Whether you give $10 or $1,000, every dollar will make a huge difference.

So this holiday season, please give Miss Angelina and us here at Nueva Entertainment the gift of a fabulous career opportunity!


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    Globetrotter pack: The VIP Pack plus an autographed CD from Boddhi Satva and autographed picture of Miss A, Boddhi and the team in the studio in Belgium

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    Miss Angelina will perform tracks from her new at YOUR Party! That's right, kids, have the artist herself entertain your friends at your next big shindig!

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